Jessie J - Price Tag f. B.o.B (Video)

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  • rap bandit

    weak ass radio bullshit

  • solger

    fuck is this bullshit. delete this shit

  • Timothy

    ^^^^ LMFAO UPSET!

  • J.

    This would be fine if it was just B.o.B

  • lm

    shes definately doing it like a dude in them outfits....

  • DontHate

    DONT get the hate...this is IF it was bruno mars singing u wud all b eating it up...

    that said it is corny lol but hey nice message...and at least she aint talkin about actin like a man again ha.

  • I

    Not bad for a pop song. This>>>>>>>>Nicki Minaj

  • jones

    While ya hate on this, they make millions on this, so fakk you haters

  • Realtalk

    ^^^its about wether the song is good or not , not if it makes money, if thats ur criteria, go listen to taylor swift etc.

  • NoradJones

    jones @ i think u were loooking for

  • 32424

    "Trend Setter"

  • Enzo

    Just imagine how great this song woul've been without that Jessie J girl, B.o.b. would have killed that beat!

  • red

    Do yourself a favor and let the video load, then skip to 2:18.
    Everything but Bobby Ray's verse is wild homo.

  • dynamicwayne


  • Slaughterhouse

    I'm not going to hate on the song for the sake of hating it like most people do. It's a dope song. I'm actually liking all these English artists that have been coming out lately.

  • yae

    song isn't dope at all. i'd fuck her brains out though

  • mmkayy

    this girl is talented fck yall lol

  • BigJ88

    seriously this girl is a fuckin talent...shes got attitude...shes got lyrics, shes fresh and she can rock a fuckin acoustic...not many artist can say that!!! powerful voice and gueess what? she english....n every1 knows the sickest music comes from england atm! standard!!! B.o.B doin it though...hes fresh!

  • Oats

    From the UK I'm seeing everything the media is doing out here to make her the top female singer, yeah she has an amazing singing voice, but 'Do it Like a Dude' was a really bad debut single for her really ... but the UK dickriders (*cough*MTV*cough*) really overhyped.

    This should of been her debut single.

  • B_Lett

    Lol, the best music in this area of music is definitely still coming from the U.S. However, Dubstep is freaking insane, and for that UK, I thank you. Because honestly, hip hop is pretty bad so far in 2011, save for Lupe's new single. Dubstep is the future.

  • jay wonder

    i'd respect this song a lot more if they weren't getting paid for it.