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A.B.N. (Trae Tha Truth x Z-Ro) – R.I.P.

blame it on Meka January 18, 2011

Photo by Marco Torres

I made a mention about this yesterday, now here it is: the first offering in years from the freshly reunited Assholes By Nature, off their upcoming It Still Is What It Is project.

DOWNLOAD: A.B.N. (Trae Tha Truth x Z-Ro) – R.I.P. | Mediafire

  • EC

    Can we get more Z Ro on the site. Cause you cant deny that he kills most of these rappers out here

  • Really looking forward to the new project. A.B.N. – Miss My Dawgs (O.G. Version) <—- whew!!!

  • sdasfdsa

    Holy shit bro..the music is back to 90..am i wrong?
    2011 Be bomb year..dammn

  • YMFM214

    IM SORRY IM JUST NOT TRYING TO HATE OR BE NEGATIVE BUT…is it just me or does EVERYTHING z-ro and trae do sound the same or not? i live in texas and its like everyone in the hood is pushng this stuff into my ears and saying its HOT but its just average to me…is it just me?

  • steve

    Damn it’s about time I see some music posted that I can get down with!!!! I never get to see an abn song on 2dbz!!!!!! also everyone be sure to become a fan of “Drake is a F.A.G” on Facebook today!!!!!

  • steve

    @YMFM214 yeah i can agree that they have some songs that sound the same. But z-ro is such a rounded artist you would have to hear a lot of his music to understand he can sound so many different ways in songs. When he really puts heart in it his singing is unmatched compared to other rappers that also sing. Aside from the singing aspect there is no way to tell how he is going to approach a verse. He could rap fast slow mix in a melody or change his voice and sound like he is jamaican and sing in a jamaican accent. I’ve been bumping z-ro since 2003 and his first album that came in ’98 is too serious. Check that out “Look at what you did to me” and then check out “Let the truth be told” Those to me are his best work ever and as far as trae goes, he is a good artist but I lean far more heavily on z-ro, that is where the true talent is, trae is just z-ro’s follower.

  • Atom Beatz

    Thank you Meka for posting some real Houston shit!

  • BlackButter


  • Antone


    props for keepin’ that texas shit on the site!

  • Killah

    If you know any type of struggle you’ll probably like A.B.N. people worry too damn much about complex rhyme schemes and super crazy lyrics. Yet have an artist pour his soul out on track and it’s not good because it’s not complex. Thanks Meka not a huge fan of your opinions but props for the A.B.N. post.

  • YMFM214

    @steve & @killah man i grew up in the hood i just grew up on kool g rap, nas, AZ, Cormega, Wu Tang, biggie, and jay…i was raised in an eastcoast state of mind when it came to hip hop its what was being played when i was growing up and whos to say that they didnt pour themselves into their complex rhymes and super crazy lyrics?…i guess i just felt there was alot of overkilll me being from dallas and hearing this houston “swanging and bangin” chopped and screwed stuff not to mention the sub par wannabe’s who just try to fit in and sound like theyre from houston but live round here in my parts enough to not wanna ever hear it again…i can respect the fact that z-ro touches a lot of people with his music i guess he just cant reach me…and i actually have let the truth be told and king of the ghetto albums…but im just sayin id rather listen to AZ Spit some slick shit over z-ro any day…just a matter of opinion i suppose….no hate whatsoever

  • Killah

    ^ See that’s an opinion people, not “this shit wack I know music better than anyone else, that’s not hating, if it’s true” bullshit. I can respect that, YMFM214. ^

  • Killah

    ^ See that’s an opinion people, not “this shit wack I know music better than anyone else, that’s not hating, if it’s true” bullshit. I can respect that, YMFM214. ^

  • Maga D

    Like it. RIP to the lost ones. Trae & Ro brought their A game as usual.

  • xastey

    OO SHIT.. another ABN album.. Ro and Trae all day. Repping TX all day

  • NesTa

    Did ABN Every Break Up? LoL…Their Last Album Was Only 2 Years Ago.

  • dro

    dis real music z-ro da truth

  • Too_Dope

    Finally the trill south gets love from 2DB, that boi Don Ke should be up on here too