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Wiz Khalifa – Roll Up

blame it on Shake January 28, 2011

How many of y’all thought that this joint was gonna be about the obvious when you read/heard the title? Turns out, Wiz went in a different direction with the new Rolling Papers (March 29th) single. Now excuse me, I’m going back to replaying On My Level.

DOWNLOAD: Wiz Khalifa – Roll Up | Mediafire

  • nohateELEVATE

    1st for 300+ comments

  • L.A.

    Terrace Martin version was dope too…. Wiz is dropping some dope singles… album should definitely have some nice production behind it. Hopefully a few Johnny Juliano’s too…

  • thinker

    everyone below me sucks my balls

  • Paiva

    lol when i heard this was the name of the second single a couple months ago i was like wow another weed song and then this dropped early and it surprised me about rolling up to a “Friends” house…or should i say mistress

  • suckinTinkersballs

    this song is ass. ‘damn it feels good to be a sellout…’

  • ….i guess it gotta grow on me.

  • Duh

    he’s still talking about rolling up its 2 different meanings in one.. he’s saying rollin up to a chick crib & rollin up reefer cmon son its wiz

  • cpb

    on my level is better

  • SonictheHogans

    hope the leaks dnt cause an album push back…i can’t believe how many haters this dude has now…this time last yr half his haters had never even heard of this cat…as soon as they success for someone..the haters come out of hibernation..smh

  • Uch

    Umm…. is this Wiz Khalifa? The same guy who raps on that one song called Ink My Whole Boy?

  • yeahyeah

    He’s doing his thing. Glad he’s big since I’ve been listening to this fool since 2006. A bunch of fucking haters.

  • Dubzero


  • gozer

    he’s forcin it…id rather he just rap about weed and let the haters talk

  • GeeZuP

    @SonictheHogans nah nigga i think u got it all wrong its that a lot of his fans dat been rollin wit wiz for ah minute now just think he’s sellin out n puttin out wack shit for the masses to bump just to get sum fame instead of makin dat good paper plane music

  • trbo

    He’s doing his thing. Glad he’s big since I’ve been listening to this fool since 2006. A bunch of fucking haters.
    — amen to that

  • @thinker
    You would like other men to suck your balls. SMH.

  • trbo

    If you’ve listened to khalifa’s collection of mixtapes and albums from the start, (show and prove, prince of the city, etc.)then you’d realize that he experiments with different sounds and is always down to switch shit up. hes doing his thing and its working. stop hatin now that he finally blew up.

  • live

    why is everyone hating on wiz yall niggas is some sellouts if u was swingin from his sack now u wanna hop off u act like this nigga was super underground before
    this nigga made mainstream music but was on a minor label artist gotta do what the labels say this nigga tryna build a brand u cant do that wen u fucking wit minor shit
    every artist wants to eventually move up this nigga was super lyrical before he started talking about weed do i guess he “sold out” twice but give the nigga a break fuck

  • Antone

    yall really don’t like this?

    i’m fuckin’ with it…

  • marty mcfly

    You guys must be the Taylor Gang , where you been. When he puts out a weak song yall get quiet as fuck but I guess you like this shit so now you show up. JETS >>> Taylor gang

  • hitdaclub

    why y’all got like 4 Wiz posts a day….fuck this sell out nigga b. Kush & OJ still on replay during a smokin session, but still…the new Wiz weak.

  • chanktay

    lmao quit catchin feelins sack-riders. ima fan but honestly dis a bad song. and hes aside from maybe dat level song he put out a lotta bad shit lately. and yea i know we may never hear dat price of the city 2 wiz again but GAWD dis is awful…

  • Frylock

    all u niggas that are saying lay off Wiz and saying niggas are hating and shit quit sucking Wiz dick u lil bitches!!! everybody got a right to there opinion no matter what it is

  • sayitaint

    fuck both Jets amd Taylor Gang….we wavy out hea, Wave Gang nigga. Free Max Biggavelz

  • Aleein

    Lmao @ u wiz dickryders this song is trash & WTF are people bringing up that they been listing to wiz since 2006 for does it matter ??? Wiz fans are lame as fuck and sensitive as hell !

  • wack shit. Trynna-be-on-tha-radio-ass-nikka.

  • chanktay

    @marty mcfly quit sackridin fag. u not a jet. u a groupie for dem niggas. lmao

  • GeeZuP

    @marty mcfly I co-sign on dat my nigga

  • Maddchild

    “instead of worryin bout who that bitch fuckin, why dont u get u some money”

  • KingTUT

    Trash. . . where that new Sound Fx at?

  • CannonsMcFly!


  • Juice101

    He can’t keep making the same type of music to you underground lovin faggots all the time he’s trying to spread his fan base nothin wrong with that.I been fuckin with dude in his early days and I’m glad he made it.if anything y’all niggas the ones that sold out.

  • wow i was definetely expecting sumn else. dopesong though. Taylor gang

  • marty mcfly

    @ Chanktay , your right im not a JET or Taylor Gang , ill let you kids claim these rap niggas sets.


    he follwed kid cudi on twitter i use to hope that they would do a song 2gether but after hearing this he doesnt deserve to work with an artist as talented as cudi this is garbage besides cudi tweeted that since last year he’s been focused on just makin jams with friends. no collabs unless ur fam. keeps the sound contained so it can grow.. i wouldnt dare “roll up” playin this bullshit in front of a chick

  • chanktay

    notice how i didnt claim anything but u included me in ur ‘u kids’ statement. ur observations skills are astounding.

  • Kuf


  • chanktay

    ^^marty mcfly

  • SonictheHogans

    @GeeZuP. I feel ya on that my nigga..but i look at it as a whole outlook..Wiz has reached a level..that on the real I didn’t think he would get to so quickly…some artist are just i don’t want to say made..but better underground and they stay there..I think that’s what Spitta is doing..he loves the underground game and doesn’t want the mainstream love..but Wiz has it now..so he has too switch his style up a lil…like on my level..he coulda lyrically written that better..but the beat knocks(which wiz is known for) and I’d and everyone else prob would ride to that…I’ve been a Wiz fan for a min..still am..way back to Welcome to Pistolvania..but I realize his fan base is larger and diff now so he has to make music of everyone..i still personally don’t think he has sold out cuz Wiz been rapping about weed..and he still is..just ppl see it’s mainstream now and now he is selling out..Kush and OJ..got him all that love..but it wasn’t a sellout mixtape..ya feel me..I ready to hear the album..I just hope he remembers ppl like Juliano, Spitta, Krit, and Cardo on there and stays true to his underground fam…

  • Joey

    Damn not one positive comment..even the ppl who feelin it got something negative to say about “haters”

    This is just alright to me. But i hope his album is real good

  • Paiva

    niggas gonna keep hatin. can’t please everybody.

  • DP

    to the dude that said he wouldn’t play this in front of his bitch….you are a damn lie. your bitch would eat this shit up. wiz knows what he is doing. I don’t blame the man for getting his fan base world wide now. been a fan of wiz for a minute and I know he still making good shit so I can’t hate on the man. some of you guys online take this shit a little too seriously. it’s just music. if you don’t dig it, move along. as far as the song goes, its pretty cool to me.

  • swagbeaver

    nigga fuck you paiva. i hate u.

  • GeeZuP

    @SonictheHogans I feel u on dat my nigga I just wanted to clarify why so many people are “hating” on Wiz these days I myself am still on the fence about Wiz I gotta hear the entire album b4 I judge

  • marty mcfly

    Im not knockin a artist for making a commercial Drake-ish sounding song if thats what he wants to do but if your on a mainstream level , that dont mean you HAVE to change your style. The biggest artist in the game got there by not chasing popular sound. Just sayin

  • LonelyStoner


    chill out wiz is a fan of cudi i do think they would make perfect smokin buddies i doubt cudi would do a track now with this whole amber rose shit but then again what does that have to do with him???

    P.S. im feeling the track

  • mmkayy

    ppl sayin I Need a Doctor is pop-ish… wtf is this then?

    btw im not hatin im just sayin

  • chanktay

    @marty mcfly i take back any disrespect famo. u jus voiced my opinion in a way i could not. props

  • marty mcfly

    Plus you can tell when somebody is hating vs when somebody just dont like that particular song. Its damn near impossible to make a song that everybody is gonna like. Its people who think rookies are better then vets and think that LiL B should be on the same record with the genius of Lupe. Crazy

  • A.T.C.Q

    This dude is getting boring quick!

  • 20iLL11

    Sounds like a nelly track lol, guess its good to see dood doin something outta his box though.



  • DELL

    all he talk about i weed
    he sold out to the mainstream
    wtf is this shit he boring now

  • Jonnie H

    how does this song suck? just because the lyrical content aint what you want it to be doesn’t mean its garbage..its a good song, good music is good music..but yall more worried about whether or not some1 is selling out or not..smh

  • Lil Shake

    am i the only 1 who thinks wiz look like shawn jay from field mob?
    ya’ll mite not know who im talkin about but him & wiz look like twins especially in the pic shake posted……

  • NYC22

    “this song is ass. ‘damn it feels good to be a sellout…”


  • Ayo whattup this Deini the Wally Champ namsayin aka Stapleton’s Finest. Ayo I aint really got no problems wit the nigga Wizz Kalifrah nahmeans. Matter fact I aint really know who the nigga was til bout 5 minutes ago n shit namsayin. But yo jus so i aint step on this nigga toes or nothin like that…cos the god sincerely wish the little nigga the utmost success n alla that but yo Imma hafta keep it really 100 wit yalls. This Roll Up shit kinda soft namsayin. By that a nigga mean you could probably rock a cryin baby to sleep wit this shit nahmeans. This some shit for the nurseries n shit namsayin. Ayo a nigga listen to this shit at the wrong time n he liable to start hangin one them posters wit the little babies dressed like animals n vegetables n shit on they walls. A nigga might go cop one them calendars wit the kittens dressed up like they firemen n hang that shit in the hallway namsayin. Ayo this shit be like the shit yall hear in Calgon commercials n shit. Shit sounds like it was produced by muthafuckin Yanni or some shit. Nigga soundin like he gon get muthafuckin Enya n Barbra Streisand to jump on the remix n shit. This like some shit they play in the room when bitches be givin birth n shit. What niggas supposed to do with this shit light candles n soak in a tub by they fuckin selves n shit? Nahmeans. Bitches gon think they can slap a nigga around if they hear a nigga knockin this shit voluntarily n shit. Word bond. A nigga gon grow titties listenin to this kinds a shit. Ayo muthafuckin Lubriderm called n wanna know if they can bottle ya soft ass song nigga. Muthafuckin Hostess wanna know if they can use ya soft ass song to fill Twinkies n shit. Fuck outta here wit this shit nigga. Ayo word bond Staten island niggas dont play this shit son nahmeans. Word. Ayo we punch the sidewalk when we happy nigga. Thats a good day nigga! Ayo we eat broken glass when we in a good mood nigga! Thats real talk. Niggas be shootin at each other when we be sayin hi to each other to keep niggas sharp. We test each others reflexes n keep niggas on they toes n shit nahmeans! Thats love nigga. Thats real family values muthafucka! Yall soft serve niggas dont know nothin bout that. This some shit for niggas to braid they other niggas hair to. Word.
    Aight peace.

  • kuf


  • truth


    thats because wiz & his lil taylor gang are all soft u never heard him say he’s a gangster he’s a nerd…..

  • KanyeShrug

    And I thought he aired the fuck outta Drake haha. Big Ghost you seriously went in on this one.

  • wtf

    hold on how come everytime this nigga ghostface comment a nigga name kanyeshrug come & dickride are ya’ll the same person or what fuck is up???

  • FuckYouPeriod

    theres always truth to what ghostface sayin even when he crackin jokesn shit LMAO

  • George Clooney

    The beat sounded alright at the start, and then it was all downhill from there.

  • George Clooney

    Also, Big Ghostface>>>>>>>>

  • KanyeShrug

    hold on how come everytime this nigga ghostface comment a nigga name kanyeshrug come & dickride are ya’ll the same person or what fuck is up???

    wtf said this on January 28th, 2011 at 3:44 am
    A better question would be do you actually care? LOL get a life dude. Don’t make the god slap fire out yuh ass nahmean!

  • TPL$!


  • kush

    Big Ghostface>>> Lmao
    The synths sound like some olympics, 90’s movie theme music

  • don’t fotget about the Burgh!

  • Tim

    we love Pittsburgh and don’t want to see you forget about it

  • Yoooooooooooooooooo Big Ghost hit the nail on the head lmfao.

    Hit the name for The BIG GHOSTFACE Chronicles. I compiled all his posts onto one blog.

  • Son of S.A.M

    I’m actually glad to hear this from Wiz. Some of the effects on his vocals aren’t needed but I think it’s a dope track.

  • BillyClintBackwood


    1. i dont get y ppl ARE SUPRISED, wiz has been making music like this for a long time.

  • BillyClintBackwood

    oh and meka it wasnt like there was great subject diversity here…

  • T0KS

    This is WEAK as fuck.

  • y silv

    this is heavy pop that’s why he dropped “on my level” to satisfy the true fans while he puts out this cookie cream shit the next day

  • Hustle101

    Fucking wack, as usual from Jizzzzz Khalifa

  • 21

    on my level > than this….can’t knock the guy for recording songs like this and wanting to get that radio play & money

  • sensistar

    Taylor Gang or listen to rappers that aren’t fags.

  • Sencere

    I bet if Wiz was still underground and dropped this track, a bunch of y’all would be all on his nuts. Its funny though, an artist can stay underground forever and ppl claim to love em but never cop ANY of their material, but once they get some mainstream appeal and recognition, niggas act like the artist switched up. Wiz been experimenting with hooks like this, melodies and switching up his style since jump street and if u a true fan, you’d know this.

    Track is dope for a single. Can see this gettin some play and gettin him some new fans. Wiz definitely made it.

  • nasir

    i dont understand why people still like this clown

  • zookeeper

    weak/wack sauce

  • Bitch!.. Im Livin Lavish.

    iKnew this song was gonna be bout rollin up to the club/ female house, Now ima wiz fan but he is puttin trash as of late thats why niggas aint feelin his new shit as much. Idk how some of yall still takin up for him iMean that bad guy track is a fuckin fail nd this is also.

  • Sha

    its not that bad im sure the bitches will love it

  • mz.DrizzyCole

    overateddddddddd this nigga cant rap that well

    leave the singing on hooks to drake smh

    drake > wiz j cole > wiz

  • Music
  • Ace

    @sayitaint……Wave GANG? REALLY? #cmonson.

    Anyway, this song isn’t that bad. It’s alot better than the other few songs that Wiz has released. I want to hear more from this album.

  • va phil

    ya’ll do realize a lot of those leaked tracks are just leaked tracks. artists make songs that shouldn’t reach the public, but people leak the shit. wiz sound the same as he has since the star power tape. people really don’t like artists to move on. As long as he’s your personal underground fave, he’s great. Damn hip hop fans suck nowadayz.

  • zleard

    damn now that wiz has gotten big the haters have stepped out of their bedrooms and decided to talk smack. and i love how on every wiz post you’ll get the ‘im a wiz fan but this song sucks’ like dude if you were a wiz fan you’d like this shit… come on son

  • poopy

    mayb it is mainstream but it is a single and it is a good one. its called tryin to sell your album. its ridiculous how everybody loves these artists but once they make it big the same people hate on them…it happens with everyone wiz, b.o.b, next up j. cole smh

  • D

    man i like it. fuck it. it’s poppy but u know, sometimes u like that shit.

  • Random Nigga

    >>>>> that dont mean you HAVE to change your style. The biggest artist in the game got there by not chasing popular sound. Just sayin <<<<

    ……..looks at Lil Wayne, Tupac, Jay-Z, Kanye, OutKast…ummmmmm last time I checked all of the bigger artists in the last few decades have changed their style. Nothing wrong with being versatile. Niggas always think that a rapper have to only appeal to other niggas. This song is obviously a song for the females and also catchy enough for the white masses. This rap game is a game of chess and Wiz seems like a master at this right now.

  • damn homie in highschool u was the man homie…tha fuck happened to you?????

    yep straight disney channel swag right chea b

  • jb

    dam, he’s going downhill. This along with on my level sucked

  • preo

    nothing special at all. Wiz been on the downhill for a bit now, but nothing too bad yet. But i guess once this album comes out we’ll see

  • b2

    ya’ll niggaz stupid. song hella smooth.

    412 representin’

  • Brady

    Fuck Wiz & his garbage pop album.. the only thing im waiting for is kid cudi’s “a man named scott” mixtape thats gonna be the best shit drop in 2011. i put my life on it fuck a carter 4,kanye & jay,red album,rolling papers etc cudi got that dope shit fool…..

  • Guest

    This dude is soo frail now.

  • Deucez

    Riiight. THIS is sellout music. Because this definitely doesn’t sound anything like Say Yeah. But I bet a whole bunch of you dudes hollerin sellout wasn’t even checkin fo dude back then though, huh?

  • HOW IS THIS SELL OUT MUSIC???? THIS IS WAT HIS MIXTAPE SOUNDED LIKE!!! hes still lyrcially trash, and the beats are still spacey, i think the ppl claimin they liked him, but now dont only like him cos they thought he was a secrect..musically dude aint sold out 1 bit. this was always him.

  • lantic

    im not hatin that he blew up man this shit just is not that good.. and people saying it sounds like his other shit it doesnt really.. his other shit might be similar and some tracks might even be this poppy but its just something different man..

    its like..disney poppy, not regular poppy haha, i dont know man, not feelin it

  • IZM

    ^Wiz has always had a variety of sounds on his tapes- some mainstream-style hits, some vibe out, spaced out shit, some relateable shit, some hype tracks. But now its like he got rid of everything else and hes just going for that hip-pop sound. As a fan, u should have noticed this, and personally, Im very close to giving up on him.


  • red

    Damn I’m feeling this and most of his new tracks. Settle down children, if you don’t like it then it shouldn’t be a problem because your favorite rapper is dropping music too right?

  • AnT

    this is garbage..gonna be funny as fuck if deal or no deal turns out better than this.

  • red

    And what do people know about Disney poppy? Aside from Party in the USA I don’t know what the fuck that would mean.
    Are you guys listening to Kids Bop and Disney soundtracks on the down low?
    This, right here, is hip, pop with Wiz’ own style blended on top of it. So Wiz-pop if you will.

  • AnT

    ^^ and to “red” my favorite rapper dropped a mixtape on Jan 1st.. when did yours drop free quality music last? 2009.. suck a dick

  • the fakers jackers pussy eating cock sucking pranksters

    @ant havnt u decided that deal or no deal is better than rolling papers already

  • BTW-This Song Blows Too

    When they say “Disney poppy” Im thinking they meant something along these lines-

    “Demi Lovato- Our Time Is Here”
    “Wiz Khalifa- We’re Done”

  • BTW-This Song Blows

    When they say “Disney poppy” Im thinking they meant something along these lines-

    “Demi Lovato- Our Time Is Here”
    “Wiz Khalifa- We’re Done”

  • red

    Well lets see…I’ve got plenty of favorite rappers because I don’t like to box myself in.
    My favorite rappers dropped:
    The Talented Truth (Actual Proof)
    Rawth (Asher Roth)
    No Genre (Bobby Ray)
    Return to the Winners Circle (Curren$y)
    In Between the Lines 2 (Reks)
    Friday Night Lights (J. Cole)

    Then I’ve had plenty of leaks from:
    Blu, Wiz Khalifa, Theophilus London, Kendrick Lamar, The UN, Raekwon, Chuuwee, Kanye, Saigon, Pac Div, XV, and Jay Electronica.

    I’ve also had albums from:
    Kanye, CuDi, GFK, Kendrick, Schoolboy, Jamie Foxx, and Curren$y.

    My favorite artists are dropping plenty of quality, thanks for the concern.

  • red

    I think I’m about to double post but 2DBZ is fucking up..

    Well lets see…I’ve got plenty of favorite rappers because I don’t like to box myself in.
    My favorite rappers dropped:
    The Talented Truth (Actual Proof)
    Rawth (Asher Roth)
    No Genre (Bobby Ray)
    Return to the Winners Circle (Curren$y)
    In Between the Lines 2 (Reks)
    Friday Night Lights (J. Cole)

    Then I’ve had plenty of leaks from:
    Blu, Wiz Khalifa, Theophilus London, Kendrick Lamar, The UN, Raekwon, Chuuwee, Kanye, Saigon, Pac Div, XV, and Jay Electronica.

    I’ve also had albums from:
    Kanye, CuDi, GFK, Kendrick, Schoolboy, Jamie Foxx, and Curren$y.

    My favorite artists are dropping plenty of quality, thanks for the concern.

  • bigherb

    LOL…wow man…niggas can’t not like a song without being called a hater these days…also ppl saying he went mainstream obviously never listened to “say yeah” from wiz which was way more pop than this sack of shit of a song. You’d know wiz was always been doing songs like this if u was on ur shit

  • holla if ya swalla

    why commented on this just to say trash….if you hate it that much then skip over it and move on with your life lol…..can’t wait for rolling papers…wiz is constanly putting out steady way ABOVE QUALITY material….and when he really wants to he can go HAM…fuck the haters

  • rollingpapers

    He has not sold out one bit..flight school had easily 5-6 “poppy” tracks.burn after rolling had about the same. you so called fans complain too much. He has ALWAYS been making music that appeals to the mainstream. this shit is gonna do better than black and yellow

  • UGH

    This is AWFUL.

  • The Prophet Muhammed

    The song is wack. Its not about being a hater. This sounds like a recycled version of Nelly’s “Ride Wit Me”. We all know the audience he’s aiming for and I’m cool with that. All I hope is that we get a Johnny Juliano track or two on the album. Won’t be surprised if we don’t though. Rolling Papers is going to be downloaded.

  • IQ

    so innovative! another song about smoking weed.. he thinks outside the box with his music

  • B

    Okay, Wiz Khalifa raps about weed and his lifestyle. ACCEPT IT OKAY!!!…you want spaceships and Martians and shit then listen to Weezy.lol Anyway, I’m not really feeling the direction wiz is headed right now, but he’ll be back to form once How Fly 2 drops and has some Ski beatz to back him and Curren$y.

  • whatupsucka

    You bloggin nigggas didn’t like “Black & Yellow” when it got posted here, now it’s a platinum single. Obviously you guys are no judge of good music. This joint is a good radio single, easy.

  • jojoba

    This shits not that bad… people say Wiz fell off but he always was on the more commercial tip… people need to stop getting so emotional… its just a song… Chill out… people need some hobbies around here… take up cooking or something… people need more shit in their lives then arguing about what “>” what… Having a live and doing some shit>hating on internet board any day

  • @yourmamashouse

    this sound like sum shit chris bosh will listen to during pre game warm ups

  • marty mcfly

    @ Random Nigga , you think a rapper has to do a pop type record to get on and dont get me wrong , I like that stuff too cause I go to clubs like everybody else BUT I can name countless street records and alternative rap songs that have blown up. Just like I can name the songs for girls that did numbers. All the artists you name got rich by making underground music so I dont understand where your coming from.


  • will

    … I like it. :S

  • fuckyou

    man this shit sounds like huey newton with my nigga curren$y im starting to not like wiz anymore

  • SwishasNKush

    I’m a Wiz fan but this is junk. It’s better then “Black & Lame” though. The “On My Level” track was weak but even better than this!

  • AMP

    Fly Solo, Radio, Super High, The Breeze, Black & Yellow, Black & Yellow G-Mix, Know Your Name, In My Car, 97 Freestyle, Stunt’n, Bad Guy, Stoned, The Angel is Mine, Exit Row, Big Screen, Real Estate, Roll Up, Scaling the Building, That Good, Damn It Feels Good, Best Night of My Life, Silence, Huey Newton, Bottoms Up, Roll Up, Roll Up (with Terrace Martin), RetroSuperFuture, and more since Kush & OJ.
    Wiz is on his grizzy.

  • Curren$y Is Actually Better Now

    God what a pathetic list of songs. I mean that really puts it into perspective- Wiz has fallen off so fuckin hard.

    Burn After Rolling, Kush and OJ >>>>> everything else Wiz has done or will ever do

  • AMP

    I wouldn’t consider Black and Yellow, Super High, The Breeze, In My Car, Know Your Name, Stoned, Exit Row, Real Estate, Roll Up, Scaling the Building, That Good, Damn It Feels Good, Best Night of My Life, Huey Newton, Roll Up (Terrace Martin) to be falling off.

    I’m a big Curren$y fan, but how much noise did his last mixtape make? Does anyone even have any favorite songs off of that tape? And with the exception of Michael Knight, Airborn Aquarium, Hold On, and The Jar I’m over PT2 (the only CD I’ve bought this year).

    I know we don’t have to agree on anything but that’s just the way I’m seeing things.

  • Curren$y Is Actually Better Now

    I think youve mistaken my name. Im not a big Curren$y fan. Thats why it means something.

    The only songs u named that got more than 1 spin around me were Black and Yellow (not great, but catchy), Scaling the Building (actually a Ski Beatz track and Wiz’s verse was ass) and Huey Newton. Every single other song on that list was completely average. Seriously, just put it into perspective for yourself like I did the other day- listen to Burn After Rolling, Kush and OJ, then your list. If, at that point, u honestly dont think hes missed a step, then fine, well agree to disagree. But personally, it made me wonder why I even bother anymore.

  • AMP

    B.A.R. is my favorite Wiz mixtape by a long shot…it’s what got me into Wiz Khalifa.
    My favorite track off that mixtape (and the favorite track of every person that I know (personally)) is The Thrill.
    Is The Thrill any more lyrically advanced than any of his new songs?
    Is Take Yo Bitch anything lyrically advanced?
    For me, Wiz has always been about having fun and nothing else. These new “poppy” “techno-y” beats fit the bill and I like it.

    I’m sure Wiz is getting his feet wet trying a different take on his Star Power/Flight School/B.A.R. phase. I don’t mind if the leaks aren’t perfect because I haven’t heard the whole product nor has he perfected his new sound.

  • Curren$y Is Actually Better Now

    lol Im not talking about lyrics, otherwise I would never have liked Wiz in the first place. Actually, I think u kinda nailed it when u said Wiz’s music is all about having fun. And this new shit just isnt very much fun to listen to.

    (also, some people up north on the page pointed out hes only doing radio singles now- thats a very good point, his mixtapes used to be so diverse that there was something for everyone. Now all radio pop. Put it this way- the current Wiz is too afraid of taking risks to ever make a song like “Bust Down”)

  • Curren$y Is Actually Better Now

    Let me clarify that last statement- I was actually very happily surprised to see “On My Level”, although its not an amazing track, its good to see him switch it up a bit. And I prefer that style of Wiz over songs like this, Exit Row, Know Your Name, Bad Guy, Fly Solo, Stunt’n, Stoned, Angel Is Mine, etc, Etc, ETC…

  • AMP

    Yea maybe you’re right about him only releasing radio singles. In his defense, Black & Yellow wasn’t supposed to be a single or anything, it was just something that happened and it got so much attention Wiz or the record label probably thought “shit, use this formula and make a few more hits before the album release.”

    I agree that Wiz needs some more diversity because a lot of his newer releases certainly blend together. (Read Bad Guy, Stunt’n, Exit Row, Real Estate, Roll Up)
    Luckily I like the sound he’s headed for so I don’t mind the lack of much diversity.
    I know the album material is still far away so I won’t get hung up on leaks.

    By the way, have you ever heard the song Spaceship off Star Power? That’s the definition of a bad song haha, and yet Star Power is still an awesome mixtape.

  • KevP

    I’m a fan of wiz and have been for about 3 years now, even though I’m really not digging this track, I respect him for trying a different sound, that’s what he’s known for (besides smoking weed)He mixes up his style a bit to attract more fans. & we all know the females gone love shit like this, but ehh just waiting on the album. Every mixtape he’s dropped pretty much has a different sound to it, just the same topics (bitches, money, weed)

  • KevP

    & I’m pretty sure he has to please the record lable he’s with, they eat this type of pop sound up.

  • Curren$y Is Actually Better Now

    lol now why did u have to go and remind me about that shining example of tape-recorded anal rape?

    It looks like we can both agree that we still have hopes and expectations of Wiz; I think youre just being more forgiving than I tend to be (or Im being stricter than u tend- whatever). One way or another, Im certainly not gonna write him off till I hear the album front to back. I guess Im just kinda preparing myself to be disappointed.

  • will

    damn 299 ‘nopes’? whats wrong with you people haha

  • RoshaneRonan

    Don’t like it. Mainstream will. I guess that’s the whole point.

  • FreshSup702

    Been on Wiz since the first Prince of the City, i’ve been wary of the production and features on his studio debut album but I am liking the first two joints

  • JPM

    this is gonna be one of those joints that takes a couple months to grow on me

  • this is a GREAT song to get high too!
    fuck yall

  • Great post. Much obliged.