• rap bandit

    peace to bam, he's from the hood... too bad you nerds are just nerds... grinded hard also and you nerds are nerds... get some pussy

  • Gordon B.

    That body of work not a bunch of singles ideology is something I really appreciate and it's true that not that many do it these days, there are a few who do though and they stand out even more.

    I'm working on my own music and I've come to realize the importance myself, the sequencing and coherence to an album is very important to me, you should be able to listen to an album back to back without thinking "This doesn't fit in." at any point.

  • Fat Boy


  • marty mcfly

    Prodigy from mobb deeps style on the Hell on Earth album is one of the illest flows ever. Glad Bambu talked about that.

  • danny_

    If you thumbs down Bambu you thumbs down revolution. Soul Assassins all day fuck what you heard!

  • http://www.dynamicproducer.com dynamicwayne

    Nice Interview

  • brotherQualit

    Nice Interview...........It's quite a shame that this post only got 6 responses till now........while others worthless posts get 100+........But I guess people like stupid shit these days

    Bambu keep doing your thing, I'll keep coping anyway.............One love from Holland