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Lil Wayne Talks Green & Yellow On ESPN (Video)

blame it on Shake February 4, 2011

This young upstart, who did Black & Yellow, is not in Wayne’s league. – Skip Bayless

Wayne takes some time out to chop it up about his Packers anthem (Green & Yellow, which is one of the most downloaded songs on 2dbz in the past few months), why he’s not a Saints fan, etc.

  • Bitch!.. Im Livin Lavish.

    Skip Bayless Is The Truth He Right On Most The Shit He Says, iRememba Gettin Bashed For Sayin Lebron Is Mad Ova Rated & Wasnt Winnin A Ring If He Stay As A Cav.

  • i wish i got baseball money

    wow wit all this saints this and saints that in his songs i def thought he was a saints fan. took me by surprise

  • southblockSOS

    That was one of the corniest songs in the history of the game.

  • Dorian

    Hahahaha “Shit was fun, that was fun excuse me”

  • FocusIV

    Long Hair He Don’t Care .. He Should Cuz The Damn Pack Ain’t Leavin Outta There .. With That Damn Silver Wear …

  • ghEttoblaster

    hahahaha waynes jokes.

    never heard a song where wayne claims the saints….heard him say im a n.o saint…but not in response to a football team.


    01. Tha Throne (Intro)
    02. Not Of This World
    03. Holy Grail Feat. Kayne West
    04. Cash Money Monsters Feat. Drake & Nicki Minaj
    05. Tune Me Up
    06. Code RED Feat. Gudda Gudda & Game
    07. Money Overdose Feat. Birdman
    08. Catch Your Breath Feat. Drake & Jay Sean
    09. Have a Goodtime Feat. Shanelle
    10. Fall From Grace Feat. Eminem
    11. Ladies Love Me Feat. Lil Twist & Bow Wow
    12. Young Money Nightmare Feat. Cory Gunz, Gudda Gudda, Mack Maine.
    13. Old Habbits
    14. Wet Dreams Feat. Nicki Minaj & Trey Songz
    15. Edge Of The World
    16. Brain Dead Feat. Gucci Mane
    17. Love For The Money Feat. Jay Z & T.I
    18. Forever Gone Feat. Eminem, Drake, Kanye West

  • thakid

    i dont believe thats the tracklist. way to many features for a carter album


  • CaddyNigga

    skip aint right for whiffin that bullshyt

  • Def

    LOL shake you must be a packer fan too huh? Why didn’t it go thru? Because I exposed the cat?

  • AnT

    they kinda just verbally took a shit on Wiz.. lmfao around the 2:20 part. black n yellow isnt about the steelers yet people are not saying its their anthem bcuz theyre in the super bowl. fyi, waynes been said he was a packers,lakers,& red sox fan though. smh @ the idiot who think its a law that you must rep your cities sports team.

  • real talk

    So he doesn’t want to be a Saints fan like all these bandwagoners because they’re good now (okay understandable), but he became a Pack fan after they won a Super Bowl?…. riiiiight.

    Dumb motherfucker

  • Rosay

    Weezy and Snoop wagering their hair LMFAO! Priceless, I would LOVE to see the winner cut the loser’s hair on LIVE television. That would be SO BAWSEEE.

  • Stunna

    @real talk your the dumbest motherfucker alive. You OBVIOUSLY didnt hear him say he was poor and used Packers cups, towels, etc when he was younger and thus became a fan. He HAS been a fan since he was a child. Real talk my dick.

  • real talk


    yeah, and he used those cups, towels etc. that his dad bought FROM THE 97 SUPERBOWL THAT THE PACKERS WON. Try listening next time

  • Stephanie

    Man, I hate to admit it, but this video made Wayne look like a likable ass dude. Funny stuff.

  • MCD

    @real talk when youre that young and exposed to the team your father follows its not ban wagon jumping, idiot.

  • real talk


    Wayne was 15 in 97… usually people figure out who they root for before then, and you would certainly know who your dad roots for. Fuck outta here with that nonsense

  • aasdas

    . . . .

  • Smh fuck skip bayless and aye wasn’t wayne a minesota vikings fan last playoff???? Ole dickriding fagget

  • AMP

    I mean, I thought it was random that he was a Packers fan, but after hearing that part about having Packers memorabilia in the house it makes sense.
    Also lets do some logical thinking okay?
    You’re poor, so you have a favorite team, but you feel no obligation to buy stuff like team towels and cups. Now your favorite team wins the Super Bowl? Reason to celebrate and show pride/support right? So now his dad buys the sports memorabilia.
    Another example…
    I fuck with The Yankees but I really don’t have the money to go out and buy a jersey just because I like the team. Now its October, the Yanks are in the World Series and I want to buy a jersey to show that I’m a fan.
    Before I didn’t have a jersey…now I do.

    You couldn’t imagine that scenario?

  • Swag

    He’ so ugly it’s unbelievable.

  • Who Cares

    Yeah, and I guess it’s just a coincidence that the Packers just happen to be in the Super Bowl when he announced he was a fan.

  • Bitter Farve

    People believe what they are told. The fuck could be up there lying about being a Packers fan way back…He’s not a Saints fan b/c he wants to be “gay” and “different” plus he wants to jump on the ‘black & yellow’ beat, hows he gonna do that if he likes the Steelers?

  • Dear Skip Bayless,
    Shut the fuck up.


    PS Wayne why do you have to go over Black & Yellow after every other person in the world has already remixed it? A little late, also extremely lame. Hope this isn’t any indication of how Tha Carter IV is gonna turn out, but it probably is.


    Skip Bayless and Lil Wayne are intimately connected. There’s no doubt in my mind.


    I second that.

  • Skip Bayless wants Wayne’s dick

  • holla if ya swalla

    seeing this video and seeing wayne not shot out from the drugs got me real excited about tha Carter IV…..and on top of that hes writing again so this shit is gunna be nuts…fuck the haters….btw i like wayne but i gotta admit green & yellow is corny as hell lmao…but if he did it in one night like he said he did its kinda understandable.

  • I know, right. even on my blog, it has the most views its ever had. IDK why, it’s better song, but iGuess it’s because this should be a big game. A really big game. CAn’t wait!!

  • holla if ya swalla

    wayne has been a packers fan you idiots…..SMH….theres even a song where he shouts out brett favre at the end(when he was a packer)

  • Are you people really arguing over whether or not Lil Wayne is a legit Packers fan?

  • Stephanie

    Yeah, they really are… smh…

  • Co-Sign with @southblockSOS! man omg the D-Riders that think this is good is depressing, when I first heard it I was like damn Wayne you shouldn’t have hopped on this. And I just thought it was no way that people will like this but I really under estimated the Weezy Stans. and the thing is Im a fan of Wayne but I can recognize when he puts out trash and this trash man I swear. This nigga said “We gon toast these niggas, pop tarts”are you effing serious that is horrible and not to mention his voice sounds weird, just a terrible song throughout. Damn Wayne C’mon Son

  • -RiX-

    what the hell happened to this fool? all of his songs have been trash after he got out.. something must have happened to him in the pen.. his time is done.. as far as who is the better music artist, WiZ owns little Wayne..

  • xsavior

    Even fans of LiL wayne think this is garbage I’ve always thought he was overrated anyway for him to have to replicate a track from Wiz shows just how weak he is in the game now — i can’t think of one song post Carter 3 that was hot, the production outshines his talent, dude fell off a long time ago

  • Kalifornia Icon

    fuck Wayne…im done

  • killa

    skip bayless commenting on hip hop. back in 99 wayne wasn’t the greatest rapper ever when juvenile and the hot boyz were doing their thing. flash foward to 2010 and wayne is god to people. wayne and cash money came into the game at a good time and were marketable. same with khalifa. ain’t nobody done nothing like biggie and pac and nobody probably ever will again. hip hop died when they did.

  • Waynes a bitch

    u guys should listen to the song by wayne called put me in the game. He clearly states hes a saints fan and gives shout outs to brees, colston, bush, and sean payton. This bitch nigga is just on the bandwagon.

  • ILL-Virtue

    Does this fool actually have a TUBE TV!?!?!? Fail…

  • lou

    Dumbfounded by the fact that green and yellow is the most downloaded song on 2DB. I guess that shows how the demographic changed for the worst once Young Money started paying for Nikki Minaj songs to get featured. Sigh..

  • Numb

    brown and yellow, brown and yellow like my piss and shit!

  • das


  • Chris

    He used Brett Favre on the cover of Madden as an example of one of the reasons he’s a packer fan. dude was on the cover like two years ago.

  • on so far gone… wayne says, im a cheese head. word to vince lombardi

  • qwan

    from wht i remember wayne is a bitter a lil white kid who posted his video on world star and on here talking about how he thought of the song he needs to take his gay dick riding ass back to hip hop prison or club fed wherever the fuck he was an stop rapping

  • Ace

    Skip Bayless, You Mad?

  • shock

    idgaf if he a packer fan or not but i remeber put me in the off the dedication 3 (i think) he wuz suckin the saints dick *kanye shruggs* this nigga skip bayless juss suckin wayne dick so he can anal rape him easier i remember wen hip hop wuz based on actual talent subtance truth nd non-nursey rhymes wayne juss has great delivery nd mic presence i think thts cuz he gets high nd talks imo

  • shock

    i remember put me in the game*

  • 91&^UP

    wiz > wayne

  • i4c1o2

    id listen to wiz over wayne any day


    wiz no where near wayne u idiots after this year wiz dont gon fall off he has one good song… roll up aint doin it …. sorry speaking the truth ! unless wiz sees the wiz for a new brain motherfucker gon have the same subject matter and people gon get tierd of it ! sorry wiz (kanye shurgs )

  • Rosay

    Weezy > Wiz, one song isn’t gonna do shit for Wiz.