Tassho Pearce - Bad Day (Despicable Me Remix)

Artwork (Character) By: Katch1

Sho-Peezy on some storytelling ish for week #11 of #AlohaFridays over Pharrell's title track for the Despicable Me soundtrack. This shit goes. Hi.Story coming sooner than you think.

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  • Varsityballin

    fuckin raw

  • NYC2MD

    This shit super grimy. Fuck yeaaaa!!

  • propz

    This is actually kinda ill.

  • The Dopeness


  • Allah

    Got it on repeat!!. First time hearing of this guy, gonna check out his other stuff.

  • Stay Thirsty

    Im pissed that I have been sleeping on this guy. I loved Good Problem and then quit listening to his songs. Can someone upload a file that has all these Aloha Friday songs on it and post it? That would be very appreciated by me!

  • ALOHAwaii

    808 stand up! Got all the Aloha Friday songs.

  • solger

    beat is tough but this nigga rapping is horrible

  • packo

    Thee spittable you! Nice touch, over that beat. Illuminati owns Chevron, cap it!

  • ObamaFlaka

    Niggaz is funny. They hate a song so much that they will make the effort to comment about how they feel. Go diddy-bop to some Chris Brown bitch nikka. Deuces.


    @Stay Thirsty the first 10 weeks of tracks posted right below the link. besides this new one and good problems I like shakaback and love vs. life.. for the love of hip hop is dope too..

  • GeeZuP

    Tassho is nuthin to be slept on dude is killin it...dope track!

  • waitisova

    i was waiting for a post with this beat. damn this kid is nice.

  • MidnightMD

    Sho went H.A.M. !!! Hahahaha

  • BreakingAtoms

    Where this dude from? Got barz.

  • Yeah I've been sleeping on this guy too, just checking him out here and there, but this song goes! I was waiting for someone to ride this beat!

  • frantikbeatz

    Man, you cant go wrong with a pharell beat. but dude is GARBAGE! what is this bullsh**t nowadays?

  • Iller


  • CHImazing

    McGruff Truck FTW. **Dead**

  • H808

    Perhaps the worse set of bars I've heard drop since MC Hammer tried to come back at Hov.

  • ASR10

    Creatively and lyrically he's shining hard on this track. I fuck wit this. This is one some whole nother level lames can't even comprehend

  • slo-motionopolis

    Uce in this bitch w my Patna sho cuzz, support real hip-hop and support Hawaii hip-hop!!!!

  • m. eezy


  • BigWill

    When I was younger ma threw me in a fuckin dumpster say thats for coming out lookin like Eddie Munster Lmao. Off topic I wonder how much Pharrel got paid for scoring this movie he just used this beat throughout the whole movie and just remixed it

  • Mase

    Cool track, comin wit different angles every week. Lovin these aloha friday drops!!

  • tassho got good days to look foward to with releasing heat like this! chee dogee! FTB!

  • Thisiswun

    Meean!!! Sho doing the damn thang once again,I'm def looking foward to HiStory!

  • ???

    Big ups to KNOWxONE for posting these. Never heard of Tassho until he posted Love vs. Life. Good shit man.

  • PRIE

    Tassho KILLED THIS! much respect. FTB ALL DAY (HAWAII HIP-HOP)

  • kahaluuboy

    808 stand up!! dopeness!

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