Wiz Khalifa Performs Black & Yellow w/ Amber Rose (Video)

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  • Wiz

    Damn it feels good to be a Taylor

  • dashboard


  • sayWORD

    Damn Wiz, you just took an L. smh Kanye taught her some thangs that she's gonna do to you

  • HipHopChick

    Ahaha you know Natalie is somewhere mad as fuck. Smh.

    Amber Rose > Natalie Nunn

  • sayWORD

    Holding hands and shit. Smh

  • boywonder

    that booty..

  • gram

    lol. "yeezy taught me"

  • 93


  • alGreenOG

    damn i usually fuck with wiz but i can't this time. that's not a good look. if you're gonna take leftovers, at least show a little discretion lol. he's flaunting her like he's on some new shit.

  • bzo

    "holdin hands wit ya bitch, when that money come ya cant reach"

  • http://twitter.com/SlickgZKC Slick. G

    Yeezy taught her, but Wiz learned nothing. Well at least he hitting reupholstered Versace pussy.

  • http://twitter.com/mgas11 Matt

    its funny that yeezy was the first one to Rock a Fox tail in 09...Now Wiz is rocking one...its funny that Yeezy was the first rapper to Rock Amber Rose...now Wiz is rocking her...hmmm interesting

  • iregicide

    Man yall hate to much. Every bitch by the age of 20 is technically a "left over". The man is diggin her let him do his thing, yall obviously aren't doin yours postin this bullshit on a hip hop blog site lmfao.

  • Jonnie H

    Man yall hate to much. Every bitch by the age of 20 is technically a “left over”. The man is diggin her let him do his thing, yall obviously aren’t doin yours postin this bullshit on a hip hop blog site lmfao.

    iregicide said this on January 22nd, 2011 at 11:15 pm
    co-sign..did Kanye pay yall to stick up for him? don't tell me you would turn down that pussy just because "Yeezy taught her" smh never thought I'd be jealous of Wiz but I am right now

  • Stephanie

    @iregicide: I see what you mean, and I'm glad he's hella juiced to show her off but she is just, straight up, an opportunistic groupie jumping from one emcee to the next in search of someone who can upkeep her lifestyle. I'm sure when the public is over Black&Yellow, she's gonna be done too. I'm not wishing it on him, but I'm speculating.

  • http://chillxlife.wordpress.com chillbill

    Wiz is winnin. Amber rose is bad. Who wouldn't fuck w/ her? Everygirl you fuck w/ isn't goin to be pure n shit

  • http://www.2dopeboyz.com RealTalk

    Amber Rose > Natalie Nunn

    and co-sign @iregicide and @JonnieH

  • Jonnie H

    man this nigga probably having three-somes with Amber and Rosa Acosta as we speak...this just ruined my night, he don't deserve that

  • Liable

    wtf's hanging out his jeans?

  • http://twitter.com/g5ty TY

    ..you know what it is

  • Kidd Izzo

    She sure does gets around

  • Taylors get jacked-Steroids

    @Matt everything about Wiz Khalifa was swagger jacked from someone else. There's absolutely nothing original about Wiz. He just stay biting people's shit, musically and style-wise. If I'm lying prove me wrong suckas.

  • governmentname

    it aint no fun if the homies cant have none.

  • vc

    all i got from this...i dont need to see a live wiz show.

  • jb

    he just took my old bitch and turned her into his new bitch

  • xNJNx

    1st. Thats The Fox Tale Natalie Nunn Was Talkin About.. You Know Shes Mad . Lls
    2nd. That Niqqa Was Hard As Hell He Keep Grabbin His Dxck.. Must Of Just Fxcked That Bxtch . Lls

  • Spit

    Wiz is gonna be like "I never seen this part of Pussy Town before!"

  • marty mcfly

    I liked Black n Yellow but now I see that Wiz and Amber rose are both clowns. Didnt rappers learn from seeing Kat Stacks. While Wiz is trying to be cool , Amber is seeing nothin but dollar signs and Kanye is prolly gonna distance himself from Wiz. If you gonna fuck a high profile bitch , do it then bounce and dont mention her , its the player way. Once she turns on Wiz she gon act just like big chin Natalie Nunn did... You think Fab and a list of other rappers aint already fuck this goofy lookin bald headed hoe? COMEONSON!!!! Be selective , Wiz = Trick

  • JustSaying

    @xNJNx god i hope your a female cause if your a male that 2nd statement was gay as fuck

  • taylor gang or fuck natalie nunn

    @Liable a fox tale dumbass

  • taylor gang or fuck natlie nunn

    tail** i guess i'm the dumbass lol

  • Uch


    Jesus some people just need to die.

  • the third ear

    so to all of you that gave this a "thumbs down"...if Amber Rose was in your bed with her legs spread or feet behind her head or bent over with her back arched..you wouldnt whip your dick out and fuck that???? just because its Kanye West's leftover too?? yall niggas gay

  • Jonnie H

    2nd. That Niqqa Was Hard As Hell He Keep Grabbin His Dxck.. Must Of Just Fxcked That Bxtch . Lls

    xNJNx said this on January 22nd, 2011 at 11:35 pm
    @xNJNx god i hope your a female cause if your a male that 2nd statement was gay as fuck

    JustSaying said this on January 22nd, 2011 at 11:43 pm
    co-sign..some1 please call No Homo for this kid

  • Brocho Cinco

    If one of my bros would bring back a hoe that looked like Amber Rose then he would never live it down. That cum dumpster is pushing 200 lbs, yall see them fat ass legs? And to top it all off, she looks like a cancer victim. My nuts have more hair on them.

    Now I'm gonna head out to the club and give some thin cutie a ticket to the pound town express

  • Tiiz

    Amber Rose: Built Ford Tough

  • Juice101

    @the third ear that's not the point dumbass of course we would hit.but that's it nothin more everybody knows her rep for being a hoe who just lookin to stay in the spotlight

  • KennyD

    It's not bad to date a leftover but it's not cool to date a A-LIST CELEBRITY IS LEFTOVER KANYE HAS ALREADY DISSED HER AND THREW HER UNDER THE BUS And your holding hands with her on stage? their goes ur Kanye West collab and beat.

  • BenoitFlow

    Of course we'd all fuck her given the opportunity. Don't be dumb. It's just obvious that both Wiz and Amber want attention about their relationship, whatever that may be, and parading her on stage while holding hands is getting them that. It seems desperate to me.

  • http://www.clhgfhfkdnbgj.com XB

    Shes a groupie whore stop making this bitch famous. I can't stand bitches who just lay on there backs and suddenly become rich

  • BennyDez

    Once Again this proves that MEN are far more greater than WOMEN. CAUSE WE ALWAYS MAKIN' THIS BITCHES FAMOUS

  • Light bulb moment

    Amber is more famous then Wiz and she just made her hosting price go up higher because of Wiz. If shes rolling his blunts in every city on tour thats one thing but I doubt that.

  • http://www.2dopeboyz.com You’re Not Getting Any Pussy Tonight Brocho Cinco

    @BrochoCinco that was the most ignorant ass comment in this c-section your going to hell for that shit. don't talk about cancer patients BRO

  • http://gtfoh.com Starks

    Jonnie is probably the biggest faggot I have ever heard of.
    "Someone please call No Homo" SMH.

  • http://www.youtube.com/jhuntdaprodigy JHP

    If the Wiz & Amber like each other, you like each other, most of you bitches on here hating, either have no girl, or your current one has dated someone before you, making her a leftover I guess. Lol, who rly gives a fuck!

  • Jonnie H

    Jonnie is probably the biggest faggot I have ever heard of.
    “Someone please call No Homo” SMH.

    Starks said this on January 23rd, 2011 at 12:44 am
    The fool I was talking about (he forgot to say No Homo)is commenting on Wiz Khalifa's dick being hard...and you're calling me gay??..SMH

  • http://twitter.com/koranisnice Koran

    When did this post stop being about joke comments and start being about hate comments? I'll bring it back.

    I know the first thing Wiz said after she let him smash was "Yeezy taught you well."

    I bet he made her call Kanye just to say "Thank you Yeezy."

    Wiz probably was laying in bed for 5 minutes just mumbling "Yeezy taught you well."

    Alright now it's your turn.

  • JustSaying

    co-sign @JonnieH son @Starks you're a fucking dumbass @xNJNx is the faggot

  • BenoitFlow

    @JonnieH @Starks @xNJNx @JustSaying

    People acting like there is something wrong with being gay are the real dumbasses. The 1990's called, they want their ignorance back.

  • Huh?

    @BenoitFlow did you kill your whole family?

  • LonleyStoner

    niggas need to get off kanye's dick see niggas thank if they get amber rose they on kanye's level.how does kanye's dick taste nigga? u do know she kanye's ex bitch for a reason & if he really wanted that hoe he'd be with her... the nigga tweeted team amber rose see u can tell when a nigga just started getting pussy the nigga whipped like kunta & making himself look even lamer cause u in love with a groupie bitch. shout out to amber rose she doing her job cant be mad @ that get that money from that sucka nigga boo u got that sucka nigga nose wide open yeezy taught you well girl....

  • Blake

    "nigga whipped like kunta" via lonelystoner

    omfg this is the funniest shit ever this just made my night!!!!!

  • BOi

    cosign stoner

  • JustSaying

    cosign @lonelystoner and @BeniotFlow who the fuck said anything was wrong with gay people?! whatever nigga

  • aHometownHero

    Wiz taking her out on stage like having another rapper's ex girl is a good look, nah bruh. Only person winning in this is Amber Rose, funny enough she is the pimp is this situation. All the attention is on her and she fucking w/ multiple rich niggas. While Wiz, the self proclaimed G/playa, is sprung off a bald headed white bitch...

  • Jone5


    @Matt everything about Wiz Khalifa was swagger jacked from someone else. There’s absolutely nothing original about Wiz. He just stay biting people’s shit, musically and style-wise. If I’m lying prove me wrong suckas.

    Taylors get jacked-Steroids said this on January 22nd, 2011 at 11:27 pm

    Wiz was the first nigga to...umm.....damn you right this fool IS just a composite sketch lol Snoop Dogg, Curren$y, Tyga, Kanye West,a lil bit of Wayne's swag(cuz you know, everybody doin Weezy impressions nowadays) etc....I even remember back in the day Wiz tried callin himself Young on sum Hova shit and would bite Young Dro's 'Okaay!' ad-lib smh..

  • mmkkayy

    looool u kno she gonna be the one on the bottom

  • Florida boy

    @lonelystoner u know the game bruh

  • Florida Boy

    niggas need to get off kanye’s dick see niggas thank if they get amber rose they on kanye’s level.how does kanye’s dick taste nigga? u do know she kanye’s ex bitch for a reason & if he really wanted that hoe he’d be with her… the nigga tweeted team amber rose see u can tell when a nigga just started getting pussy the nigga whipped like kunta & making himself look even lamer cause u in love with a groupie bitch. shout out to amber rose she doing her job cant be mad @ that get that money from that sucka nigga boo u got that sucka nigga nose wide open yeezy taught you well girl….
    LonleyStoner said this on January 23rd, 2011 at 2:12 am


    Cosign This

  • ddd


  • Scooby

    Dude needs to put a shirt on...for real.

  • HoesOnMyDickCuzILookLikeKenMasters

    Curren$y gotta be shakin his head at this mess lol Like a father watchin his son make fucked up decisions n shit lol

  • http://nyc.com zany blunts

    "There’s absolutely nothing original about Wiz. He just stay biting people’s shit, musically and style-wise."


    ...altho i do like him n currensy as a duo

  • Dre Day

    Ive been disappointed with everything dis nigga been doin lately especially his music n why dis nigga always gotta a shirt off with that 12 yr old lookin body n possum keychain lol

  • Styrofoam

    Damn, homie... that goy is skinnier than a motherfucker

  • http://2Dopeboyz.com MithritadesHD

    My condolences go out to the Taylor gang

  • Lil Shake

    "nigga whipped like kunta"


    best line ever posted on 2dopeboyz

  • Cno

    Wiz Khalifa - Mezmerized

    ''Money over bitches, nothing above it'' Riiiiiight.

  • Day Day

    How u think Kanye feel about Amber going From him to Wiz Khalifa Smh i think I could fuck now

  • 91&^UP

    taylor gang or fuck 7/10 bitches all your life!

  • http://turbocity.tumblr.com/ Turbo City

    You fuck hoes, then duck hoes, not hold hands and cupcake with em. Especially not fame hound, attention starved bitches. But, I knew for all that, "I'll fuck your bitch" shit Wiz be talking, he was a lame. A real playa don't accept being second string for no bitch, and fucking with hoes that got dudes is some thirsty ass nigga shit.

  • Yeah I said it

    Pull up your pants Wiz, you look like a fucking loser. And you can't rap.

  • http://hiphopfiend.org Grant

    So Chris Rock is playing Wiz at the end of "Blame Game" then? Now I get it!

  • JETS

    ☁-------- ✈'s FOOL

    "Lames Catch Feelings,We Catch Flights, JET LIFE JET LIFE"

  • The Kids

    Ayo, ayo Wiz.
    Put a shirt on, you look like a 12 year old girl.
    Fuck this clown...JET Life

  • http://www.2dopeoboyz.com BillyClint

    1. Broco Chinco< fat? lol. try again....

    2. Although lonley stoner had me dying and 90% of these "yeezy taught you well" comments, i thought i was gonna see wiz propose or something...all i saw was a video of him walkin a girl off stage, i dont get all the hate after watching the video.

    3. I dont see an item, its called publicity, lol u ppl take the rap game too serious.

  • etregd

    "Mocha & Milk" is a perfect match like "black & white" people
    ~~~~ Bla c k 'w h it e 'F li rts. C” 0- M ~~~~The most successful interra cial da t ing c lub. If you are still waiting for your sweet "milk" or "mocha", don't hesitate to check it !! Don't let your babies wait too long for you !!

  • Reggie

    No would you be mad if Kanye decided to diss this idiot on a track and black ball him from the industry?

  • MichaelKnight

    ☁——– ✈’s FOOL

    “Lames Catch Feelings,We Catch Flights, JET LIFE JET LIFE”
    JETS said this on January 23rd, 2011 at 7:14 am



  • Yaaa I Get It

    consignment on Taylors get jacked-Steroids

    Wiz, stole his game.

    Hot Spitta not the hospital bitch


    i prefer no girl versus amber or natalie. amber is retarded,ugly and silly,the best point of her body was back in time when LUDACRIS chris garrett video.. .but ,,c'mon look at this,simply retarded,100000 chicks r better than this LOL.sorry girl

  • Timber

    Yeezy reupholstered my pussy

  • Stay Thirsty

    If Soulja Boy or Lil B would have went out with Amber Rose, then yall would be talking bout how she looks like a GI Jane with tree trunk legs. You guys will ride Kanye's dick until it falls of from fucking these ugly ass skanks that he dates. I like his music, but everything else about him (ie his "fashion, his artistic style with the whole runaway movie, and his choice of women) I question. The bitch is ugly, has no hair (the cancer victim joke was funny but mean) and is a gold digging whore. Please tell me how you vuys could find this 5'11 185 female with no hair attractive?

  • Stay Thirsty


  • Pauly Dee

    @Stay Thirsty

    I'd probably fuck her, but from the back, with a paper bag on her head with about two condoms on...

  • naysh

    wiz is wild lame..his music is trashhh almost as lame as his swag

  • teflon ron

    “holdin hands wit ya bitch, when that money come ya cant reach”

    bzo said this on

    ^^^^^ "so when this money talk ya cant speack"..man curren$y be spittin real shit..and wiz i can understand he still has h is success from black and yellow but if he doesnt put out some music thats remniscent of b.ar. mixtape or some of his older music when he was actually spittin, then ima prob have to exit the taylor gang..but please believe,even though im a ravens fan..ill forever be with the JET$

  • http://www.youtube.com/shience ら全した裸連鎖

    niggas is so pussy.. get on and fuck with a standard.,. i wudnt even want to drive a car everybody done had (not same model car but actually the same car) why fuck a bitch everybody done had? focus on dropping ur album and not being on and popping...i wudnt give her the time of day.,,.im lying i wud fuck but i wudnt carry the situation like this,,

  • AmberRoseIsNasty

    amber rose is nasty looking creature.... ewwwwww that's nasty (in lil waynes voice while shaking his head)

  • ff

    we call them shits sloppy seconds

  • DT

    you can tell he likes those secondssssss... taylor gang or yeezy taught you

  • http://adayinthelifeofthefly.blogspot.com/ LouisTaylored

    Wats up with that fox tail he keep rocking!?!?!

  • InsertNameHere

    Yeezy taught her

  • http://adayinthelifeofthefly.blogspot.com/ LouisTaylored

    Okay I just gotta say this cause niggas acting like Kanye just broke up with this bitch yesterday and Wiz snatched her up today. She done ran through at least 3 or 4 other niggas before she even got to Wiz including niggas like Fabolous and Amare Stoudemire. Like he'd be mad at the other niggas before Wiz rite? I see getting mad at you're ex-girlfriend's 1st bf but not the 4th one. And if Ye's mad then who's winning?! Amber Rose! Cause that mean he still love that hoe too. And for niggas hating they know they'd fuck her too and be damn proud of it. And people are sayn he's messing up his relationship w/ Ye, refer to the beginning cause I really dont think he gives a fuck and if he does thats his bad. Cause Wiz doesnt really need him, he's doing fine on his own and has some pretty kick ass Production on his team already. So watevvs man

  • TheInsider

    Sum nikkaz know the game / Other nikkaz say they do and actually learn it from errrbody else around them...SMHF. Amber win! Bozo lost! Stop saving these hoes bruh....

  • TE

    He's losing fans by the minute pulling this dumb stunt.

  • what

    since kanye, drake, amare and now wiz have all been up in amber rose, cant this gold diggin bitch just go away?

  • MEKANOMiCSx101

    CTFU at everybody on here quoting Blame Game! hahahaha

  • http://www.tbtaffairs.wordpress.com Black Ty

    some women have no respect for themselves, i can't hate on wiz a bit tho, i'd take those leftovers too

    and then run straight to the doctor

  • eazy

    lmao leftovers? why are u niggas on some highschool shit? GET KANYES DICK OUTTA YOUR MOUTHS. I think all you niggas just mad because wiz is with a badass bitch and yall are NOT. stop sucking kanyes dick... youre not getting his paycheck... at the end of the day youre all still lame asses.

  • GangstahGumbo

    Fox Tails are the corniest thing I've seen since fake jewelry.

  • truth


    yo pops is the lame ass for cumming inside of that hoe you call a mother

  • wordtobigbird

    its not that shes someone's ex its that shes a groupie golddiggin ass ho.. kanyeshrug.

    oh and to everyone saying "you wouldnt fuck that?!?!?!?!".. of course. but wiz is doin more than fuckin, hes lovin. and as his new bff said "wedontluvdeezhoes"

  • http://2dboyz Ben Dover

    @ XB I agree, unless it's a bad porn chick & the world gets to see it @ least.

  • orangec+unty

    she looks like a dude with a donkey ass.
    god she is the definition of "groupie ho"
    oh there's my hate getting the best of me again... fuck it.
    oh well. and shes still ugly no matter who she's with thats just me.. she was ugly when she was with kanye, she's still ugly now.
    booty blinded much? come on. Never trust a big butt and a smile. dummy

  • Colin

    so she's a hoe...that don't change the fact that she's one beautiful bitch. I Would lick her ass crack.

  • http://www.2dopeboyz.com/2011/01/22/wiz-khalifa-performs-black-yellow-w-amber-rose-video/ Jay Tee

    Ew chicks with shaved heads, thats nasty. Wiz lost his damn mind.

  • B

    Wiz Please stop selling out and make more songs about smoking weed and fucking my bitch...If not I will become a proud follower of based god and his positivity and rareness. And where's Curren$y you damn sellout?

  • Lifter

    Lets see if he takes out the broad at Coachella... Kid, looks like he should be on a&e from how skinny he is. Plus his music is fucken wack! I love the fact that we can hate on him though. its harmless... Bitch just hops on whos hyped... J.cole next.

  • Lifter

    She found out his in a group now shes a groupie!

  • im just sayin

    from the neck up she looks like a teenage white boy so I dont know how people think shes fine.

  • THC wade


    when you could be getting money....

    stupid ass niggas dont even get the real message

  • bam

    damn you mother fuckers are stupid no one is saying they wouldnt fuck amber rose they are saying they wouldnt wife the bitch this nigga is clearly in love shuffling this bitch around like tom crusie when he got katie holmes bitch is washed up and lookjing for another rich niggas kids to swallow wiz is just a victim he needs to drop the weed for a min and relize wtf hes doing before this bitch is knocked up and reciving half of his income lame ass nigga

  • The Realist!


  • The Realist!

    Yall do act like ur in hschool! If you were suddenly given the kind of opportunity that Amber got, what would you do? She is trying to use it to her advantage, thats savvy! Also, her position doesnt come with a manual, she just has to figure it out as she goes!! Just coz she is seen with all them cats, doesnt mean anything is going down, its for publicity! Fab confirmed that they didnt do nothing so...she knows yall would be talking about it and the paps are still gonna be following her. That GAME stuff is just Ghetto, they have the paper now, they dont have to prove nothing to nobody. Everyne you date isnt going to be a virgin, GROw UP. Amber is very very attractive and youll know it so if she was a dancer it is a step up and now she has a modelling contract with FORD so Wiz enjoy yourself...youll need to get a life and stop taking your misery out on people living their lives. Wiz is still gonna do his thing. The whole gangstas dont fall in love is retarded and mad ghetto. White people in the industry change partners all the time and they dont get that whole JLO flack so why do black people hate each other so much? Slavery separation worked....youll are Retarded for dissing them....SO what she isnt the first to have dated a high profile guy, its hard to top such a guy, so why try, she is doing her and so is he! urgh ghetto mess...

  • The Realist!

    234555555 CASE CLOSED234455 GO HOME and make your own dough ! HATERS, broke ass haters youll need religion! urgh

  • Knox

    Am i the only one that seen Amber's nudes?.
    Just tity shots but better than nothing.
    They linked you guys should find them. I aint a loser but who doesnt want to see amber rose's tits?...Just saying.lol
    Oh btw......Wiz sucks, this song is annoying and not lyrical whats so ever. SLAUGHTERHOUSE>


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