The Black Keys – Too Afraid to Love You (Video)

blame it on Shake February 7, 2011

Directed by Jonah Schwartz.

  • BBoldt

    Awesome, but this came out last year.

  • JZA

    better late than never i guess. dope band. dope song.

  • PDexter Brown

    Favorite album of 2010!!

  • JL

    Musicians with musical talent > anybody limited to a few metaphors basic rhythm.

  • gregdeezy

    not into much other than hip hop, but this album is amazing. still listen to it to this day. perfect blend of blues/soul/rock

  • SavannahChitlinPimp

    ^there’s a lot of good music. You’ll be surprised what crazy ass ill ass music is out there outside of hip hop. Indulge.