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Tech N9ne & Lil Wayne in the Studio

blame it on Shake February 5, 2011

No footage, no audio, just an image. But the two are definitely working together. And hopefully the end result puts more people onto how incredibly dope Tech is.

  • big nasty


  • silence

    the fuck?!
    *double takes
    *pinches self
    *snorts milk
    *produces spectacles


  • K

    LOL @silence

  • Shy

    Tech > wayne

  • dave

    the world must be ending for the great tech n9ne to be in studio with this loser.hopefully they was just passing by to say whatup and didn’t make music together because man……

  • yooo

    This is for c4 tech and wayne been planning this since wayne got out.

  • Techn9tion

    For the people that may not know, Lil Wayne will be on Tech N9ne’s new album “All 6’s & 7’s” (Coming June 7th) on a track called ‘Fuck Food’

  • Techn9tion

    For the people that may not follow Tech N9ne, Lil Wayne will be on Tech N9ne’s new album “All 6’s & 7’s” (Coming June 7th) on a track called ‘Fuck Food’

  • Gordon B.

    They’re at least doing a song for Tech’s album “All 6’s And 7’s” that’s coming out in June, they might trade verses though and get one song for C4 too, who knows.
    Tech spoke about getting Em on the same track, don’t know how that’s working out though.
    Tech is the one gaining from this collabo tho, he’s going to get some Weezy fans on his side.
    @Shake, I didn’t know you fuck with Tech, you’re usually not into that hardcore shit :P

  • WESTERN TINK on youtube.com should lil wayne reach out to WESTERN TINK NOW? i’on know!!!


  • InsertNameHere

    1000 Wayne fans will become Tech fans when the record releases.. Thats why Tech agreed to this.. That and he’ll finally get some mainstream recognition he’s been trying to get for 5 years

  • AnonyMouse

    Tech visited Wayne inside. This has been coming for a while.

  • Yes.

  • 3 dopest flows in the game: tech n9ne, eminem, ludacris

  • LupeFaco

    Digital Crack Vol 26

  • HoesOnMyDickCuzILookLikeKenMasters

    If Tech outraps the best rapper alive on a record, does he then become the best rapper alive himself on sum Highlander shit?

  • aof

    tech is insane

  • realtalk

    tech fucking blows. wayne needs to stay clear of this clown.

  • HoboQueef

    How incredibly dope Tech is? If people don’t know that they need a pipe wrench upside the temple!!! If anything it’s gonna be like a lyrical tortoise and the hare here. A lyrical mastermind vs. a bumbling moronic codeine addict. Pure comedic genius whoever got these 2 together.

  • Shy

    Em renegaded wayne twice already. i dont think he can still call himself the ‘best rapper alive’.

  • Kelevr4

    Damn straight. He was only really the best for the moment that Em needed rehab…

  • Raging Rabbit with Rabies

    I agree with @shy and @ keievr4

  • Rio$

    tech>wayne SMH @ anyone thinking because he’ll be on a track with wayne he’s gonna get recognition from the mainstream fags…….they still won’t fuck with him or listen to his whole music library, tech don’t need it he’s got a loyal fuckin fanbase anyways no matter what shake “thinks”

  • HoesOnMyDickCuzILookLikeKenMasters

    I was being sarcastic. Lil Wayne was never the “Best Rapper Alive”. “Drop The World” and “No Love” are both super corny btw.

  • Hermes Trismegistus

    LOL @ HoesOnMyDick…’s 1st comment? “…On some highlander shit?” hahahahahaha

  • @GordanB How do you know what Shake is into??

  • Highlander

    @Kelevr4 Wayne was never the Best Rapper Alive

  • The Delorean Driver

    Lil waynes verse – Bitch its lil weezy , shout out to my bloods. All red everything even my lady bugs , young money red rags hangin from my jeans , Su woo in the buildin its a piru thing. Im throwin up the blood sign when I spit my blood rhymes , its tunchi with a inferred beam on my tech 9. Its the best rapper , this is what I does , in every single song like shout out to my bloods.

  • smh

    shake you would be down with this piece of juggalo trash

  • iDre

    Tech’s top 5 dead or alive

  • Gordon B.

    I read what kinda posts he praises and I’ve seen his year end lists, doesn’t take a genius too conclude what type of music he prefers after a year or two, just observstion.

  • Stay Thirsty

    What makes Tech9 dope? Is it cause he reps 666 just like Odd Future? I think both Tech9 and Odd Future are garbage

  • NephewOfUncleRuckus

    @stay he doesn’t rep that shit jackass. Why don’t you actually listen to his music.

  • Relentless904

    lmao such an idiot. Gonna have to say Tech > Wayne.

  • vc

    very different artists. interested to hear the product.

  • And Won

    Well obviously we wanna hear it. Not a huge Tech fan. I think he is the underground Nelly.

  • Yeah I said it

    I can’t listen to Tech N9ne songs because the production is always so horrible.

  • Stories

    Its funny how Wayne supposed to be a blood and he wearin blue next to a blood…



  • Relentless904

    In addition, how is Wayne gonna lose a title he doesn’t possess already?

  • relentless904

    Having a tattoo of horns on his hands makes him a devil worshipper? LMAO
    Grow the fuck up, kiddo.

  • Pauly Dee

    @Hoes, sarcasm is hard to do over the web, huh?

    Anyways, I just got into Tech when his latest mixtape came out. Dude is fire. Wayne’s verse will probably be first (like in the songs Em is in) and Tech will BLOW HIM OUT OF THE WATER!!!

  • Pauly Dee



  • Jerrad32

    Man I think people haten on wayne a lil too much, tech is sik as fuk but wayne has talent…He held his own with Em…I think he had 3 solid verses on Drop the World and No Love, Em is just a dam beast…


    Wayne aint a real BLOOD Tech… Check the song “DOWN FOR THE BLOCK” BY TECH… PURE DOPE

  • peacexpiece

    lmao at the folks who are concerned with who worships what. arent yall just a buncha conspiracy heads?

  • lloyd

    damn, im from KC and i remember tech when he came with “Planet Rock” back in the 90s glad to see him winning even tho ppl hate on him a lot here

  • how does tech n9ne have shitty production??? some of his older stuff defintly is for the underground but he gots some of the dopest production around. check come gangster, ghetto love, leave me alone…the list goes on not only that but amazing vocal production production as well. he gots the choir boy krizz kaliko on his team team and hungry producers like s7ven….amazing production….not no lollipop bullshit

  • dave

    fuckkkkkkkkkkk lil wayne!

  • 32424

    is that pubic hair on that dudes chin?

  • What’s the point of this post? What… next post is going to be titled “Black Thought & Lil B at Wal-mart”

  • balls_deep

    Im hoping that the greatness of tech brings out the old lil wayne who actually spit

  • te

    does anyone see how fucking lit tech9 looks?

  • InsertNameHere

    Wow I like Tech but I never knew he had so many dick riders.. Man, look at these comments…

  • why not… i love these unexpected collabs… dont hate if u aint heard the music… madd ignint mufuckaz

  • KriT

    WeezY>>>>>>>>Tech9 whos for surbb whyt kids that thnk they hardcore

  • ohufancy

    these niggas high as fuuuuckkkkkk hahahahah

  • RuanHoll

    ‎50 Cent – When It All Goes Down (2011)
    ‎50 Cent – When It All Goes Down (2011)

  • anunikke

    Tech could be one of the greatest to ever do it, he’s mad underrated. His output is so great I don’t even care if he releases a wack album.

  • swagsurfa


  • Kelevr4

    @ te I mean take a look at weezy, they clearly been smoking somethin nice

  • Ifty

    Fuck this collab, Wayne is pure garbage! I’m more interested in the Tech N9ne and Yelawolf collab “Worldwide Choppers”

  • Nuff

    both wack ass rappaz

  • 421

    anghellic > anything wayne has done, ever.

  • T9x

    Tech is going to murder wayne enough said….

  • IjustThrewUpSeeingThatPic

    Tch SUCKS!!!! and Wanye is just as worst…. this digital garbage in the making

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  • Sylbro

    I think wayne is going back to basics

  • My Momma Told Me To Say Fuck Yall.

    Fuck Yall.

  • what the fuck is tech doin man shit
    workin with this mutherfucker
    whats this world comin too

  • george w. bush

    anghellic > actually anything tech has ever done.

  • You would rather put a picture up of these two so called “artist” instead of OFWGKTA??? youre a fucking idiot Meka, you too Shake! This website is going to shit

  • John Doe

    Im not sure if anyone gives a fuck but if someone does go ahead and try to respond. Wayne is clearly fried in this picture so do yall figure this picture was taken b4 he went in or after

  • who cares

    To bad Wayne sucks dick now

  • Yeah I said it

    @John Doe
    He could just be fucking stupid like T.I.








  • Hustle101


    Maybe because Tech N9ne is equally wack. Wait, I’ll use a language you understand.

  • NesTa

    Tech N9ne’s Anghellic & Everready The Religion Are Pretty Much Flawless.

  • Smoooooooooth

    Wayne looks high.. I thought hes on probation? lol

  • NYG

    lil wayne fake as fuck he aint no blood hes wearin a blue hat wtf kinda blood wears a blue hat. lil wayne dont even write his own rhymes.he could never be da greatest rapper alive. tech n9ne sellin out for workin wit a pop artist after songs. didnt tech preach that fuck da industry shit?

  • cASh

    Oh my goodness, they look off it in this pic. damn wayne better slow down, his shit be outta control.

    NEW RAP 2011

  • Kali

    Got that backwards its Tech who needs to stay away from that man kissing clown Wayne.
    @Nuff,IjustThrewUpSeeingThatPic,and Hustle101
    I see 3 retards who know nothing about good music nuff said.
    Know what “Fuck the Industry” means first before making a stupid comment like that.
    So? Tech also worked with ICP and Paul Wall and those guys are equally as wack as Wayne.
    You got that backwards kid its Wayne who has the white suburban kids who try and act hardcore(like you im sure)

  • Drew

    Lil Wayne- Use beats like A Milli.
    Tech N9ne- Use lyrics like T9X.
    McDonalds- Give them more money.
    Fans- Support.
    Haters- Eat shit and Die.

    Did I miss anything?

  • $trAnGe Muzik

    @stay ur an idiot if u think tech reps 666.. listen 2 his music nd actually pay attention! “Do ur research before u try 2 down somebody up!” TECH N9NE!!!

  • technician

    this is gonna be dope no matter what the haters think. Just like tech says, mainstream needs something new. Tech is the cure. Yelawolf and Tech, possibly busta on wwc. Lil wayne and tech on fuck food. Tech wanting to work with Nikki Minaj on a song called Dance like a stripper or something like that
    i think this is a good move for tech AND mainstream artists. I see a lot of “loyal juggalo” fans hating on this new album a lot in the future, but someone who has been down since MITCH BADE…fuck a juggalo. KCMO all day all night baby.

  • Fuck You

    I think the only reason people hate on Tech is because hip-hop has its way it evolves and the only way you can tell which way it is, is if you listen to whats being played on the radio.

    Now Tech not only spits very intricate and morbid so his flow is not only far more intellectual but bizarre yes he doesn’t use the current lingo people are into and he says things you have to think a lot more about in order to get.

    And he’s okay with accepting his juggalo fan base but its all just because of that.

    Therefore its just hate I mean if you don’t like him because you can’t catch and understand the way he says shit. I know to a point he spits things purposely weird using words people never would care to use. But he does however at least use words that fit what hes trying to describe FAR more deeply than simplistic ways to put something. Plus he always tries to come far more on point and key and to the beat and correct.

    Plus he chops it up the clearest at such a consistent fast speed/pace.

    But either way Wayne for example has no street cred just like Tech however Tech is willing to tour far far FAAARRRR more than any rapper and make his more dough and is richer.

    Further more plenty of good ass rappers give him a lot of respect if you don’t know then you don’t care and all you listen to is Wayne shit.

    But its okay hip hop has became mostly shit because everyone picks a rapper they idolize and want to praise and then that’s it they don’t listen to anything else.

    I sure love Tech but I don’t only listen to Tech and I DON’T listen to juggalo music at all ever its garbage and Tech ISN’T a juggalo hes just not a hater.

    I listen to plenty of other rap such as Twista, Bone Thugz N Harmony, T-Rock,Brotha Lynch Hung, Jay-Rock, Nas, Mos Def, Talib Kwali, Immortal Technique, Crooked I, Yela Wolf, Busta Rhymes and many others..

    But oh yeah thats right nobody likes anything real and serious anymore even if its just serious skill wise. PEOPLE DON’T LIKE TO THINK ANYMORE PEOPLE ARE JUST FUCKIN ADD AND ADHD SHIT NOWADAYS. So I say FUCK HIP-HOP mostly its became a huge train wreck and caused all of this bs its furthered this horrid direction..

    Case closed