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Danny Brown – D!*K Suck

blame it on Meka January 31, 2011

If you have this tattoo… cancel Christmas.

On February 8th the Detroit spitkicker is dropping The Hybrid Deluxe, the re-release of his The Hybrid that will include three new songs.

DOWNLOAD: Danny Brown – D!*K Suck | Mediafire

  • Burrrrrr

    Where the fuck is that on the human body??? doesnt look like any pussy I’ve ever seen lmao

  • Stephanie

    What the, i don’t even

  • Flavs

    Detroit stand up!

  • dev

    this beat is crazy

  • … speechless. Hit the name for xxl freshmen10 tryouts


  • he sound different on this… like his voice deeper or somethin

    n word, wtf is that shizz in the pic???

  • yurp

    nigga said cancel christmas lmaooooo… forreal thou that pic aint a good look at all ahahahahahaha

  • danny_

    That pic you see up there, is Meka’s 1st tattoo.

  • Teddy

    What Body Part is that? Looks weird. Its up too close, I cant tell where it is.

  • Teddy

    Nevermind I see. Its on his Chest. Thats kinda gay.

  • ShakeAMetro

    There is some real gay shit goin on right now. That tat is on his chest pointing to his mouth. You can see his chin in the picture. This dude is a faggot. Shake, how can you even co-sign this type shit?

  • Yikes

    Its a dick squirting at his chin? Damn, now that’s the new thug life in 2011?

  • CockHeaded

    I bet this guy loves wearing his V-necks.

  • supreme

    i guess one dick on his body wasnt enough. homo rapper came out the closet.

  • wherethehiphopat?

    so i guess this kind of shit is tolerated by the good folks of 2dope but let it be somee real music like the new lupe fiasco and it doesnt get a pass

  • I got the Lupe man

  • G

    lol. this picture is old as hell. its on a girls chest by the way.

  • beat butcha

    that picture is a girl’s chest dummies look it up on google

  • God I’m so sick of everyone talking about Lupe. Fuck Lupe, this isn’t even a Lupe track. If you want to talk about Lupe go and hang from his nuts on twitter. I’m from Chicago and I could give two shits about that guy.

    Now on to this track. The beat is sick. Danny Brown’s the shit right now, but his lyrics weren’t that great with this one. Still looking forward to the deluxe version of The Hybrid.

  • ahwh

    u [email protected] try to be anti-gay now…thats obviously a girls chest…good song…yall suspect…

  • moolaguap

    ^ “obviously a girls chest”
    lol nigga you just went full retard. if i didn’t google that shit and see the flappy ass titties under the tattoo, i would have said it was a man with that man chin and no tits in the pic.

  • MattKemp