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Halo – Heat Writer II (Album)

blame it on Meka January 31, 2011

The IWWMG/Jamla emcee drops his latest offering, featuring production from Khrysis, 9th Wonder and more. This project already gets a win off the cover.Tracklist and link down bottom.

01. Topic of Conversation [prod. Khrysis]
02. Mr. Ben Ready (ft. Big Remo) [prod. Khrysis]
03. Jammin’ on the One [prod. Khrysis]
04. Boom Bap for the Radio [prod. 9th Wonder]
05. White Girl [prod. Ka$h]
06. 87 Lakers Magic [prod. Ka$h]
07.The Real (ft. Sean Boog) [prod. Amp]
08. Misunderstand (ft. Khrysis) [prod. Ka$h]
09. Oh Really [prod. Ka$h]
10. Cold Chillin’ [prod. Khrysis]
11. Follow Me (ft. GQ) [prod. Khrysis]
12. 2Ways (Not a Damn Thing) [prod. Amp]
13. The Jungle (ft. Rapsody) [prod. Ka$h]
14. Hearing Aid (ft. Thee Tom Hardy [prod. Ka$h]
15. Nevermind [prod. Khrysis]
16. So Vibrant (ft. Sundown & E. Jones) [prod. 9th Wonder]
17. Shinin’ (You Are Here) [prod. 9th Wonder]
18. Plan B (ft. TP & Skyzoo) [prod. 9th Wonder]

DOWNLOAD: Halo – Heat Writer II (Album) [via DJ Booth]

  • lou

    Why DJ Booth?

  • Varsityballin

    ahh shit wats that game on the cover? i used to play that shit on sega genesis all the time back in the day

  • marty mcfly

    I already know the beats on this are gonna be crazy…

  • Varsityballin

    Sstreet fighter 2

  • helloworld

    it’s a play on Street Fighter (which rhymes with Heat Writer)


    so are we posting the new lupe when it drops??? #WordsiNeverSaid!!! #LASERS

  • leweege

    looks like streets of rage or final fight 2 me…

  • red

    No we’re not posting new Lupe.
    #1 The ban has not been lifted
    #2 Rather than ruining the entire surprise of listening to an album for the first time, some people would like to hear what’s going to be album of the year without ruining it with unfinished and un-sequenced leaks.
    Patience goes a long way.

  • yugang

    Damn im sleeping, didnt even know this was coming out today

  • yugang

    (off topic) BTW when are ya gonna post the fortilive album on here?


    official single from Lasers Drops @ Midnight EST on LupeFiasco.com!

  • AnDuSaYcHiCiTy

    Opening scene to Street Fighter 2 and one person pointed out already that it rhymes with Heat Writer 2.

  • doodoobrown

    @red Go home and be a family man.

  • red


    I don’t get your meme.

  • marty mcfly

    Boom Bap for the Radio is another reason why I think 9th wonders beats are legend.

  • LAME

    Kash needs to stop biting 9th Wonder. All this cat does is loop a soul sample (that’s been used 10x already) add pitter-patter drums, and then do it again. He’s the opposite of 9th Wonder on steroids…

    AMP needs to stop biting Preem. AMP actually pulls it off. There have been exactly zero original beats by AMP on 2dopeboyz. Every single one sounds like Premier. The sad thing is theyre mostly better than what Preem is doing in 2011… minus 25th Hour. That was crack. So I guess in a strange way AMP is actually better than Preem. Maybe he body-snatching him?

    I know biting has become accepted, but it’s still biting.

    HALO is a dope spitter. Good tape. I’ll bumping it minus the Kash joints.

  • marty mcfly

    Naw Amp aint better then premo 2011 he did the 5%er beat for Krs one ( which was classic ) , Project boy for Joell ortiz , Gone for Fat joe and a bunch of other dope beats.

  • LAME

    @Marty Mcfly your right, Preem is definitely the GOAT and a better producer. Listen to moves over here and competitors by actual proof and try to not feel embarrassed.

  • LAME

    @Marty Mcfly your right, Preem is definitely the GOAT and a better producer. Listen to moves over here and competitors by actual proof and try to not feel embarrassed for AMP.

  • Brocho Cinco

    Word I Never Said by Lupe > Every Hip Hop Song posted on 2dopeboyz in the last year without a doubt

  • marty mcfly

    That song Let You Know by Act Proof ft Big Remo , DOPE. Halo is ok

  • workz

    new lupe is fire post that shit

  • truth

    Words I Never Said > whatever the reason is for the Lupe ban.


  • its the intro to street fighter the pic was taken from

  • killamic

    too much lupe fiasco dick riding here

  • red

    @ LAME

    I never really considered it biting. You’re certainly right that they share a similar style, but in 2011 that kind of production is a welcome change.
    At least like Eminem said in Syllables it’s not a finger snap and the same 808 clap.

  • be concerned with what you have on this post, download this tape an enjoy hip hop music, stop crying about a Lupe song that you can go to any other blog and download yourself.

  • juls

    I think the tape is dope….i dont know why some of y’all are bitchin about the style of beats and comparing em to the likes of 9th and Primo. These greats have influenced these new cats to make music…..stop the hating.If you think you can do something better get a laptop or an mpc and get the beat bappin and stop the yappin….God damn….Beautiful Music….. IWWMG

  • C’mon Son!!

    Halo is great but I’m disappointed in tha Soul Council. Not one “Screw Face Up” Beat. Kash where the Eye of the Storm beats? Khrysis where is every beat you Ever did wit Sean Price? Where is Fatin period? That said Halo still brings tha Heat

  • Cloud 9

    9th Will always be my favorite over any producer. but HaLo get them rhymes. only people who appreciate hiphop will be down with this dawg. realtalk

  • LyricEater

    Does he have any other mixtapes out? I mean considering this is part 2, I’m wondering where part 1 is, can’t find it…

  • White Mike

    @ C’mon Son!! I think you are forgetting that Halo is choosing beats. They took off No Sir, which was an aggressive Khrysis beat, but it’s here on 2dopeboyz.

    I also was wishing for some harder joints. A lot of the beats felt like they were about to really drop and kick in, but never really did. That may just be Halo’s preference? Mr. Ben Ready, Jammin On the One, White Girl, 87 Lakers Magic, Cold Chillin’, and Follow Me all have that smooth vibe with very little in the way of hard drum “screw face” drums in your words… Khrysis is definitely making that type of music currently. Listen to what he did on Light Beers Ahead of You, Talented Tenth, and the upcoming Away Team album. I think it speaks to his versatility that he can do so many styles.

    Halo obviously raps on a lot of smoothed out soul grooves. I guess it’s not for everyone.

  • White Mike

    @LyricEater much in the same way there’s really no Street Fighter 1, there’s no Heat Writer 1. Street Fighter II is the original classic. Same vein as Heat Writer II. This is the first.

  • Hermes Trismegistus

    ^^^^^^^^ there was a street fighter 1… You only had the option of playing Ryu.

  • tej

    varsity.. what game does heat writer rhyme with? haha.

  • That cover is the hype shit…

  • Never listened to tHalo before, but I’ll d/l just cuz the cover is (2)dope.

  • Ken

    @juls: TRUTH. Like Phonte said, “Why can’t they let the music be what it is.”

  • Joe Hanes

    @Varsityballin: I think the game shown on the cover is Streets of Rage!

  • LyricEater

    @White Mike props, I was hoping he had more. haha

  • suck this

    smh.not close to being dope,beats sucks too.

  • marty mcfly

    Even though Boom Bap for the Radio is dope as hell. Jamla got to much talent to be making so many soft beats. Please no more R&B type beats by the soul council. Make some hard shit fuck all that pretty shit and fuck all that over confident bravado swag type rap take that shit back to the streets with the flows and beats. Little Brother and Act proof and Rapsody >>>>>Halo. Not hatin just sayin

  • Dorian

    is their a heat writer one cuz I can’t find one?