Haitian Fresh - Lick Season f. Maino, Rick Ross & French Montana (prod. Lex Luger)

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  • T0KS

    this shit wack but im a still a haitian in my heart so So SAK Passe Toute Haitian ki vin sur 2dopeboyz !!!!! but still trash track . thumb down wayyy down haha.


  • marty mcfly

    Lex Luger = same beat different day

  • sc3

    Blurred his man boobs?

  • sc3

    Blurred his man boobs?

  • OJ

    wow great beat... didnt i hear that one before though? haha

  • Ey

    Hahahahah they blurred his boobs

  • Ey

    Hahahahah they blurred his boobs

  • Tha 206 Snitch

    wow rick ross loves this type of beat, the last 3 songs I've heard from him i thought were the same beat... and Lex Luger: quit making the same beat every time

  • gucci lame

    hahaha is this a fucking joke? i have heard this beat so many fucking times its ridiculous

  • stan lee

    damn, lex luger goes HAM

  • SimSalabim

    My lil cousin....who is as white as they come/listens to indie rock/90s alternative music....WHO ONLY HEARS URBAN MUSIC WHEN HE'S WITH HIS GIRL, was just in the room while i made the mistake of listenin to that. And of course, he goes "ain't that the Larry Hoover song?", and proceeded to fill in the chorus at given parts of the track.

    Thats sad...ur gettin exposed by 15 yr old kids with no interest in hiphop, Lex. Step ya game up.

  • Jason

    Is this BMF Pt. 2? 9 Milli Pt. 2? HAM Pt. 2?

  • T-Luv

    LMAO at the censoring of the titties

  • Novis

    @Jason haha is this BMF pt.2, 9 MIlli Pt.2, HAM Pt.2, Walking On Water Pt.2, Summer's Mine Pt.2, MC Hammer Pt.2, Hard in the paint pt.2, Just In Case Pt.2, Where You From Pt.2, Like Me Pt.2, Lights Out Pt.2, etc It's like he making his beats on

    "Bangin Trap Beat Wizard 2.1 beta"

    3 clicks and you got a new beat

    Using presets.

  • 2pn

    this song old as hell

  • Maya

    haitian fresh? who is this clown

  • SwishasNKush

    Actually the beats a little different if you aren't a moron and can tell. YES he makes almost every track sound the same though. Hooks tight on this thats about it though. Again if you aren't a moron you can tell the difference!


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