• marty mcfly

    Black Thought = SuperMC

  • Gz Up Hoes Down

    no comments yet? Not gonna lie, didn't know who was in Money Making Jam Boys til i watched that whole video. and Damn, i'm glad i just did. All those dudes ripped the mic harrrrd. STS , Truck and Black Thought? WORD.

  • TheVizionary

    Truck North is mad underated..shit!

  • ck47

    Black Thought>>>>

  • ThaDankest1

    I knew STS was a problem when I heard him on The Roots' "Right On". Go check that verse if you sleeping on Sugar Tongue Slim...dude is definately someone to watch out for.

  • ThaDankest1

    ^^^ O yea and go grab STS' "Demand More II" while your at it. O boy was doing Def Poety before the whole rap shit. SUPPORT REAL HIP HOP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!