Happy Birthday…

blame it on Meka February 6, 2011

“Redemption Song”

Nesta Robert “Bob” Marley, February 6, 1945 – May 11, 1981.

  • Never Ever Submit To Authority


  • holla if ya swalla

    literally just got done listening to this song.. lol thats crazy

  • AntoineLaRasta

    THANK YOU MEKA…. much appreciated… OneLove

  • uhh

    lol who the fuck is this clown? simple ass lyrics a 3rd grader could write.

  • Happy Birthday Robert Nesta Marley! Your spirit and music will live forever!!

    –RebelMindsTV crew

  • Ryuk

    Rest in Peace, Mr. Marley

  • hbg

    @uhh ..lol at how fuckin dumb you are. ill guess youre about 14 years old, so just go grab that new gucci mixtape.. burrrr

  • Dfrye

    Ugh me and one of the greats share our birthday.

  • its his birthday yet he gave us the gift of his great music…. never will this generation have an icon like this man

  • jah smallz

    one of the greatest musicians ever.

  • D

    @jah smallz: no doubt

  • matt

    the 4 people who disliked this have no idea about what real music is…

  • HoesOnMyDickCuzILookLikeKenMasters

    Fuck the Super Bowl. Rest In Power Bob.

  • idontbelievebobmarleydiedfromcancer

    marley > jesus

  • @matt that was such a creative comment

  • mmkayy

    one & only……happy born day Marley