Rosa Acosta x XXL (Video)

blame it on Meka January 17, 2011

You can’t tell me Adam isn’t the happiest person in the world right now.

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  • mike

    Rosa with her wack face and this fool wearing USPA….what a joke.

  • Mike_Moron

    @Mike you should go slap your self across the face for that comment.

  • ^ You mad bro?

  • Mike_Moron

    Me? Lol no but how can you call Rosa Acosta ulgy?

  • alrightok

    this is just the beginning of a porno without the porn…kind of disconcerting.

  • mad

    its disgusting that white people run these black magazine or at last have alot of the high positions…

  • who cares

    things I would do to Rosa Acosta I swear…

  • BoshJamesWade

    Lol SMH @ him saying Eli in the beginning but its the Jets Vs Patriots gme. **FAIL**

  • Ayo whattup niggas n niggettes this that nigga Big Ghost aka Wally Dynamite namsayin. Ayo the god peeped this Rosa Acosta joint. Ayo the god had that nahmeans. Word yo ya nigga done had that. Ayo the god tried to seed this broad up but she made a nigga put a bag on n shit namsayin. The god tried alla his usual techniques n shit. The god told her ayo baby ya know the god done just got tested in the summer n shit. N she just looked at a nigga like nigga what? I told the broad ayo baby a nigga cant nut like that tho. But she like nah nigga fuck that. I told her ayo baby the rubber dried up in the package looks like we gon have to jus cross our fingers n shit. But she open up her drawer n pulled out a box of horses n shit. Last but not least I told the broad ayo a nigga gon give ya ass $20 if you let a nigga go bare back namsayin. N she smacked the god. Thats my word. But yo a nigga aint wanna lose the opportunity to hit the grade A shit namsayin even though a nigga natural instincts is to throw a bitch off a balcony for that shit. So a nigga laugh it off. Gave her a little push n shit. But I aint exactly throw the broad through the wall or nuthin like that. But a nigga like ayo baby I guess you like that shit ruff nahmeans. So yo the god pulled on her hair to jerk her neck back n shit. But the broad wig came off nahmean. She aint really like that much so she punch a nigga in his dick n shit nahmeans. But like I said a nigga aint really wanna lower his chances of hittin that premium puss so a nigga try n laugh it off. But as a side note to my niggas yo that shit hurt like a muthafucka namsayin. Inside a nigga had tears flowin n shit. But yo the god maintainin his composure. I tells tha broad nah baby ya ass look so fly wit that hairnet. Keep the wig off nahmeans. N I tells the broad ayo baby lemme see what that hairnet look like from the top namsayin. Why dont ya give a nigga some sweet sugary dome right bout now nahmean baby? N she tells the god nah nigga I aint gon do alla that. She like if I go down on ya ass how I know you gon do the same for me n shit? A nigga aint really be goin downtown on bitches like that but seein as this was some punani deluxe the god was thinkin bout smashin a nigga judgement was temporarily blinded namsayin. Like when niggas be gettin that Erykah Badu cooch nahmean. A nigga was ready to put on a dashiki n a kufi for the rest of his life just to fuck this broad for 3 minutes. A nigga just thinkin bout smashin that shit from the back n bustin on the bitch ass cheeks n shit so a nigga on some sure why not shit namsayin. So I go down on the broad n pull her panties down around her knees n shit n yo…a nigga aint be doin this shit on no regular basis nahmeans. But the broad tasted like honey. Straight up. The bitch tasted like candyland n shit. Thats my word a nigga felt like he was lickin a marshmallow sundae n shit. So a nigga eatin that for like 45 minutes n shit. A nigga hard than a muthafucka by now. Ayo a nigga ready to fuck a wall n shit. Nigga my dick coulda knocked down a pillar n shit. I aint never had no erection like that before. But then the bitch jack start ringin n she go n answered that shit. Meanwhile a nigga just eatin her out still. She hang up the phone n she like oh baby I hate to do this but that was my manager n I gotta fly out to LA in a hour. The car waitin downstairs right now. The god tryin to keep his cool so a nigga like….can a nigga finish fuckin tho? She like sorry baby I gotta go asap n shit. A nigga like ayo you want the god to finsih this shit up in the car n shit. N she like nah baby there other people in the car n shit. Now a nigga like listen here bitch…but she put her finger on a nigga mouth n she like shhhhhhh baby. She like Imma be back early tomorrow morning n soon as I touch down I wanna finsih what we started n shit. She like word Imma pour syrup on ya dick n shit. She like Imma suck the skin off ya dick baby. A nigga aint wanna come so far just to not get his namsayin. So the god like aight then. Word yo n she left n I aint heard from that broad since. But yo the god aint bitter or nothin like that. She gon call namsayin. Word.
    Aight peace.

  • Naythen


  • Cameron

    White Person Translation

    Hey Friends my name is Ghostface. I am also known as Wally Dynamite, among many other aliases. I watched this video featuring Rosa Acosta. I just wanted all my friends here on 2dopeboyz to know I have had sexual intercorse with the aforementioned female. I attempted to have sex with her without using a profilactic. Despite my atempts, threefold, to not use a condom she insisted I use one. My instincts told me I really ought to throw the young lady off a balcony but I figured I would rather make love to her with a condom than not at all. I really gave it my all. I humped her so hard her hair came off. Being a white man this was new territory for me. I fibbed a little and told her she looked great with just her real hair, but she did give my Johnson a thumping. It really stung but I sucked it up. I truly wanted to have relations that badly. A little later I inquired about her practicing falacio on my penis. She responded with a quid-pro-quo, namely She wanted my word that in turn for the falacio I would practice cunnilinguis after the fact. This was no easy decision but I decided “what they hay how often to bodacious babes offer to give me blow jobs?” (the bit about Erykah Badu has been removed because no white people know who she is) I removed her underpants and started sucking away. To my surprise I find out that Rosa Acosta’s vagina tastes like honey. I surp up her coochi like I have not ate in weeks. By now I am erect, and I mean very erect. Im so erect I could push over a stack of books or something! Just then what would happen but her phone rings. This does not stop me I keep on licking her sweet vagina. Then she tells me she has to go. I inquire “why must you leave at such an inopportune time?”. She informs me she has a plane to catch and has no time to waste. In desperation I suggest fool-harty ideas for how I might get to ejaculate on her. All of which are shot down. She asures me she will “suck the skin off ya dick baby”. That sounds awful painful to me so when she asks me for my mobil phone number I give her a fake one. It’s not that I don’t find her attractive, I certainly do. I just think it would be irresponsible to put my dick skin at risk for a busty women.

    Okie Dokie bye bye.

  • JHP

    Mike is obviously gay, but yall just don’t know what I’d do 2 her

  • Satan, Satan, Satan

    ^actually good sir, Big Ghostface never took advantage of the opportunity to insert his shlong into Rosa Acosta’s vagina. He pulled her wig off because he wanted to play it off when he was slapped. He never humped her.
    Inaccuracies as to the facts of Mr. Ghostface’s case lead to disastrous consequences, all of which should be avoided. Please retain the accuracy of Mr. Big Ghostface’s testimony when recounting them.

  • Ayo word up thank you for that snow nigga interpretation n shit Cameron but real talk a nigga aint technically put his dick in Rosa like that nahmeans. Word yo the god had the bag on his dick n shit but I aint put the lumber to her like that nahmeans. She might had actually grazed a nigga wit the back of her hand n shit but to keep it 100 wit yalls internet niggas I aint actually actually put the diddick inside the broad or nothin like that. Namsayin. But yo the god gon do that for real like at some point it just aint transpired like that on that particular night on November 16th 2005 namsayin. But word yo the god know she gon return to a nigga n we gon finish what we started n shit. Yalls already know the god got a lot on his plate n shit. Plus Rosa be doin her thing too nahmeans. We just like two ships passin in the night n shit. Word yo we like 2 comets in the same orbits n shit but we circlin different planets n shit til we collide in the same galaxies n shit namsayin. The shit gon happen basically. But like Venus told Aries n shit…she said ayo we gon fuck n alla that Aries but Zeus tryna sabotage shit nahmeans. Zeus he wanna break a bitch off n shit. He be firin lightnin bolts into the sky. Meanwhile the nigga Poseidon be throwin boulders down the hill n sendin his Krakens n shit. What a nigga synoposis is is since the dawn of man niggas been cockblockin n shit nahmeans. Rosa manager be doin that too. Nahmeans do yalls history n learn that shit. This is yalls history of how man came to be namsayin. Go to a library n pick up a book n learn that. Word yo.
    Aight peace.

  • 9th WonderBread

    ^The Gawd has spoken.

  • Win M

    LMAO @ BIG GHOSTFACE thanks for the white version too

  • ^^ what u must be gay nigga (boondocks voice)
    besides the uspa lmao that was bumby

  • James Blacksmith

    This is like the beginning of a porn…

  • damn i would of pulled it out right than and there she was lookin 2 gd we all see bad bitches like dat but when these videos models r known makes em more appealing

  • Fred

    That nigga had on USPA… why has no one else commented on tht?! The fuck?

  • ^Comment above this contains a joke.

  • the third ear

    lmao at Ghostface’s clarification of his first comment..SN: my dick woulda been ready to bust crazy if she sat on my lap like that

  • HAHAHAHA what up GHOST! Word up!

    Hit the name for more of BIG GHOSTFACE’s prophecies and proverbs…