• recroom


  • chipz


  • K Cruz

    FUCK YES!!!

  • tommy F

    to repeat what recroom just said...YES!

  • Ebonics

    creepin on the come up. Hope we see some improvement, because i liked his first, but its always nice to hear an artist grow.

  • http://vimeo.com/user677428/videos Chi2LA23

    Why haven't you guys put up the link for the Fortilive "I Vs. I" tape? it's really sick.

  • n3rd

    ^cool story bro, tell another *sits indian style8^

  • http://www.unkleluc.com unkleluc


  • n3rd

    wow "The Return" .. "Walking With God" .. thats how you start and end a project. solid!

  • Sandor

    Excited to finally hear this project

  • http://twitter.com/Just_B_Early Early


  • Frontman

    FIRE!! Long awaited but totally worth it!

  • Serum

    The ill shit! Big ups to Numonics and Nics for reppin' hard with this release.

  • http://www.soundcloud.com/beatnickdee BEATNICK DEE

    Dope stuff from both! Well rounded, well put together project!

  • onpoinT

    dank yo

  • DV

    word! quality! FL represent