• 1004

    Lupe Fiasco's single on Feb 1st, Jam Boys on Feb 3rd, Fashawn's Higher Learning 2 on Feb 15th... February is a great month for hip-hop. 2011 in general will be packed with dope projects

  • Newman

    Mos def looking forward to this. For those who sleep, MMJB have another mixtape called The Antidote with them spittin over 80's tracks. Costelo >>>

  • ethos

    can't wait. I thought this was a record for a quick second and was about to preorder

  • Dawg


  • DG

    been waitin on this shit since last year. I hope they rapped over all those beats Bink played for them and at least have the one with the guy playing the pianio on this tape

  • red

    Well that blurb certainly got me pumped for this project.

  • Yeah I said it

    This will be fucking fire

  • j

    Good, Money Making Jam Boys is so much easier to google than P.O.R.N