• David

    Can't wait to pick this game up. Good list. But you know what I REALLY miss? NBA Street.

  • Tyquan

    its gunna be hot man

  • still best rite now!!

    thumbs down for no Mayweather Jr again! smh

  • leprechaunmafia3

    Mothafuckin' Shad!

  • Milo


  • MrMamaSaidYouSuck

    Good to see Plan B getting a spot amongst Atmosphere, Aloe, El, MURS etc.

  • AnonyMouse

    Plan B's first album was classic. His second one is shit.

  • K


  • Teddy

    I wish it had PS Move and wiiplus capabilities. I mean we have been waiting for a fight night that we can play with our arms ever since Wii Boxing came out. I mean come on EA. Yall slippin.

  • stompintomgrosvenor


  • Deucez


    For real though. Street vol. 2 was my shit.

  • http://2dopeboyz.com dahomie

    wait why is this game rated Mature, wasnt it always teen?

  • real talk


    its cause of the campaign/"story mode" which is supposedly dark and ties into you being a boxer coming outta jail and shit

  • YungOne

    SHAD K BABY!!!

  • yukid

    Shad K FTW!!!...really did not expect that

  • Highly Effective

    toobad the game hasnt been fun to play anymore since FN2

  • youngcosby

    I like the fact that EA is always presenting "new" artists that a lot of people generally wouldn't listen to.

  • http://kingdomdunn.blogspot.com triPAUD

    big ups shad

  • BAM93

    SHAD K

  • Sav

    Fuck yeah, Canadian rap sensation!

  • cmbanks13

    Khalil and chin got some tracks on there now!!! I wanna down load those badly!!