Naughty By Nature - Flags x O.P.P. x Hip Hop Hooray Live (Video)

The fact you can play the latter two songs at a party today and it still will still have the crowd moving = why Naughty By Nature are legends to me. That, and "Everything's Gonna Be Alright" (Ghetto Bastard)" is one of my favorite songs ever. Anyways, the trio stopped by David Letterman's show and performed a medley of old an new cuts. David's boy Paul going off on those keys during "Hip Hop Hooray" is priceless. Naughty's upcoming album, Anthems Inc, will drop soon.

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  • Curtis75Black

    Tight wrk. Seen these guys live, it's just that intense !! Dope performance.

  • TheOnlyChild

    That's too dope

  • nabil

    UPTOWN ANTHEM!! Good to see them rockin the crowd still..people appreciating good ol school hiphop

  • Dia

    all those white ppl clapping off beat!!


THURZ - "Father Protect Me pt.1 & 2"

Produced by 14KT, additional vocals by Janice Freeman & Michael Spann.

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