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Sapient (of Sandpeople) – Diamond Snares (Video)

blame it on Shake January 20, 2011

Off the Northwest-based emcee/producer’s Barrels For Feathers album.

DOWNLOAD: Sapient – Diamond Snares (prod. Sapient) | Mediafire

  • Second Cousin

    Damn, this shit is awful. Really 2DopeBoyz?

  • This album is wayy underrated!

  • rozay

    video sucked dudes spittin sucked but his beat was kinda nice

  • BeatsYo

    I never really understood why he put this out as a single. There was plenty of better shit on the album.

  • Great album! Dope single! Lovin the concept of the video! Mad Props! Sapient coming out to Boomers in Las Vegas, wouldn’t miss it!

  • daws

    dope shit sapient

  • i thought this song is dope as fuck. there are doper songs on the album but the beat is interesting as fucks and i loves the animation. Simple, Solid.

  • jakeespi

    This track is filthy, Sapient is filthy. Not sure how a hip hop fan could not like this.

  • Joey

    Sandpeople is on sum other shiet, MAKE MORE.

  • lonelydeathmask

    damn guess these heads weren’t ready. this is a solid track. hoping to see a video of barrels for feathers. thumbs up!

  • D


  • Sub

    Sape is one of the most hard working and efficient artists I’ve come across in a long time. His wordplay never seems to disappoint me and he comes with more original material than your average artist. Always comes correct with the beat production as well. Haters will hate thought. “But hate aside there ain’t shit you can say.”

  • Stella

    Sapient’s hella talented. His video is killin it.

  • who cares

    Sape is dope
    Song is dope
    Beat is dope
    Lyrics is dope
    Video is dope (not his best, but still koo)
    Barrels For Feathers is dope

  • Josh

    Anyone thinking this shit sucks needs to clean there ears out..sapient kills ur wack ass!!

  • Phil B

    Dope song.. Cracks me up seeing these people talkin shit. Sapient is one of a kind. From his lyrics to his beats to producing. Just wait for people to start finding out about him when he keeps puttin more records out and touring. These haters will be illegally downloading his shit soon enough. Until then T-Pain it is..

    Keep building that arsenal Sape

    Peace from Spokane

  • sapient KILLS anyone .

  • @who cares… AGREED!!!