KRS-One & Showbiz (of DITC) - Improve Myself

The Blastmaster and the Diggin' In The Crates crew member are dropping a collaborative album, Godsville, on February 15th. Here is the latest offering from the project.

DOWNLOAD: KRS-One & Showbiz (of DITC) - Improve Myself | Mediafire
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  • sdsdsds

    KRS-One Be legendry if he was leave the rap game..KRS-One is the one who change the music and all but now he's not the same..if he was quit he should me legendry for real..but now a lot of niggas dont give a fuck about him or am i wrong..

  • Gordon B.

    All four or so leaks have been dope, this is starting to look like something I gotta cop.

  • Brush

    This song is dope

  • Ya Grandpa’s Backhand

    What happened to the original version to this that was on their lil video? That was better!

  • InsertNameHere

    Meta Historical was sickk last year, obviously not on the level of that Boogie Down Production's shit decades ago, but KRS's love for hip hop is amazing, great he still has stuff to say like 30 years after his debut, real legend. This project looking good!

  • david

    @sdsdsds yeah obviously he isn't gonna drop another album at return of the boom bap level but that doesn't mean he should stop, in comparison to his older stuff this is good but not great, in comparison to new hiphop releases this is dope


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