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Slaughterhouse – Sun Doobie

blame it on Miss_Peas January 31, 2011

The EP drops February 8th.

DOWNLOAD: Slaughterhouse – Sun Doobie | Mediafire
PREVIOUS: Slaughterhouse – Slaughterhouse EP (Artwork x Tracklist)

  • D’troit

    almost don’t want to download…wanna wait for the ep….

  • This shit is crazy!

  • anon

    this is a dope track, but i still don’t really get the point of this EP. Let’s get some new Shady shit.

  • thisguy

    ^ word. what is the point if slaughterhouse fans already have 98% of the music on this ep? i’m glad they are still putting stuff out but we need more new shit.

  • BobbyWhite

    wow, i usually suprisingly dont like slaughterhouse, but shit, this is crazyy

  • Click my name for the EP Bhaha!

  • The EP leaked

  • thats_Shin

    Shit is dope, but the EP is pointless. 2 new tracks, 2 that were leaked and 2 remixes? leak them 2 new joints and keep it movin. Not like u doin more than 5k on the EP when u did 12k on LP. *confused*

  • Rubief


  • marty mcfly

    Gotta say I didnt know about these guys after they 1st album was so boring BUT this shit right here nigga , FIRE!!!!! Crooked I rhyme scheme is so vicious its ridiculous.

  • D’troit

    @thats_Shin…what two new tracks? “Sun Doobie” is already been made available, there leaves “Everybody Down” as the only new track (to my knowledge)…this EP was a waist of time….

  • D’troit

    also….that “Everybody Down” track bangs….


    No the EP serves a point you fucktards. Its their last album on their contract with E1 so they just bs a bs project to that shitty label. Its the EP to their debut on Shady. JETS FOOL!

  • thats_Shin

    @ JETSFOOL it took them over a year to get the Shady deal done and a big piece of it was E1 cock blockin, so OBVIOUSLY the EP was a throw away to meet there contractual obligation; shit is a given … BUT they banged out the first album in 2 weeks… they couldn’t have thrown 5 or 6 original joints on the EP to make it actually worth DLn for fans? None of them is short of ink in their pens.

  • tyrone

    ughhhhhhhhhh track is nasty! Mr. Porter always provides bangerzzzzzz. Verses are dope as well!!!

  • buckets

    @thats_Shin shut your spoiled ass up

  • allidaP

    BUY IT TO SUPPORT REAL HIP HOP even if already have most of the songs. THIS IS REAL MUSIC WORTH MONEY. BUY 2 FOR HIP HOP

  • feining liquor often



  • @allidaP shut the fuck up faggot





  • Shy


  • RuanHoll


  • 231242

    damn sounds like a dr dre beat

  • T-Dot


  • Ryanf

    how did i know crooked i will tear it apart

  • RuanHoll

    lol thx for the heads up got the new song from slaughter house and lupe love this

    here u go
    Lupe Fiasco – Words i never said
    Beat is amazinh
    feel bad that shake gotta turn to a girl when it comes to lupe
    music over ego =2011

  • Lup57eFaco2213u

    dizamn !!

  • james

    Volkoff shut the fuck up faggot. your the kind that is killing hip hop
    allidaP is right .

  • MF173

    I don’t know what you dudes are talking about… This is a straight banger. Mr. Porter killed that track & Slaughterhouse, well, slaughtered it… SLAUGHTERHOUSE!!!!!

  • Dave Chappelle

    GO check the new LUPE

    Give your comment on the Cee Lo Bodies post…that is the official unofficial Lupe Words I Never Said post..

    #Conscious rap. 2011

    If Shake was arguably one of the better rappers of our generation to come out and his first album got bootlegged by over a million people stopping him from a much deserved platinum record…he probably wouldnt be too fond of leaking and blogging music. Does that give him permission to be an asshole to one of the better bloggers? No. If Shake was really going to “boycott” him he wouldnt post anything Lupe related, but clearly he has already done that. Ignant

  • Ryan

    ^lol the unooffical post lol

  • umm

    Oh how awesome?! 4 rappers who couldn’t write a catchy hook/chorus to save their lives.

  • kriMzin

    The EP release was like a “FUCK OFF” to E1…so, next shit iz Shady Records shit…why the fuck iz yall stressing??? hahahaha


  • 32424

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    Soemthing i love to listen to when doing homework or tryin to sleep , more on pirate bay org or his site

  • mmkayy


  • 32424

    The album leaked already thats where shake got it from
    Slaughterhouse – The Slaughterhouse Ep [Explicit][Retail][2011][Grouprip]

  • LOL

    Slaughterhouse – The Slaughterhouse EP (2011) RETAIL

  • its actually


    google away

  • nHoll

    Digital Crack vol 26

  • curiousgeorge

    so can anyone tell me what the deal is with this shake/lupe beef?
    how’d it start?

  • mmkayy

    ^^ that shit is old bruh

  • I KNW ONE THING!!! That NEW Lupe single, “Words I Never Said”, better make this site!!! THAT record is TOO strong to not get it’s recognition on this site, seriously!!! I mean, if they stand for substance meaning this site then by all means let bullshit be bullshit and post this year’s most promising single, “Words I Never Said”, by Lupe Fiasco off, “Lasers”

    Need a link I have it here:
    “Words I Never Said” (f. Skylar Grey) – Lupe Fiasco

  • D

    @Ill Son: Lupe is a dickhead, Meka and Shake will not post him because he always cries about it…

    I mean, come on, why don’t Lupe post mp3 of his singles? Fans are gonna support the single on iTunes regardless…

    BTW, Slaughterhouse joint is fire!

  • Slaughterhouse machine!

  • mmkayy

    words i never said sounds like i need a doctor *smh*

  • Gordon B.

    This shit goes hard, 2011 – the year of the Slaughter?

  • johnny_slaughter

    The EP is just a “goodbye” to E1 project. It will be all new stuff on Shady for now on…

  • DG

    the two new tracks are hot i hope the keeping picking good beats. So far so good

  • j


  • drizzle

    all these ppl rated it as good but im the first to comment??? C’mon sons!!

  • 12thLetter


  • carlos the laker

    this is what i wanted DETOX to sound like….SMH