Consequence - Its The Cons Fool (prod. Lee Bannon)

Movies on Demand 2 out next week.

DOWNLOAD: Consequence - Its The Cons Fool (prod. Lee Bannon) | Mediafire

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  • Fausta

    Flow fo daysssssss. Cons to the Quence

  • marty mcfly

    Movies on Demand 2 is gonna be DOPE watch.

  • institutional

    shots fired @ kid sister, bow wow ?

  • brrr

    its about time

  • A!R!E!

    FINALLY ADATE!!lol beenwaitin 4 this 2 drop.

  • Ay, D!

    Cons a fool for this one...Don't really fuck with him heavy, but I dig this joint.

  • chillbill

    Nice, fuck w/ me. For Xxl freshmen10 2011 predictions hit the name!!

  • akidnamedb

    So many tracks are slated to be on this album?

  • akidnamedb

    how many*

  • crackadon

    Cons is so sick

  • yugang

    Damn, how many songs did lee bannon produce on con's tape man?!? Cannot wait for this tape and finally maybe just maybe the constv album will come out.

  • Mecha Shark

    It's true; Pacquiao won't fight Mayweather.

  • Maya

    i've downloaded a fair amount of Cons, and though he's pretty lyrical i don't think he rides the beat well

  • woeh


    hope kanye hears this...............................