ScHoolboy Q - Druggy's Wit Hoes f. Ab-Soul (Video)

Directed by Ramses Perryman.

Talk about perfect timing... I just put up a post asking y'all which member of Black Hippy was your favorite haha. And now we get some new visuals off ScHoolboy Q's (2)dope SetBacks project (which is also available on iTunes).

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  • Varsityballin

    lol at the stone cold stunner at 2:53. dope vid

  • Aye

    Ab-Soul killed his verse. #SETBACKS was well worth the money.

  • Cocaine Blunts

    lol Stone Cold Stunna! lmao dope video

  • XB

    i've noticed ALL west coast artist now are just real WILD and fuck around a lot more than anyone else. DOOOOPEEEEEeeee

  • marty mcfly

    Ab-soul best video is the final fight scene with Jean Claude Van Damme in the movie Cyborg. Youtube it LMAO !!!!!!

  • Boi

    oh you did... awkward...

  • Merc80


  • Satellite maps

    straight recently reinstalled the operating modus operandi, and it took a part of things in identical place

  • http://ALF.COM wow


  • vlado

    dope video

  • YaBoyRampz

    Lmfao @ them laying in front of that guys car and the stunner.

  • # Djurikson

    Favourite song on the tape

  • yugang

    These dudes know they silly as hell lol. I enjoyed the video too

  • nathanjones

    I remember when me and my brother used to do the stone cold stunner on each other lol

  • dynamicproducer

    Them dudes clowns man!

  • skimba

    hahahaha Absoul @ 0.51

  • REY43

    HELL YEA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • sahlay

    this joint is dope as hell. on my third replay. lol

  • T-Rex Based

    that last video for this joint was waaay doper. the only thing was ab-soul was missing. hot song tho.

  • Lil’ Nello

    No YouTube of this video?

  • Joshua

    i bought setbacks on youtube and honestly can't get why 10 people disliked this.. schoolboy q nice as fuck and absoul went ham on this verse... "its black hippy nothing elsem tde (they) got the belt"...

  • RoshaneRonan

    2:53 (JR voice) Stunnerrrr!!! Stunnerrrr! Oh myyyy! Oh myyyy! lol Wrestling use to be di shit and you know it. Use to tell the teachers to "Suck it" like we where Xpac and shit. haha Dope tune, nice vid.

  • daTROOTH.

    real dopeeeeee, keep em comin!!

  • PurpleKushY

    this is FLAMESssssssssss

  • blackhippyfan

    black hippy!

  • Unseen Unheard

    What's the sample?


SHIRT - Woodwork

Another heater off the NYC emcee's MUSEUM project.

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