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Jessie J – Price Tag f. B.o.B (Video)

blame it on Miss_Peas January 31, 2011
  • rap bandit

    weak ass radio bullshit

  • solger

    fuck is this bullshit. delete this shit

  • ^^^^ LMFAO UPSET!

  • J.

    This would be fine if it was just B.o.B

  • lm

    shes definately doing it like a dude in them outfits….

  • DONT get the hate…this is IF it was bruno mars singing u wud all b eating it up…

    that said it is corny lol but hey nice message…and at least she aint talkin about actin like a man again ha.

  • I

    Not bad for a pop song. This>>>>>>>>Nicki Minaj

  • While ya hate on this, they make millions on this, so fakk you haters

  • ^^^its about wether the song is good or not , not if it makes money, if thats ur criteria, go listen to taylor swift etc.

  • NoradJones

    jones @ i think u were loooking for 2dopewilllikeanythingthatmakesmoneyboyz.com

  • 32424

    “Trend Setter”

  • Enzo

    Just imagine how great this song woul’ve been without that Jessie J girl, B.o.b. would have killed that beat!

  • red

    Do yourself a favor and let the video load, then skip to 2:18.
    Everything but Bobby Ray’s verse is wild homo.

  • Classic

  • Slaughterhouse

    I’m not going to hate on the song for the sake of hating it like most people do. It’s a dope song. I’m actually liking all these English artists that have been coming out lately.

  • yae

    song isn’t dope at all. i’d fuck her brains out though

  • mmkayy

    this girl is talented fck yall lol

  • BigJ88

    seriously this girl is a fuckin talent…shes got attitude…shes got lyrics, shes fresh and she can rock a fuckin acoustic…not many artist can say that!!! powerful voice and gueess what? she english….n every1 knows the sickest music comes from england atm! standard!!! B.o.B doin it though…hes fresh!

  • From the UK I’m seeing everything the media is doing out here to make her the top female singer, yeah she has an amazing singing voice, but ‘Do it Like a Dude’ was a really bad debut single for her really … but the UK dickriders (*cough*MTV*cough*) really overhyped.

    This should of been her debut single.

  • Lol, the best music in this area of music is definitely still coming from the U.S. However, Dubstep is freaking insane, and for that UK, I thank you. Because honestly, hip hop is pretty bad so far in 2011, save for Lupe’s new single. Dubstep is the future.

  • i’d respect this song a lot more if they weren’t getting paid for it.