• Nucky Thompson

    Any way u could re-up the Always Sunny link?

  • Shuelz Santana

    Video is sick...freestyle dope.

  • http://www.2dopeboyz.com Re Up Gang

    @NuckyThompson it's on the Bandcamp site just type in "It's Always Sunny in Marietta" on Google you'll find it like 5 seconds I just downloaded it

  • Jay


  • harHarHar

    This is really bad.

  • eehh??

    The beat is dope but the rappin is sub-par

  • **************************

    good flow, good lyrics, good beat, don't understand why i wanna punch this guy in the face


    can't take this guy seriously

  • pecola

    Anyone else think his flow sounds a lot like Thee Tom Hardy (who's rolls with 9th)?

  • dat baby don’t look like me

    saw this guy live last week and he was AWFUL

  • P’cola

    Tom Hardy >>>>> Kyle Lucas

  • DoinMe

    Just... no

  • Ryuk

    "I got some fruit stuck in my teeth...thats annoying"
    So are emcees who try to force personality and rock U Necks.
    Classic song. Why even go there?

  • http://hiphopdx.com NEWR

    i hear this and see the same exact white suburban rappers that have "problems" that wander the halls of my community college, they ALL sound the same, wtf, i make mixtape covers, and they all talk about the same shit, none of them say shit outside the box,

  • vhingrhamesonyomomma

    justin beiber rap

  • B5

    The Neptunes want their snare back.

  • sticky

    he just remind me so much off biebz that a i wanna hit him.

  • Anon

    FINALLY someone to rep Marietta!... too bad its this guy.