• Umm. . . Unknown

    Ay KNOWxONE, Post That New H.A.M. By Emilio Rojas. Shit's Dope.

  • And Won

    Lloyd Banks + Elmer Fudd = That picture

  • slick rick

    LOL LOL that at Elmer Fudd thats hilarious... damn sure looks like Lloyd Banks tho

  • Nohomo

    B pumper

  • Big Pugg

    This ol' Brian Pumper "Life Of A Porno Nikka" looking ass shit

  • xastey

    ^^ lol was just coming in here to say that cartoon looks like Pumper

  • http://lifeunderthascope.com Matt

    ^same exact thing i was gonna do

  • http://www.djlowkey.com DJ Low Key

    Shouts to Chonz, he's a Colorado OG.