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Cory Mo – I Did It f. Killa Kyleon (Video)

blame it on Meka January 25, 2011

Not sure who Cory Mo is, but I’ve become a Killa Kyleon fan of late.

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  • Pops

    “Not sure who Cory Mo is…”


    The dude’s been working with UGK, Geto Boys, Devin The Dude, etc. since the late 90’s and you’ve never even heard the name?

    Take your late pass and learn yourself something

  • Pops

    Also, song is called I Live It, not I Did It.

  • N8

    I know you have got to be kidding about not knowing who Cory Mo is ??? Homie is the producer for alot of UGK songs and other texas artist.

  • SnIpEs

    Basically he is southern legend..

  • Scottie Pimpin’

    Cory Mo is a h-town legendary producer he use to f**ks with UGK!!

  • Antone

    cory mo is an OG & my man killa wrecked that hoe! thumbs the fuck up!

  • kjf

    cory mo produced alot for pimp c/ugk and for alot of down south rappers.

  • yodaddy

    fucking lames talking about 2dopeboyz and don’t even know who Cory Mo is….change the domain name right this instant.

    The least you could do even if you didn’t know who he was….would be to type his name in google and then act like you know.

  • SwishasNKush

    I love how since Cory Mo was “UGK affiliated” everyone always backs him up. Not me. I don’t like his beats, and IMO he helped ruin the UGK 4 Life album. I respect him but he really isn’t anything special. Hell i don’t even care for Bun anymore…aka MR. ZERO MICS.

  • hello there

    Do any of you guys know who Sabzi is? Or J. Pinder? Without googling it? haha

  • hello there

    There are way too many rappers/emcees/producers around to know them all, even the legends… I lived in Houston for a bit so I have nothing but respect for Cory Mo, UGK, Scarface, Devin, the SUC… shit I’m a fan of V-Zilla too!!! But shit there’s just too many in this country haha

  • SMDH

    “Let’s Get It” is obviously the name of this song. All y’all missed. Houston stand up.