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Raekwon – Sweep Week Freestyle

blame it on Miss_Peas January 31, 2011

Two and a half minutes of BARS. Shaolin vs. Wu-Tang, out March 8th!

DOWNLOAD: Raekwon – Sweep Week Freestyle | Mediafire
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  • ricardo

    bow down to the chef bitches

  • Is that picture of Raekwon? Doesn’t look like him.

  • Ayo this ya nigga Big Ghost aka the strongest nigga alive n shit. Ayo my brotha Rae came wit bars on this shit n the god proud of that nigga. Ayo the god love that nigga like a son namsayin. Word bond yalls already know niggas legacies n shit nahmean. Word. Niggas hand 17 carat pinky rings when muthafuckas was still rockin rubber bands on they wrists. We was rockin rollies when muthafuckas was goin halfs wit they niggas on movados n shit. Niggas was rollin in 600 Benzes when muthafuckas was still puttin Toyota Tercels on layaway n shit. Niggas was flyin in Lears when muthafuckas was tryin to get they airmiles up just to go on they tours n shit. Word. The nigga Rae spit the kinds a darts that make niggas wanna eat live grenades n shit. Niggas wanna punch a mountain when they hear shit like this. Ayo the god be pullin clouds out the sky to quench his thirst when he hear shit like this. Shit be dehydratin niggas. Niggas is pourin lotion on they hands n slappin they kids when they hear shit like this. Niggas be feelin like they can eat a bowl of rocks when they hear shit like this. A nigga gon ride a shark around the swimmin pool to this shit right here nahmeans! Word bond. A nigga bout to throw a tv off the balcony namsayin. This aint for Aveeno niggas. This shit for real official niggas only. Soft ass niggas aint got no business listening to this types of shit right here nahmeans. Nah these soft niggas should be doin Prell commercials n shit. Niggas need to go knit a sweater if they aint feelin this shit. Niggas that aint feelin this shit need to worry bout walkin they poodle or somethin n leave the real hip hop to niggas that can personify that shit on a legitimate level namsayin. Yalls light in the ass niggas go get your nails did n leave this shit to niggas that eat batteries to satisfy they hunger namsayin. Nigga we eat batteries when we need a snack namsayin. Yalls dont know nothin bout that.
    Aight peace.

    Ayo click a nigga name n check the god blogs nahmean!

  • Wow, whoever put a thumbs down on doesn’t like Hip-Hop. What are you doing on this page???

  • Cage

    This shit rides…. If Ms Peas keep bringin shit like this to the table I may have to beat…


    Word to god son this shit is what the games been missing.

  • Glad to see my boy Raekwon continuing to do his thang

  • rey

    that street poesty,classic new york steezo rae..staten island!

  • cynical

    lol who dat nigga?

  • yellowflesh

    hellz yeah…

    reppin skins??? yeaahhhh!~

  • MediaPimp

    That looks a lot like Kokayi. Not so much like Rae.