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Lloyd Banks’ Favorite Verse (Video)

blame it on Meka January 27, 2011

“It has it’s own special significance to me because it was the first record I was able to perform,” he recalls. “It wasn’t even from an album, it was on a mixtape – it also got me my first cheque outside of G Unit… If I can have a wish in Hip Hop it would be to trade raps with Biggie Smalls – that was the closest I got to that.” – SoulCulture

My favorite verse of his would have to be his lines on “That’s What’s Up” from 50’s Guess Who’s Back tape, because that was the first time I heard him.

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  • fiasco

    my fav banks verse is his verse on don’t push me… he bodied that song

  • dont push me…come on son, he tore both of them on that track

  • Starky

    this was the verse that stamped Banks as one of the best new comers.
    niggas just be hatin cus he down wit the unit.
    dude is lyrically up there wit the greats. i’ve never heard anybody do the beat justice like him, especially after legendary verses from biggie.

  • Jay-Z

    This verse was amazing. I remember how classic it was back in 02′

  • mel

    Royce Da 5-9 – Who got bodied

  • john doe

    this guy is straight up doody

  • tylerg

    don’t push me, or get clapped

  • JT

    how about the freestyle that he did over that wu tang ice cream. shit was ill.
    wanna hear him rap over that ghostface mighty healthy.

  • Ca$h

    “This shit can get uglier than the Master P sneaker” hahaha I laugh every time I hear that line.

    Btw Papoose went off on the victory beat too but I still like Bank$ freestyle better.

  • Rec

    john doe homo don’t front on Banks, son we’ll smack you

  • hustle21

    my fav would be verse 1 on the til the end record for his 1st album.

    Nobody dead knew they would die before they woke
    It probably started off a beautiful day with weed smoke
    Out of last night’s pussy the murder that she wrote
    Cold sweatin from a nightmare mind on a c-note
    You leave the door open of intensions of fulfillin your visions
    Constantly sidetracked thinking about who’s your man and who isn’t
    Maybe its necessary…maybe you’re overreacting
    Maybe your actual downfall is that hole that you clappin
    Maybe ya pullin conversations that are controllin ya actions
    Maybe your homie overheard and never told you what happened
    You look behind you when you turn the corna
    Cause death has promised ya you seen some niggas go before ya
    N’ threats are honest…n with that lingering in the back of ya head
    Ya know it’s possible that you wont make back in ya bed
    The confusion of jealously and dishonor’ll spin ya
    But there’s nothing that hurt worse then when that gun powders in ya

  • qp

    A couple favorites from Bank$ would be the one where he went over B.I.G.’s “Story To Tell”, What Goes Around, and I don’t remember the name of the song but he referred to his verses as rounds and there was this one line where he said “Too much for borough/You can all get a piece of Lloyd/ Beef will show up on your porch like pizza boys” and “I got 4 arms/ 2 for fighting, 1 for fucking/ and my other one will have you ducking”..

  • @ Lloyd Banks – Royce Nickle Nine absolutley dismantles the track. @ Mel – Cosign fasho.

    But still one of, if not one of the doppest bank$ verse. I think If You So Gangsta if maybe one of his sickest overall tracks.


  • banko

    how about his most syllabic lines? from “bottom”, the first verse he has some lines with 9-syllable rhymes or sumn, crazy, but too much verses to think about…GOAT