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Swiff D – LaDDers (Instrumentals)

blame it on Shake January 21, 2011

The man behind some of your favorite Pac Div joints (as well as Jadakiss, Dipset, Anthony Hamilton, Method Man & Redman, etc) has decided to let loose of an instrumental album for y’all to vibe with. Up and coming emcees recording to these, be sure to send to Meka.

Tracklist + Download link after the jump…

DOWNLOAD: Swiff D – LaDDers (Instrumentals) | Hulkshare

  • MF

    Thats wassup. The Basic Cable joint had some trax on it. So im sure this’ll be good.

  • Downloading now. I already know Swiff D makes nothing heat….this should be dope as usual

  • jkcal44

    straight heatrocks so far.

  • 1woRd

    mediafire or hulkshare link Shake?

  • limassacre

    I’m sure meka will be thrilled lmao

  • Ojandkush24!!!

    skinny jeans on a ladder… i dont know….danger, danger

  • 1woRd

    or somebody who is able to download via usershare, could you re-upload it on mediafire? that’d be appreciated.

  • LocalWackNIgga

    Sending To Meka now

  • yugang

    Love me some instrumental albums/tapes every now and then.

  • byahbyah


  • Varsityballin

    hulkshare.com/9lzapmir9ld2 << hulkshare

  • Juanka

    I want the Ack Like You Chillin’ instrumental!! Anyone got it?

  • 1woRd

    good look on the hulkshare link

  • Amaan

    Damn Mek Yo That You My Girl track was flames!!!!,Im Rlly Feeling that Jodeci sample

  • Saga

    Thanx VB!

  • Rise

    Christian Slater r.i.p

  • LowBallz

    I think it was a hoax. I think he is still alive.

  • that guy

    yo VB big help my guy!


  • 9th WonderBread

    “Up and coming emcees recording to these, be sure to send to Meka.”
    ^will do!

  • Sin Amor

    sup with them skinny jeans? either way, checkin…

  • Varsityballin

    ^ those arent skinny jeans

  • Defiant

    uh oh, ya boy Defiant’s bout to get his lyricism on…IT’S D-E MOFUGGAAAAAS!!!!

  • iamnotkris


  • bigswoosh

    Any1 have that Basic Cable? Every site I googled it’s no longer available. I like this one and I’m sure that one is fire too…Thanks

  • drm

    those saying “whats up with the skinny jeans?” they arent…bet you guys bitching about his pants still wear girbauds with the straps looking like a 90s onyx video.

  • JL

    …At first, I found the whole “send meka your shit” thing to be a bit prickish (still do to an extent), but when every mothafucka has to be a rapper and most tend to be wack…I feel ya.

    And the tape should be dope. basic cable was slick.

  • Was a time I felt instrumentals are a bit…well boring. These days some tapes simply blow my mind. Hopefully this here too.

  • DerrtyD

    YES!! we got the Forver my Lady joint. now if we could get the Doug joint

  • TE

    This guys beats are dope. Good post.

  • TheVillian

    Sherman Way? Hell yeah repping the 818

  • Token

    If “Break Drum Swag” was mixed better, it would be a classic beat.

  • DG

    swiff d basic cable click the name

  • bigswoosh

    Props DG for Basic Cable…

  • I am downloading it now and I want to listen to just beats. Can’t wait!


  • sonny