• Braniak

    No F***in Way Don't pull that wayne/rock shit Nigga Please!

    Loking forward to the mixtape tho.

  • BigWill

    If anyone can pull off the rock music thing its him or B.O.B. but i'll be looking forward too the mixtape this is looking like a good year for music

  • Fuck A Name, Give Me The Weed & I’ll Smoke It

    who this nigga think he is?

  • http://www.clkdghhgnbgj.com XB the Wizard

    Hes a fuckin' Wizard bro get with it or get gone

  • GOONx19

    I was skeptical about the rock cd but if he puts out the mixtape too i'll buy Wizard.

  • Dennis

    dam cant wait.
    cudis singing and humming is legit.
    Trapped in my mind>>>>
    all along>>>>>

    and that mixtape>>>

  • marcus

    hope it is like psychedelic rock, or Ratatat type shit. not like "Erase Me" rock......

    looking forward to hearing them.

  • K

    Cudi can actually make good rock music. He was never just rap to begin with so it won't be a damn thing like Waynes rock album. whats his new twitter name?

  • birdman

    mixtape might be aight...... but this shit right here, this shit right here, this shit right here, is fucking retarded

  • HeartAnemic

    Dude is so original making a rock album.....

  • Niggerati

    What about Almighty GloryUs?

  • man

    @WizardCud thats his twitter

  • NYC eats its young

    "How To Make It In America" Season 2>>>>>>>>>>>>Cudi's music career.

  • LonelyStoner

    Hes a fuckin’ Wizard bro get with it or get gone
    XB the Wizard said this on January 27th, 2011 at 1:46 am


    tell those fuck boyz get lost unlike their virginity

  • spooky

    Not surprised. Never liked him as a rapper anyway. He's got a good voice though for singing, so I should be a good fit for him.

  • http://turbocityofficial.ning.com/ Turbo City

    That shit should be dope. Cudi actually has talent beyond rap, unlike Weezy.

  • HoesOnMyDickCuzILookLikeKenMasters

    maaaaaasnn.....Japanese Cartoon> as far as rappers doing rock is concerned. Jets fool.

  • mofo

    word, cool cant wait for the mix & how to make it in america!
    the album hmmm idk i've copped both his albums
    but im might catch the bootleg first
    and then if i like well, i'll buy it

  • JapanKid

    Honestly He does Rock Waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay better than Rap, His hooks are great & hes not pulling a "wayne" its called Diversity #Bitches.

  • Bitch!.. Im Livin Lavish.

    Can't Wait *bart scott voice*

  • DreamOn

    lol @ Bitch!.. Im Livin Lavish. exactly

  • http://www.itsjustinmills.com @itsjustinmills

    Its gonna be dope. All of it.

  • zookeeper

    someone didn't tell this fag he can't sing? yea got a preview of your "rock" on erase me. snort more of that baggie

  • TheOnlyChild

    "...im a wizard if you didnt know" - J. Cole + Kid Cudi "the wizard album" + "workin on some jay and ye shit"- Kid Cudi = Illuminati.

    Shit im thinking about selling my soul too.

  • mel015

    atleast hes doin a all rap mixtape that should be dope

  • Kalifornia Icon

    wow big move im really looking forward to both Mixtape and Album

  • Dop3

    DOUBLE WIN!! for HOw TO Make It In America Season 2

  • http://thenewallante.com @thenewam

    new how to make it in america? FO SHO. i think cudi can get away with the rock thing, he already makes that kind of music forreal. erase me is a rock song forreal

  • http://nyc.com zany blunts

    "If anyone can pull off the rock music thing its him"

    ^^^^^^thats exactly what i was gunna say... if anyone can pull it off, its him... but with that said, i like that hes also releasin a mixtape along side it for those that wont fuck wit it... smart

  • red

    I'm actually really excited to see how this will turn out. As much as I want to hear KiD CuDi do something new I'm relieved he'll be hitting us with a rap mixtape too. I'm hoping its a fun mixtape with some good features and nice beats while he'll reserve his good stuff for the album.



  • Jurrien.

    A Kid Named Cudi was pure dopeness, hope the same for this mixtape