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Mac Lethal: Fastest Rap in the History of Rap (Video)

blame it on Shake January 22, 2011

Haha… in response to the doubters on his last video, Mac Lethal brings out his trusty iPhone stopwatch and rocks over Wiz Khalifa’s Black & Yellow.

  • Darkg

    Fail everyone YouTube twisted insane from the bay he’s the fastest I’ve heard

  • d

    sounds like busta as of recent

  • who cares

    haha wow if you really think this is real time than your an idiot. He’s just moving his lips really fast and the track is pre-recorded and sped up then he just put the sound to this video.

  • BadgerMoose

    Mac Lethal > “who cares”

  • ThisShitMakesMyStomachHurt

    no bueno!!! man that shit sucked more then that nickki manji album oooooooooooooooooooooooooooo no he didn’t

  • Nutt

    @whocares Oh yeah, and what about when he’s talking? Smh, dumbass.

  • HoesOnMyDickCuzILookLikeKenMasters

    Wow Mac is extremely talented, rapping quickly as he does. With skills like that he’s sure to have a successful career in Hip Hop. All jokes aside, Mac Lethal DID body Dirtbag Dan..So he has that going for him too lol

  • Jonnie H

    at 52 seconds you can tell he edited the audio..it was pre-recorded but still dope

  • Mr Xclusive


  • haha

    I think theres 1 kid that follows this dudes posts around and talks mad shit. hatin mafuckaz if dude sped the fuckin audio up his voice would be sped up too.. dude crushed it hard

  • Jess

    What does a stopwatch have to do with how fast the rhyme is?

  • buckets

    @who cares

    you’re either trolling or you’re an idiot

  • @haha co-fucking-sign

  • DJ Spade

    To all the haters… you go record yourself in your favorite sound recording program then speed it up and see how it sounds like a chipmunk… even if you put on a “Pitch Lock” the shit sounds all skippy, there’s no way this is faked!

  • @Jess It shows he didn’t speed up the footage and that he’s actually rapping that fast in real time.

  • King G.

    Where’s this dude from? If it ain’t Chicago, he decent. If he from Chicago, he ain’t all that.

  • Onederin

    [email protected] Mac Lethal. Killin’ all the naysayers.

  • Onederin

    He’s from Kansas City @King G

  • King G.

    @ Onederin – He decent then. lol Just decent. Rapping fast ain’t nothing special if you not saying much or saying the same thing repetitively like Busta. “I gotta…… I gotta…… I gotta…..”. smh

  • Mac Lethal’s 3rd Cousin’s Neighbor

    I am floored by the ignorant hating on Mac Lethal. Simple resolution – check his literature references on Exhibit Dead, know any other spitter who can throw a Dostoyevsky rhyme. Get the fuck out of here with the hate.

  • xxx

    i got an iphone too

  • who cares

    Gotta love how people jump on my dick when I say somethin’ about this dude smh
    I want him to come to my house and spit that fast in front of me and i’ll be koo.
    People don’t understand that with technology now you can do w/e you want and ignorant people, like you guys, will believe it

  • DayO

    @xxx lmao

  • I care

    I could be wrong, but Im pretty sure dude didnt invent a brand new bit-rate manipulation sequencer just so that he could post a youtube video of himself spitting fast without affecting the pitch at all. But if he did, then congrats to him, he no longer has to be a rapper, cuz every studio in the world is gonna cop that sampling program. Either way, Mac Lethal is much cooler than u.

  • I care


  • who cares

    @I care
    yo you ain’t ever hear me spit so you can’t really talk shit…. You know what fuck it. Have fun listenin to this clown

  • shady323

    if it’s fake or real!!
    Damn, move on with your lives!!
    although I gotta say Mac kilt that other white dude lolz
    but in the end…who gives a fuck!!!!

  • don king

    Someone’s already said this but it’s worth repeating – there’s a crystal clear audio edit at around the 52 second point.

    I’m not sure what this video is supposed to be proving but all I know is what you’re watching and what you’re hearing aren’t recorded at the same time.

  • don king

    Oh yeah, rapping fast doesn’t equal rapping well.

    It’s a nice gimmick, but would you want to listen to an album of this?

  • red

    Where’s Soulja Boy’s new mixtape Smooky? Nah I’m just playing thanks for not posting that Shake/Meka/Peas/KnowxOne.

  • He still sucks; he’s like a machine gun shooting blanks: makes a whole lotta noise and looks intimidating, but that shit don’t hurt or pack a bang.

  • tundra

    Mac Lethals’ music is completely different than this. He rarely does shit like this. Check out the songs “I’m Odd” or “Exhibit Dead” or “Sun Storm” niggas.

  • NesTa

    Haters LoL…He Was Just Doint The Fast Shit For Fun…The Fuck?

  • Tyler

    Guy is goin HAM on this shit!

  • ObviouslyThisIsn’tMyName

    This site has fell of…and facing complete failure. Sorry. But it’s the truth.. Lowering your standards to posting videos you’ve obviously found off of worldstar. I mean, if you guys would for once stop promoting your horribly non-talented rapping friends, and actually pay attention to real talent then maybe your site would be at the least bit interesting.

    You would think you guys would’ve learned after black balling OFWGKTA..and now they’re going to Coachella..And you guys are..Well, posting videos of “Mac Lethal”. Good shit…Good shit.

  • @ObviouslyThisIsn’tMyName


  • fast_as_hell_tho


    why in the fuck would 2db rep OF when they take every opportunity to talk about how much they hate 2db? thats like some nigga talkin shit behind ur back and then you give him a bj and post it on the internet


  • coop

    erebody whos hatin needs to sit down cuz this is crazy. mac lethal deff isnt gona make a hit song or anythin he just be rappin mad fast in this vid and its not 2 bad, he delivered. so if you hatin jus chill let the dude do his thing

  • jb

    this gets massive disapproval and i ain’t even watch the video. niggas be rapping all fast and shit – can’t understand em

  • Yeah I said it

    Yeah wow he did some fast shit, it takes skill to do that…
    But it sounds fucking horrible as music

  • hateeverthing

    what is OFWGKTA?


    omg Mac Lethal > Mac Miller x2

  • Taylors get jacked-Steroids

    @hateeverything Horrorcore is making a comeback lol If them niggas get hot enough Wiz mite swagger jack them too..make a song bout dte rape while high or sumtin lol

  • astroblack

    I tour with this dude for months every year and he does this shit LIVE every night. Not fake.

  • JPM

    uhhmmmm… for everyone who asked, he put the timer on so you knew the video was in real time.. and not sped up.. also if he sped it up it would be a higher pitch and he named tons of things he was wearing and around him so you knew it wasnt pre recorded… and ya’ll still hatin…

  • dl

    DOPE! fuck the haters

  • UK Man

    Who cares how fast he raps? That doesn’t make him a great rapper. He’s talking gibberish as well. Total crap.

  • still wouldn’t buy an album by him. Twista, Tech N9ne, Krayzie Bone, Corey Gunz, Busta Rhymes…They would have rapped just as fast and with harder lines…

  • yamami

    for real man this aint 1992, who cares how fast you rap, your not saying shit. bone thugs and twista have style and lyrics. huge difference than just spitting garbage as fast as u can (real or fake)

  • BullyChieff

    hahaha he made me cry with laughter! the way he doing this is like a lil bitch whos cryin to believe how pretty&real she is.
    hahaha what a joke!

  • b.

    not impressed. people missed the concept in the 90’s and now it’s come to this…

  • Skylar

    Bottom line is that it doesn’t sound good.

  • jamesbelushi

    the only mac that was ever good is mac10

  • Thatguy


  • Victor

    I know a cat who does sound mixing and engineering for Interscope and he says it’s legit so that’s good enough for me.

  • overlooked

    FAke or not shit is ill lol! (i think it is fake tho cuz the 52 second clip but either way he did in 2 takes. still talented)