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Strong Arm Steady – Talking To Myself f. Kobe (prod. DJ Khalil)

blame it on Meka January 21, 2011

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According to SAS member Krondon…

We recorded this record in August of 07 and turned it in to our formal label Warner Bros in October (hence the A&R, Naim, is listed at the top ). If you look at the sequence you will see that it was #2 in our original tracklist. A cool fact, it ended up being the second song on the 10 time Grammy Nominated Eminem LP Recovery. I told Khalil this was a hit 5 years ago and it served to be one. Here goes our version (minus Mitchy Slick), we had planned to get Luda on this joint….Enjoy – Arms & Hammers 2.22.11

DOWNLOAD: Strong Arm Steady – Talking To Myself f. Kobe | Mediafire
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  • DOPE SAS dont dissappoint

  • George Clooney

    These dudes sure end up gettin the short end of the stick a lot.

  • mmkayy

    beat goes…….

  • wow

    SAS a bunch of ignorant fags. Glad they didn’t get a chance to officially ruin this beat.

  • Juanka

    u mad^^

  • Why is Mitchy Slick always the one to be absent on SAS tracks??

  • Anonymous

    Uh ohhhhhh….looks like somebody in SAS gave some dick to wow’s mom. Poor lil bastard.

  • wow

    Awww did I make YOU cunts mad? It’s pretty funny they keep getting passed when it comes to good beats. Apparently I’m not the only one who realizes they’re terrible.

  • WOW

    Yeahhhhh everyone ELSE is maaaaad. YOU’RE the calm one. Right. Nice try, you limey fag.

  • Young Beast

    Hey wow whaddya u kno bout hiphop u hatin clown.

  • Smallz4444333

    Em is the only one that can even touch this beat, fuck these guys they suck. Em killed this. Instant classic, one of many off Recovery.

  • Acid_Sav

    SAS > Eminem

  • BAM93

    Recovery was farrr from classic

  • Rock

    fuck recovery da garbage. SAS makes real shit i wonder why they act like dis way and keep their shit quiet

  • peteypab

    this is awful lol

  • RSX

    this wasn’t that Good. Em’s version >

    They can’t flow..at all

  • Cross

    couldn’t get Crooked’s version out my head when i listened to this one

  • Smallz4444333

    haha at the kid sayin Recovery was far from classic? Bro numbers don’t lie, what you can’t do math? Or are you just dumb, not only was it an instant classic, but it’s prob on of the best albums of all time ever in any genre. Either you listen to that fuckin Soulja Shit or you’re just a hater.

  • Mecha Shark

    Lmao. Souja Boy did numbers too, was that a classic album? Mainstream bitch, learn about it.

    Anyways, I’ve been tryna figure out why Mitchy Slick hasn’t been a part of the group for the while now.

  • TheLastEmperor

    Or you are a fucking Stan.

    Look at Weezy’s numbers, don’t even dare say that shit is “classic” fool.

  • Huh?

    “not only was it an instant classic, but it’s prob on of the best albums of all time ever in any genre.”

    I liked Recovery too, but chill, it wasn’t THAT good.

  • Yeah I said it

    These guys really suck. People HONESTLY enjoy listening to Krondon babble on about some weird shit no one understands/cares about, and Phil the Agony sound like he’s constipated but still rapping. These guys SUCK, they CAN’T RAP. That’s why they keep losing beats because people who can actually rap get to use them.

  • Yeah I said it

    My ears are now bleeding after hearing that horrid Krondon verse. No wonder Xzibit abandoned them.

  • dj khalil was just lazy with this one…kobe is a gimmick, i mean look at the beat he produced for em/royce…like this beat is fuckin rubbish

  • Haha people don’t get what opinions are! If you don’t like SAS STFU and stay the fuck outta LA and SD!
    Size Ain’t Shit
    Sock A Sucka!

    And btw this beat was given too alot of people! Rapper Cin Que from AZ had it back in 07 too.

  • Yeah…

    wow SAS had this and the joy?…. mhmm… hard to believe….

  • RichieFB

    garbageeee and weeezys numbers dont compare to ems -____- no where near TheLastEmperor hopp off the cock and do some research