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Kid Cudi Previews New Songs Off Wizard (Video)

blame it on Miss_Peas January 31, 2011

Kid Cudi debuted two new songs off of his upcoming album Wizard via Ustream. The first one is ‘Perfect Is The Word’ which he is preparing to drop in the next month or so and the second one is ‘Rocket’. Props to DNC.

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  • first nigga




  • hell yea. one of the coolest ustreams ive ever been apart of

  • Those songs sounds like they are gonna be sick!

  • Danny

    KiD CuDi IZ GOD!!!!! The only nigga i know who can fuck basedgod’s bitch

  • LonelyStoner

    That “rocket” track is a monster i can already hear that as the anthem to the nba finals & espn highlights cudder is the motherfuckin man.. “He brought you change nigga what the fuck you thankin nigga” (Baracka Flacka Voice)

  • Satan, Satan, Satan

    wizard is gonna b a lot sicker than what ppl are expecting.

  • Yii! Cudder. Xxl freshmen10 tryouts! Hit the name!

  • Coma

    Lets Get that WINS up, #lupeforpresident

  • BigHomie

    some got ‘Words i never said’ on mp3?

  • I cannot believe that I missed cudi on ustream live!

  • leprechaunmafia3

    I bet Mek and KNOWxONE Peas all of em are bumpin’ that Lupe right now haha I wonder if Shake has taken it as far as not even listening to his music?

  • whoever the fuck brings basedgod in here is a fag. I heard that fool and i dont understand who the fuck would like that shitty music. gets me angry just thinkin bout itt ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh. Cool, NEW KID CUDI

  • @leprechaunmafia3 cosign

  • Jigga

    I was playing GTA 4 with him during that ustream…Cudi is a funny dude


    NOW cudi thinks he’s an artist like this.LOL ,dude don’t be mediocre. i don’t care bout black people,and what

  • tylerg

    hahaha Cudi fucking blows, fake ass “rapper”

  • vlado

    cudi’s ill