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Macklemore & Ryan Lewis – Wings

blame it on Shake January 21, 2011

Photo: Jason Koenig.

By now, most of y’all should know what Macklemore and Ryan Lewis bring to the table. And while this may start out like your typical sneaker head anthem, it’s much more. Pay attention.

DOWNLOAD: Macklemore & Ryan Lewis – Wings | Mediafire

Produced by Ryan Lewis
Chorus Written by Hollis Wear
Violin – Andrew Joslyn
Cello – Danah Olivetree
Piano by Noah Goldberg
Trumpet – Owuor Arunga
Bass – Zach Fleury
Vocals – Ray Dalton, Camila Recchi
Children’s Choir – Denny Middle School, West Seattle

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  • dasdsad


  • KilltheMonkeys

    Of course… crackers rap about shoes and there’s no hate. Had it been some niggas face on it Shake would have had some smart ass comment. Suck a dick racist Shake.

  • deeemm thiz joint is nice as fuck……..i could relate to it……kinda gave me chils

  • tyler d

    this is dope. this guy needs more exposure

  • kevin

    @killthemonkeys it’s not a song about shoes

  • m.e.

    he does man, this is a nice track.

  • goose

    ive been waiting for this song foreverrrrr

  • herhieu

    shits sounds forced n corny…these stupid crackers are trying too hard

  • projectpat

    FUCK YES!!

  • TheTruth


    You’re a dumb porch monkey. Go spend your mother’s welfare check on a pair of fucking Nikes.

  • sayWORD

    This is nice but his flow needs a little work.

  • Not really feeling this

  • @ herhieu It sounds forced? Is that because he took the time to write a socially charged song about the destruction consumerism wreaks on our society? Or would you have just preferred he stepped up to the mic and screamed ‘Brick Squad, BOW BOW BOW!” off the top of his head for 3 minutes? This isin’t even a race issue, so don’t make it one.

  • All these people hating have never listened to a “Macklemore x Ryan Lewis” track a day in there LIFE so don’t start hating on a guy based on one song listen to his other stuff and you’ll realize that he is a GREAT fucking artist and way better than most rappers in the game right now.

  • @YouthMovement co-fucking-sign

  • Hibachi Heat

    As a Seattle sneakerhead, this is DOPE

  • brnaodn

    @ kill the monkeys. all the haters arent lookin into what the song is actually about. this is the opposite of a sneaker song.

  • ahwh

    it actually does sound forced and has 0 repeat value…not comparing it to anything…it just is…alot was put into it but it(sounds clean)didnt add anything to save it.
    this is the perfect example of less is more…

  • Whatever Kid

    @ahwh listen to his other shit and tell me if that sounds forced ALL of Macklemore x Ryan Lewis shit has repeat value and is deep as fuck

  • Whatever Kid

    “And while this may start out like your typical sneaker head anthem, it’s much more. Pay attention.” – Shake

    Learn how to read HATERS and next time actually listening to what he is rapping about fucking ignorant pricks

  • Whatever Kid


  • GR

    Children chorus + reverb piano + epic strings + opera singing + obscure instrumentation + over-forced flow = Corny and Pretentious

  • GR

    If you really want to be deep, don’t try and sound deep like you owe it to the world to preach this story. He actually chose a relatable topic, but I can’t help but critique all his shortcomings. I expect better things from these guys, but always end up being disappointed. Beat came across way too ambitious as well

  • *Yawn* Not impressed. Shit was corny. I knew by the pic, this was a Shake post, though.

  • Was Good.

    This Cat

    “Of course… crackers rap about shoes and there’s no hate. Had it been some niggas face on it Shake would have had some smart ass comment. Suck a dick racist Shake.”

    KilltheMonkeys said this on January 21st, 2011 at 4:09 pm

    This cat Don even kno what the song about. It’s about not letting the shoe defined you, no matter the norm. Its crazy how much propaganda make ppl do what they do. It can fool the victim into believing the thing is better than when it is just a material thing.

    No disrespect to the J’s. Great Legendary Shoe, but in the end it is just a shoe. They can market it to make it seem different, but in the end it is leather, rubber, laces.

    Stay up. Drop change on ya dome, homez.

  • faka

    Not a big fan of his voice or flow but the content of this song is crazy, it’s a shame some of these haters and nignorants can’t hear that..


    lmao! this song is real talk

  • ahwh

    @whatever kid
    sure…i will listen

  • marz

    DOPE!!! fuck these haters Mac some people hear but dont listen.

  • Jay

    This is a hot song. Dealing with sneakers & problems at the same time is fucking awesome

  • Robby

    first of all, i don’t understand what race has to do with this. Macklemore should be appreciated for his lyrical content and the realness of his music. In terms of the production, I can see how some of you hate on his flow and say it’s corny, but to me Macklemore is just trying to come up with his own unique sound. If you listen to these beats, I think it’s safe to say that even the best MC’s flows might sound a little off. If you listen to some of MAcklemore’s old stuff which he recorded on more traditional hip-hop beats, his flow is immaculate.

    Anyways, this song is sick. can’t wait for him to drop the new album. hopefully his art can be appreciated by more than just the PNW.

  • Shamus Sims

    Wow, this might be the worst message board I have read thus far. Anyway, beautiful song.

  • Lyz

    206 stand up!

  • Bug

    Awesome to see this song get official treatment, he does this song live at his shows a lot. Great song.

  • urajewbear

    all of you should just shut the fuck up and listen to it, its music your not some music bad ass hes doing more than you and thats that. if you dont like the fucking song theres other posts go listen to those.

  • pillsbury flowboy

    Dope!!! Macklemore has been puttin in work lately!

  • YoungSwagman


    sorry for the caps..but damn, y’all sound corny as hell.

  • nopo

    …this song worked a lot better when he would perform it acapella. the lyrics lack rhythm and Mack fails in his attempt to try and work them into this beat. The lyrical content is dope, and he picked some real shit to talk about, but as far as MUSIC is concerned? mehhhhh. He should have let this poem be a poem, trying to make a rap song out of it comes off forced and corny. Epic ≠ dope.

  • robby

    your name is youngswagman, and you are calling us corny?

  • now this is real rap, live instruments, and great transitions. hoping he doesn’t blow up so i can continue to listen to true underground rap instead of him being commercialized into something he’s not.

  • James_Uno

    Seattle Hip Hop is just a whole other breed in itself…..

    It’s Microsoft country..what do you expect?


  • Bob Costas

    macklemore/ryan lewis can do no wrong!!!

  • mR

    wow. just wow.

  • Ojandkush24!!!

    dont know who this guy is but i do now, i will be listening

  • sleezy

    damn this is amazing
    his flow sounds exactly like Slugs though

  • daveg

    If you are a fan of Hiphop as an artform, then you CAN’T hate on this song. Come on now. Original sound. Good work

  • polish.czar

    i know what hes saying. i know there better things to spend our money on. but for me its a hobby of mine. i enjoy finding the rare shoes, i like looking fresh i like shoes. so i know that shoes dont define me, they are just an extension of me. one of the things that make me who i am. there probably better ways to spend the money and time. but its like collecting coins, stamps or any other hobby. cuz i want to enjoy my life before i go. and if this brings me pleasure than so be it.

  • gptp20

    how is he going to rep niehaus in a song and then put a bulls jersey on…
    Sonics are coming back

  • local

    is he talking about people dying and spending a lot for a pair of sneakers?is he also talking about the labor in asia?

  • BobbyWhite

    my cousin showed me this guy, wasnt interested
    listened to this song. im a fan.

  • 041707

    he’s talking about the effects of consumerism on society. mack’s using his experiences with nikes and how it tied hims down to think of the “norms” of society. its not a concern about shoes but the meaning behind what materialism can do to you.

    macklemore is one of the best things to hit underground, give him some respect. sold out 3 shows in about 6 days.

  • fuckBLACKS


  • BigGirl

    Wow. As a lady of class with a fine ass it is nice to see a fine man rapping about something bigger than just himself… The graphic is sharp too. Look closely there is money covering the basketball. Smart and clean. I’m impressed. I’ll be hitting up his show in the bay for sure. Keep doing your thing cracker! Youve got the right flow.

  • john_g09

    You can watch him perform this song on youtube live acapella. Ill try and find it and pur the url up here. It really good

  • fuckyouktm

    @KilltheMonkeys – fuck you, you fucking faggot. if you even listened to the damn song you’d know its not even about the shoes. shut the fuck up and know your shit you ignorant bitch. macklemore or fuckin kill yourself. BITCH !

  • dope dope dope dope dope dope dope!!!!!!!

  • NIKE



    Man my city gettin so much love here. I known about Mack for awhile and wasn’t feelin too many tracks, but this right here ninja! Boy did his thing on this…shouts to Ryan Lewis as well. Every time I see SEA on 2dope it makes me proud as hell. I hope one day my camp graces this site. one. -illKNOX team

  • gonna download off the hate im seein here n see wat the fuss is about…no 1 has said its wack but instead hes trying TOO hard…sounds like jelousy but meh last vid i checked of his was dope

  • KilltheMonkeys


    No man, fuck you. You’re just a dumb N.I.G.G.E.R. Go do the superior race a favor and hang yourself in front on the White House. We won’t give a damn about you or your shit-skinned family, you worthless ape.

  • Macklemore is a beast been a fan forever Seattle Stand up..

  • B-Line

    haha a dumb azz nigga said leave SNEAKER RAP???? to bakers club(raz fresco is ill tough)…

    WTF is sneaker rap????

  • Ahrua

    I clicked on this because I thought it said ryan leslie. I’m sure im not the only 1

  • Ahrua

    Just because somebody doesnt agree with you it doesnt mean they’re haters. Seriously…. why do rap fans act like fucking nazi’s. Stop always trying to impose your views onto people… if they dont feel a song it doesnt mean they need enlightenment from you. Get the fuck over it.

  • karl

    Fuck. You can hear his fucking soul in this shit.

    I’ve heard these dudes before, but I guess I just never looked em up too much. Think I’ll reconsider.

  • These guys are GOOD. Macklemore’s flow and Ryan Lewis’ beats collide into perfection.

  • B-Line

    This is Spoken Word/Poetry in a Rap song…Beautiful song

  • dnk

    why hve a not seen this?? damn

  • Dimebag

    Real Talk. I Kill Niggas. I slay niggas that don’t love it.

  • vale3080

    does this song have timbre?

  • vale3080

    WIngs by macklemore and ryan lewis