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Nicki Minaj Speaks On Sucker Free Cover

blame it on Meka January 19, 2011

Most of us were introduced to Nicki Minaj when she was “paying homage” to Lil Kim’s infamous promo shot for Hard Core with her own Sucker Free mixtape cover. Now, speaking to Sean Malcolm and King Magazine, she says she regrets actually doing the thing to begin with. Before you think it’s a diss and start heading to the c-section to type out that thought on some “SHE SAID SHE AIN’T GOT NO NIPPLES!!!” shit, read exactly what she says.

Minaj told Malcom of recreating the cover, “It was too soon for that. Not even too soon- it was unnecessary.” Minaj also opened up about the day she finally declared herself a rapper even though her peers thought it would be an unusual move for the LaGuardia High School of Music & Art & Performing Arts Student. “I wanted to do what the boys were doing,” Nicki recalled. “I always wanted to compete with the boys and I walked into the booth one day and said, ‘I’m a rapper,’ and everyone was looking at me like I had five heads.”

Minaj wrapped things up by showing appreciation for those that paved her way to become a successful female rapper in such a male dominated industry, but also took specific notes from the same individuals on what not to do. “I’m a businesswoman,” she proclaimed. “I don’t go onto the block and open up a Burger King if there’s a Burger King right next door. And you know, I won’t open a Burger King if I know the last one failed miserably on that block. I’ve done my research, I’ve paid attention, and now I’m ready for the game.”

UPDATE: Also, check out TheWellVersed’s shortlist of ten other femcees who are just as, if not more, capable on the microphone as Onika.

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  • NYdutchmaster

    LMAO @ the “SHE SAID SHE AIN’T GOT NO NIPPLES!!!” tie in, good stuff

  • Mr Xclusive


  • James

    She sucks at rapping but she’s fine

  • BillyClint

    does sound like a diss. just like how jay z en al them sneaky 1s do it diss em without dissin em.

    cause tbh mek y else did u post this…unless it was just for the pics. y pick that excerpt? becaaaaauseeee….u kno ppl are gonna find a diss in there.


    I’d tap that ass of hers, I know you niggas would too daymmm!

  • Fine

    no, you’re not a good rapper. yes, you are extremely sexy



    It’s not her, it’s what sells..

  • XB

    What straight guy bumps Nicki Minaj music???

  • She didnt just dis her. She did WORSE than that. She told the truth. Where are all those female rappers (including Kim) who rapped about how she gonna suck a nigga dick and how good her pussy is? really, what kind of a woman would even listen to that sexist garbage? Nicki’s music isnt exactly the second coming of Jesus, but she at least empowers women by putting them on the same ground with boys – she raps about all that same nonsense that guys do, and she does NOT rap lke a slave to a male’s desires. thatswhy she is here to stay

  • not a single fucking sex song on her debut CD. think about it

  • Truth

    DragonBalls < i havent listened to her album but ive noticed shes changed her image quite alot recently. BUT. what has stuck in girls and guys minds…is her sexuality. all ppl remember is "imma put this pussy on ur side burns" a whole bunch of young girls think its COOL now to b bisexual, (even tho she isnt) and they go around talking about step ur dick up. she sold sex to propell her self to the top. and keeps acting like she wants to change. but the damage has been done.

  • Truth

    DragonBalls < also i dont see how rapping about the same stuff guys do is positive? which guys r u talkin about..if u mean wayne? or the sterotypical rappers who rap about drugs guns pussy money n getting a new diamong jesus piece…if thats empowerment for young women…….

  • thecollegecurb.blogspot.com

    I like write.

  • really

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    This nigga would sell his soul to the devil and jump off a building if wayne,drake or bird(shit)man told him to. All he do is dickride YM in EVERY YM post I hope them niggas paying your bills and are putting your kids through college for all that dickriding you do.

  • CrkZ

    sounds of (Howlz)

  • Stephanie

    @DragonBalls: There aren’t any sex songs but there are at least two about love, which is just as bad for a female emcee as a song about sucking a fool’s dick. In my opinion.

  • DW

    Nicki Minaj = bad music + PHAT ASS ;)

  • wannahearajoke? (PAUSE) Womens Rights.

    WOMEN SHOULD STICK TO COOKING, leave rap alone god dammit.

  • Defiant


  • TY

    ..thanks for the Update..it saved the post