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Ohene – I Am Ohene (Album)

blame it on Shake January 18, 2011

If there is anything you should download today, this is it. Do not sleep on the homie Ohene!

Tracklist + Download link after the jump…

01 I Am Ohene (Intro)
02 Pose 4 Me
03 Bastard Child
04 I Rize Above
05 Burn in the River
06 Throwback Love
07 Belladonna
08 John Doe (Six Eight)
09 I Can Do That
10 Bruce Lee (Interlude)
11 Tongue Fu
12 If Only You Knew
13 Turn the TV On
14 Got It All
15 All Of My Life
16 Burn in the River (Acoustic)

DOWNLOAD: Ohene – I Am Ohene

  • RUTGERS!!!!!NJ

    HAHA this kid in my dorm from Ghana is named Ohene. I’m downloading this for him

  • Detroit89

    I like to think of this guy as the American answer to Shad. He has very high iq when it comes to microphone technique like Blackalicious too. If that is not enough for you to understand Ohene, just listen to this tape. Trust me, very few rappers post this kind of quality music so early in the new year.

  • BAM93

    “American answer to Shad” I love Shad and Ohene. Thanks to Shake for introducing me to Ohene. I actually ended up buying one of his albums from Amazon.

  • zongo junction

    as a ghanaian im very proud.african stand up! and fuck strictly white cunt.i had a dream

  • Patrick

    Oh, Bandcamp link? That’s instantly appreciated.

    Checkin’ this out.

  • bucknasty

    damn, all the feedback and reviews i’ve seen about this cat is great. NO SAMPLES? all composed by him? gotta hear this shit..

  • Niaje Niaje

    1st time i’ve heard of him.Repping Africa to the fullest.Show them it came from here.

  • Juanka

    It’s been I while since I heard from him!

  • Ohene taught me to rap. Haven’t been back to Philly in a minute so it was a dope suprise to see him pop-up here. Its rare to run into somebody who’s been able to master all sides of being an emcee, from crafting engaging music that still makes you bob your head, to being able to come off the top better than most can spit a memorized verse. Big up man and congrats!

  • Ransford Brempong

    I’ve listen to the first 4 tracks and so far it’s pretty dope. Ghana stand up!!!


    LIL WAYNES BETTER! THIS GUY SUCKS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


    & if you have a problem with that, ill tell you shit over PS3, & kick you ASS in black ops, BITCH!

  • HermesArtificerGod

    Never heard of the guy… But based on the majority of the comments being positive ima D/L. Africa reppin hard in this bitch!

  • VSOP


    anyways props on this-dudes last 2 tapes were GREAT music-“MY PIANO” still gets plays weekly


  • chilly philly

    I love this guys works! Ohene is 1 of the best to step on the scene in awhile… original production. Intelligent lyrics, and the artwork is amazing! Need I mention that the album is Free! 1 Love People..

  • quackOne

    damn this brother is on POINT! Digging all the tracks! keep looking out of Ohene!

  • killyaself

    Haters can jump off a bridge! This cat is super sick!

  • gbreeze

    ANy1 uploaded this hulshare or mediafire, I put my email addy in there and never got a DL link.


    if ur just hearing about ohene plz kill urself

    dude has been pumpin out classic hip hop YEARSSS ago


  • yukid

    if he is the canadian answer to shad…well…really i got no complaints…one more artist to spread to the masses…gunna do a lil bit more unofficial street teamin’ to my peers up in toronto…i’ll also see if shad knows about it actually

  • G.

    The production is next level. All the beats PLAYED (not sampled, not even the drums) from beginning to end on each song.

  • eric

    one of the best out to present, cant wait to this hit,s heavy rotation all over the air waves, and that,s just keeping it real””””

  • Soundz714

    Ohene has outdone himself this time around. If this is your first time hearing him, go to iTunes and check the catalog. My personal recommendation is “Nina Simone by…” it’s a classic tribute to the High Priestess of Soul

  • NP.SM.RN.

    This guy is an official dope boy wit all the dope music he pumpin out… I known about him since rapademics! I love his growth and transitions thru out the years..I encourage all to expect to see him around for a long time… just support who you love and what you love… Real Music!

  • Sheda B

    This guy is already timeless!! Its rare to be a great MC/ Producer and an all around Artist!! Pure Music Genius!!! If ya don’t know now, ya know!!

  • Nana

    I adore his music! There’s not that much artists releasing quality soulful music nowadays and he’s giving this album for free so everyone make sure you download it. If you like real hip-hop, you won’t regret downloading this. Lil’ Wayne fans might not like it though. LOL! Thanks to Ohene for the free album!

  • blair

    this is (2)dope. ohene keeps the beats bangin + is intellectually inferior to no one. man.. get this man a record deal.

  • 2 co-sign on what dr. cornel west said, this brother is a genius, he plays the instruments, no sampling, his lyrics r poignant, he rhymes n different time signatures, not just the exhausted 4/4 time that hip hop chooses 2 exist n, he is an engineering & conceptual genius as well – this truly is … rap “music”

  • BR Savant

    What can you say about this piece other than its a work of Art. Not rap, not music, but A masterpiece printing and the tracks are the canvas, the raps and beats the brushes and paint. This is a great experience. I guess they are right when they say the best things in life are FREE……………..respect

  • RAM

    that’s my Boi …..OHENE ! HIS GENIUS IS COMMING ALIVE !!!

  • ET Stone

    I’m loving the new album “O” and as mentioned earlier, it’s free! Not only is he a good artist, but if you ever have or had the pleasure to meeting Ohene, the you will only appreciate the music even more so! He is a real down to Earth human being with a lot to say. Most artist always say God gave them their gift, but they abuse the privilege, but with “O” he not only stayed true to himself, but also to his craft he didn’t have to sell out because eventually he knew his music will speak for itself!

  • listening now. sounds pretty dope so far

  • Just gave this a listen. Wow, just wow.

  • Finally, are refreshing breath of air… in an ‘environment’ so unhealthy. It embodies the true artistry and is not caught up in the rat race called commercialism. Let the music be heard, all over the world. Ohene, my deep respect and thank you for being you. A big up from Holland!

  • E. Snipe

    This brotha is extraordinary! You’ve never heard anything like it in your life! I bet you didn’t know that he’s playing the piano and rapping simultaneously on track # 16. What rappers do you of can do that? Ummmmmmm………….None!

  • JBroadous

    This album is amazing from beginning to end. I almost didn’t dl because i didn’t like the artwork much, but I’m definitely glad i did.

  • pharaoh

    This lyricist is sic to da bone!