• Pilar

    Sick beats! So proud of you!

  • M cat

    dig it.

  • Rafiq

    Dope joint


  • Joey D

    Black Skeptik = Kyle Rapps? I think this is the same dude from the video w/ KRS ONE

  • http://www.drunkensportsrambles.com Zuri

    dope song. this guy has a nice flow. and a a joell ortiz feature is always a plus.

  • cyn city

    Love this. Love Kyle Rapps!

  • Miz

    Nice, nice , Nice definitely dope hearing Joell in this lighthearted yet still Heat bringing manner. I want to hear more from Kyle Rapps

  • Wellington Stanley

    Nice, nice, Noice...

  • Jaz

    Joell went in never really heard him on a joint like this b4