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Slaughterhouse – Slaughterhouse EP (Artwork x Tracklist)

blame it on Meka January 19, 2011

1. Back on the Scene f. Dres
2. Sun Doobie
3. Everybody Down
4. Put Some Money On It (Remix) f. The Lox
5. Fight Club (Remix)
6. Move On (Remix) f. Iffy

The project drops February 8th.

  • abake7

    don’t really like these dudes, idk why.

    im not a hater, just not feeling the slaughterhouse movement.

    sorry fellas.

  • Fuck A Name, Give Me The Weed & I’ll Smoke It

    This is cool now I’ll only have to download 4 songs instead of the whole tape.

  • Rezo

    No Eminem and 3 out of the 6 songs are a remix? Ok this is highly disappointing to say the least.

  • Ayyoo

    I’m not excited about this. At. All.

  • Who is Iffy and why would you want to remix ‘Move On’? That song is already perfect

  • tyler d

    nothing new. this has been on itunes for at least a week. a few new songs will be cool…they’re just trying to hold fans over until later this year

  • leutrim rexhaj

    this is such a dumb release, they should do a mixtape to keep their name alive for the next album, just the 4 spittin over famous beats

  • Chris

    One of those songs wouldn’t happen to be the actual name for Recovery’s “Session One” w/ Joey’s unreleased verse would it?

  • tyler d

    @Chris…wouldn’t it say “feat. Eminem”?

  • Fat Boy

    I get my school check this day to thats what the fuck is up..!

  • marty mcfly

    SlaughterHouse is ok but DAMN I wish Shady or somebody on earth would cut Evidence & Alchemist a check to do the CATS & DOGS album asap.




  • Shy

    i fucks with Slaughterhouse but this doesnt look too exciting.
    fuggit ima get this shit anyway.


    as it was stated ealier they just doing this release to get out of their current contract, after that its Shady baby

  • Even if you’ve never heard of, or listen to Slaughterhouse… you’re so fucking excited for this. I don’t even care if you disagree, you’re wrong.

  • Veezyy

    These niggas is weak.

    A year ago a said to yall. “Joe Budden will never release The Great Escape! Crooked I will never drop an album! Where is Free Agent?”

    Where are these peoples album? Dont give me the Shady Records signing bullshit! Im seeing som new Cashis over here. These dudes can spit, but they cant craft solid songs. If yall disagree. Where are these niggas classic albums?

  • eBagatron

    An iFFy feature, dope.

  • @Veezyy their classic albums arent for you so get the fuck outta here LOL

  • marty mcfly

    I think slaughter has too many of the same ingredients in the same recipe. They all can spit but I think its gonna be hard to make something really dope because they all have a similar approach all going in the same direction. Their first album was cool but the EMC The Show album is how a 4 man group is posed to make a album. Masta Ace , Punchline , Stricklin and Wordsworth is Dope. Check out their songs Whats it stand for and Git sum ft Sean price

  • I just don’t get this group. I’d rather listen to them as solo artisti respectivey. Also, most rappers that rhyme with aimless aggression on EEEEEEVRY track over compensate lyrically and never just make a GOOD song. Where is the stylings & wordplay & overall vocal fineses????? I understand MC’s want to show off there lyrical prowess but very few groups have the kind of “desert eagle” chemistry of a duo like MOP had. Yeah I’m old school I guess because most of the shit that comes out today doesn’t touch past GREAT hip hop. I’ll just listen to the old classic shit. This music is just not thoughtful or sincere to me. Same ole music just talking loud & saying well, not much. Think about it. You won’t remember these albums after you;ve listened once. Make some classic shit. Put some passion back into these efforts.

  • crooksnc

    WTF is this bs…. no shady, at least maybe yela. bunch of remixes, which could have had wayyy better features. lettin me down slaughterhouse!

  • jskeelo

    ^^you mufuckas are nerds…just enjoy the music and stop trying to analyze shit and if u dont like slaughterhouse listen to someone else! on that note slaughterhouse is the shit and royces album SHOULD be good

  • marty mcfly

    @ jskeelo , people now a days are impressed by the simplest shit ever. The first SH album was recorded in 2 weeks and you thought it was fire. I bought that shit and took it home and was like what the fuck are these niggas talking about. Not much and the fact that they gave us a half ass album the first time lets you know they dont give a fuck. They just want the check and they gon spit alot verbal gymnastics and medaphorical punchlines but the core of they rhymes most time is pointless. When I listen to music I never really over analyze I just sit back and enjoy but sometimes shit is put together sloppy and you cant help but notice. Im like BIG GHOSTFACE on the c sections , I like that punch a horse and beat up farm animals type of hip hop also and some of SH music is cool but these dudes 5 years older then me and I be thinkin they shit is ABC simple battle raps. Crooked I is the most dynamic in the group for his subject matter. Joey is ok but he complains about life to much. Wu tang , mobb deep even ONYX ( Shut em Down album= Classic ) They spit battle raps all day but if you go back and replay they shit , they really talking about shit and covering a wide range of topics. SH needs to take they time this year and give us a meal not no snack pack rap. Cuckoo , microphone and Cut you loose is they best songs on that 1st album , the rest. BOO BOO

  • marty mcfly

    2dopeboyz post the ONYX video for React. The first real video 50 cent was ever in. Thats how a hip hop group is posed to make videos. That shit SH gave us for they 1st shit was not that tight. ONE

  • Lucus

    Free Agent did come out digitally (Comes out physically next month). Crooked I’s album has a single. Joe Budden’s Mood Muzik 4 is amazing. Royce Da 5’9″ is one of the only rappers Eminem gets nervous rapping with. More over out of the hundreds of rappers with local to internet to worldwide fame how many dropped legit, undisputed, truly timeless classics ten, maybe fifteen rappers (groups)…maybe. Getting on a group like slaughterhouse or the separate entities of slaughterhouse for not being apart of that is kind of ridiculous. The fact they all have such a strong following despite their lack of mainstream appeal or arguable ability to not craft a song proves their worthiness of being respected, appreciated, listened to etc..

  • marty mcfly

    ^^^ also to add on to that , even though I dont really like some of their shit. I gotta keep it real. Joell ortiz almost gotta a classic album with THE BRICK. That shit was dope

  • I don’t know how Free Agent was officially released but that shit’s classic, IMO. I got it, either way, & it’s great. Peep “Call Me.”

  • Capitan Rivera

    Im’ a fan of slaughterhouse but this is bullsit,why fuckin; 6 old songs?

  • feining liquor often

    Free Agent WAS dope, and still is. Haters going to hate, so fuck them. Theyll drop an album soon of enough, cant please every nigga on this site anymore. Yall got dicks in your ass


    The amount of hate in this thread is ridiculous. Must be doing something right if the internet heads ain’t fucking with you like they used to

  • sourlife

    I mos def bump Slaughterhouse but damn main, this tracklist looks horrible in my opinion, I didn’t like the Back On The Scene track and all those ”remixes” don’t look too good either…I hope it’s gonna be decent.

  • gfdh

    Do you know why thousands of people join

    —–B lac k Wh it e Fl i rts* C”0m——-every day?

    It’s the most successful interra cial da t ing c lub. If you are still waiting for your sweet “milk” or “mocha”, don’t hesitate to check it !! Don’t let your babies wait too long for you !!

  • demise

    people really complaining about an ep meant to tide people over until their release?
    the stupidity of some of you is embarrassing

  • mmig

    Damn, I was hoping for a joint with em on this

  • ohhhshyt

    Royce is the spine of slaughterhouse, i whant a new royce album!!

  • ohhhshyt

    @Veezzy independence day royce da 5’9 claasic right there! bad meets evil 1999 royce and em, classic right there! the M.I.C mixtape classic right there! the bar exam series, classic right there! i could even put death is certain part 1 and 2, classic right there! holla back fool!

  • 421

    lol @ this ep being the first thing put out under their new contracts

  • Slaughterhouse!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • slaughtttter

    People this EP is NOT under Shady Records – this is coming out under E1, the same label their original album came out on. This is the last project they are dropping on E1, it’s all Shady after that.

  • Veezyy


    Yeah I admit Royce has some classic cuts. But he has no classic album(s). I dont mess with that mixtape bullshit. I can appreciate it, but mixtape does not create any legacies. Digital releases and mixtapes does not really mean anything. But Royce is the only one I like in the group.

    The other dudes in SH aint got shit that will go down as rememberable throughout history. And I appreciate the “hating” on SH. Glad im not the only one that realizes that these dudes cant make GOOD songs. They can spit some technical bars with intensity. Thats it. They write punchlines for money basically. They get shitty beats, create some shitty hooks, and is musically sub-par. Why is that?

  • Hahahaha its soooo funny that people write whole paragraphs just to hate…
    SLAUGHTERHOUSE!!! If you know anyone who isn’t old as shit, that can do better at making some raw lyrical hip hop point them out!
    In my opinion 6 tracks by SH > Whatever Veezyy is listening to.


    HAHAHAHA so much hate I looooove it. This is pretty much just a throwaway EP so they can get out of thier contractual agreements with E1 thats why there is o EM or Yela. This shit is still gonna be dope. And whoever said there was no substance on the first album may be a re-tard.

  • Veezyy

    “In my opinion 6 tracks by SH > Whatever Veezyy is listening to”

    Hmm. What have I´ve been listening to lately. On top of my head..

    Big Boi
    Roc Marciano

    Are you gonna tell me that Buttons, “Yaowa”, and Crooked I-have-no-album-out can match those dudes musically?

    I didn’t think so.


    Actually yes, absolutly, have you listened to Mood Musik 4 that shit is better than Kanye, Clipse, and esecially whatever that faggot Lupe has put out. Ill ive give you Big Boi only because he is a legend. And the unfinished Free agent that came out is waaaaay better than any of that bullshit. Plus he is getting features from everyone these days so he must be doing something right, along with getting a co-sign from kanye himself. Also clearly Crooked I has some influence on the game as as well because “your boy” kanye thought Crook’s hip hop weekly series was dope enough for him to start his own and then everyone started the dick ride until Crook had to call it quits all together, and i like how you left out royce because we all know he would ruin everybody on your semi-wack list. And

  • Tw1sT

    6 tracks ? for real ? and weve already heard 3 of them ? the fuck ?

  • Knox

    These dudes are Hip Hop at it hardest. So stop hating without even listening tro a track ya retards. And for the idiot that doesnt know shit…Free agent dropped.
    And slaughterhouse are a bunch of hard educated rappers.
    And yes SH is better than enybody ya can name. Who the fuck listens to ghostface, roc, and big boii?. They done already.

  • brandon

    u guys r dumb to think em wud already be on a track. go read the signing deal/


    Haha veezy wont be commenting back.

  • Peekay

    if you don’t like them, that’s fine, move on.

    Is this EP to complete their previous contract prior to Shady? Don’t care, looking forward to it.

  • Stephanie

    I really hope this upcoming full album is something to get hype over. When that first one came out, I hyped it for like six months, and knocked that mixtape on the regular but man, you should have seen my face when I heard the garbage they put on that album. Sheeeesh. Embarrassed.

  • Veezyy


    Veezyy is back!

    Yeah I gave MM4 a spin. Thought it was semi-dope. In no means a classic or even close. Regarding your Crooked I comment. The guy put out freestyles over other peoples beat for one year. What does that prove? Possibly that he cannot get beats for himself. I heard his EP and it was shit. Kanye’s Good Friday was fucking revolutionary. Original material with some of hip hop giants every week. Hmm, not the same.

    Food & Liquor
    Hell Hath No Fury

    These are critically acclaimed classics.

    Where the fuck are SH-members critically acclaimed classics?!

    Answer me that! Dont give me some mixtape bullshit please.

  • BMS

    Death is Certain, Mood Muzik 2, The Brick…@Veezyy and Joe Budden’s debut was grammy nominated

  • Veezyy


    “Death is Certain, Mood Muzik 2, The Brick…@Veezyy and Joe Budden’s debut was grammy nominated”

    C’mon son..really? Im not saying that those are shitty albums. But those are just examples of decent efforts with a couple of bangers. Nothing more.

    And Buttons grammy nomination? That is such a stupid statement that I wont even bother answering that one.


  • Calm down everyone, this is just to fill their contract with E1
    Royce is dropping an album ‘Success Is Certain’ this year
    Joell Ortiz dropped ‘Free Agent’ and it was dope
    Joe Budden dropped Mood Muzik 4 and it was better than most albums last year
    Crooked I? Well he does have an album coming out, but we’ll let time be the judge of that
    Either way we’ll get a slaughterhouse album this year under Shady Records and Dr. Dre and Eminem are already confirmed as producers, get excited

  • SaFan

    Sun DOobie ? as a funkdoobiest fan looking forward to this

  • Pauly Dee


    Kanye?! Better than ANYONE in Slaughterhouse?! The only song Kanye’s been really lyrical in is Lookin for Trouble. Sir, how DARE you compare legends like Joell, Royce, and Joey to Fish Dicks.

  • marty mcfly

    ^^^ for every one song you can name from SH thats lyrical , I can name three Kanye songs thats lyrically better…

  • Jon

    @marty mcfly
    for every one kanye weekly you thought was dope, i can name 5 Crooked I weeklies that’s doper

  • HoesOnMyDickCuzILookLikeKenMasters

    When did the people’s perception of what is considered lyrically dense become so skewed? Kanye doesn’t really belong in the same sentence as Slaughterhouse when it’s comes to who has a nicer flow. This shit is truly baffling to me y’all.

  • marty mcfly

    ^^^ I cant argue with you on that one.

  • marty mcfly

    @ Jon is who I cant argue that point with but Kanye is extremely lyrical , you just gotta pay attention. Break down the lines of Diamonds from Sierra Leone , Crack music and Cant tell me nothin.

  • marty mcfly

    If you think that SH has more lyrical intensity when they say their words then I feel you but as far as the lyrics themselves , Kanye is ( BARRY BONDS )

  • HoesOnMyDickCuzILookLikeKenMasters

    I ain’t sayin Kanye is wack. I actually listen to more Kanye than Slaughterhouse(production is iller). Maybe it’s just Ye’s delivery that urks me so much. That and you gotta admit that some of his bars ARE straight ass. H.A.M. my nigga?

  • Knox

    Nah, Kanye is pretty lyrical.
    Buuuuuut, nobody compare to these 4 dudes. Period. No lie. No Head. They the best rap group ever. (Much respect to Woo-tang, Tribe, and others.) But these four are more lyrical, experienced and can literally kill any beat. And crooked is prob. one(if not) the smartest rappers out.

  • Veezyy

    It annoys me reading all these SH dick riders. Bunch of mixtape rappers who spits fast over other people beats with no real lyrical content. A couple of punchlines and yall go nuts. Nothing that will played in the future.

    Get the fuck out of here with that bullshit!

    How the fuck is SH the best group ever? They have one shitty album out, containing nothing but forced multies and lame beats.

    The facts that some of yall think SH is better than Kanye is fucked up to me. The mans track record is insane. Fuck all that other mixtape bullshit. That is for myspace rappers.

  • Veezyy

    Having a classic album under your belt > having some hot mixtapes

  • Knox

    I hate people who listen to mainstream and swear anybody on the radio is nicer than everybody who doesnt have OD dick riders. Slaughterhouse’s album was done in 6 days and was probably the best hip hop album that year. Aaaand if anybody thinks that SH aint lyrical. Just Plain Ignorant.
    I aint dropping names.

  • Deluxchen

    For all those questions SH’s quality and claiming their songs involve nothing but forced multies and punchlines with no real lyrical content…you’re wrong. One shitty album? It was one of the best hip hop releases of 2010 in my opinion.

    I suggest you have another listen to the album if you’ve either bothered listening to it. I smell a chump chatting shit.

    No lyrical content? Explain the concepts behind ‘One Mic’ and ‘Cut You Loose’. How do the likes of ‘Raindrops’ and ‘Pray’ not have lyrical content? Admittedly the album wasn’t abundant with tracks with lyrical content but it did have a few. It didn’t need to include songs with content in my opinion. The album was pieced together to prove their individual worth as MCs and their group dynamics when they hop on a track together. Needless to say it fulfilled its purpose.

    In terms of lyrics and rhyme capability, they are miles ahead of most MCs out now. They all have immaculate flow and breath control on a mic (bar maybe Joey but he’s definitely improving, it’s the one factor that’s lets him down as an MC in my opinion). All of them a more than capable of constructing songs with lyrical content and have sufficient story telling abilities. If you doubt them as a group, you clearly doubt them as individual artists and it’s most probably because you have not bothered listening to their material if you’ve even heard of them individually before SH (again, bar Joey). In other words, avoid ignorance and give them at least an ounce of respect by making an effort to listen to their material before you start bad mouthing a bunch of talented MCs.

    I suggest you start with the following albums/mixtapes but feel free to revel in your ignorance and get off on hating and chatting shit, all whilst portraying yourself as a twat. I don’t usually make this much of an effort but some these comments sufficiently pissed me off to show some props where its deserved…


    Death Is Certain
    The Bar Exam 1
    The Bar Exam 2
    Rock City 2.0
    Build and Destroy
    Street Hop


    Hip Hop Weekly freestyles (the original)
    The Block Obama 1
    The Block Obama 2
    Young Boss Vol. 1
    Young Boss Vol. 2
    Mr. Pig Face Weapon Waist


    The Brick: Bodega Chronicles
    Who The Fuck Is Joell Ortiz?
    Covers The Classics
    Road Kill
    Free Agent


    Mood Muzik 1
    Modd Muzik 2
    Mood Muzik 4
    Halfway House
    Padded Room
    Escape Route

  • Deluxchen

    * questioning

  • Knox

    Cant forget BE3

  • Deluxchen

    BE3 is tight but weak in comparison to BE1&2 imo. Death Is Certain is by far his best release to date.

  • T

    There is no need to compare Kanye to the tenants of slaughterhouse..everyone in their own right is master at what they do. BUT Accolades and success of Kanye whilst being hounded by calls of racism and douchbagery and still maintaining is enough to recognize him as a true artist. He has broken so much ground, Producing, lyricism., to fashion. You name it he has done it. Kanye can hang with the best of them. and he is surrounded by GOOD company..literally…You give me

    Kanye, Common, Mos Def, Jay-Z over Slaughter ANYDAY…

    Kanye can be lyrical and still played in multiple settings.. The club, your car LOUD as fuck…a lounge…anywhere…but where can you play slaugher house? You ipod? nobody can nod to that, i mean where is the feel good music? Good life? or One mic?..what you gonna sit in the club standing around waiting for the next punchline to hit and be like ohhh slaughterhouse is CLASSIC…???? Naw. It dont work like that…I’m a fan of SH but come on…

  • lonestar playa

    @ T they may not b good mainstream artists but dat don’t tsake away the fact dat dem Slaughterhouse boyz aint to b fucked wit when it comes to mic skills! Raw and agressive lyricism is wut they bout! Dey aint worried bout bein on the mainstream lane

  • op

    And anotha thang…….slaughterhouse’s music aint made for no damn club lol! Its in-ya-face hard-hittin hip hop music. If its too raw for ya ears don’t judge it! It jus aint ya taste

  • Stop hating, yall know Slaughter is the most lyrical, hard-hitting hip-hop, super-group there’s been in a long time. If you like them… you can download the whole EP if you click on my name. Support it when it drops though. The Move On Remix is FIRE.