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Daz – D.A.Z (Destruction Adds Up To Zero)

blame it on Miss_Peas January 29, 2011

First single from Daz Dillinger’s upcoming album, D.A.Z, out in April. Props to X.

DOWNLOAD: Daz – D.A.Z (Destruction Adds Up To Zero) | Mediafire

  • George Clooney

    That’s pretty much the worst acronym ever.

  • hardy

    daz is a great rapper. #dpg

  • marty mcfly

    Daz is one of the best producers in hip hop. Check out his R.A.W album , its one of the best westcoast albums ever.

  • tyrone

    ugghhhhh Lets GO WEST COASSSSTTTTTTTT!!!!!!

  • haha daz needs to talk to Cassidy about acronyms for his albums.. he’s got the terrible artwork down.

  • Whocares32

    “Destruction Adds Up To Zero” :|…smh.

  • Hell yeah R.A.W. is a sick album. I don’t know about his newer stuff though, I’m not really feeling it.

  • carter!

    Shouldnt it be DAUTZ?

  • ThaWyzeGuy

    Daz and Tony Yayo & Sheek Louch need to do a song together

  • D

    its not even mixed properly

  • Yeah I said it

    Dude is an awful rapper, let’s be honest. If he wasn’t affiliated with Snoop, Dre and Kurupt back in the day, I’m not sure people would know who he was.

  • george w. bush

    first good thing i heard on this blog for a while, besides bishop lamonts shit

  • who cares

    track is ok, not the best
    But like most have said the acronym is terrible haha

  • Peekay

    dope beat

  • marty mcfly

    @ Yeah I said , I like his rappin if you dont its cool. His flow is so west coast if you aint used to that style you mite not feel it. Alot people dont know but , people like DAZ and Warren G are the creators of the west coast sound. The Chronic , Doggystyle and All eyes on me were heavy influenced by Daz. Listen to the first Dogg pound album. The west was super gangsta before Daz started sampling oldies and harmonizing his flow in hooks alot like Wiz Khalifa does today. The Dogg pound is to Snoop what Gunit is to 50 cent but the Dogg pound was puttin out dope music for 10 years before they started fallin off. Daz is a producer and if you know his song credits then you know he been droppin hits since the early 90s and as far as the flow , when Dogg pound first showed up they were considered as lyrical rappers. They toured with Biggie , Wu tang and most of NYs finest mcs and their show was always the most gangsta and lyrically complex.