Sims - Burn It Down (Video)

Directed by Isaac Gale & Dave Jensen.

Considering I'm such a big fan of the entire Doometree camp, I'm stumped as to how I missed this for a month! Anyways... you can find this song on Sims' upcoming album Bad Time Zoo, which is entirely produced by Lazerbeak and drops on February 15th.

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  • 32424

    shake u must be sober tonite

  • Robhex

    I was thinking the samething. Posting and coherent, impressive.

  • 32424

    i can tell how sober he is from the things he posts sometimes lol

  • hahahaha.

  • BeatsYo

    Prolly my favourtie Doom spitter as well. Sims is sick I already got my pre-order in.

  • mr comment

    video is cool..... Song is BLAH

  • FuckYaLifa

    This shit is real dope but I like the B-Side of this "My Go" with Slug even more.

  • lantic

    love sims man his shit is always on point.. giving white rappers a good name


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