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Gilbere Forte’ – Eyes Of Veriats (Mixtape)

blame it on Meka February 8, 2011

Gilbere drops his latest project on what appears to be unofficial Mixtape Tuesday (Consequence is up next, Stalley was a little while ago). Tracklist and link down bottom.

1. The Eyes – [prod. by Raak & Forte’]
2. Veritas – [prod. by Raak & Forte’]
3. The Exports feat. Emilio Rojas, Reek Da Villain, Murda Mook, Joell Ortiz – [co-prod. by Don Cannon with Raak & Forte’]
4. Born In ’87 – [prod. By Don Cannon]
5. Train Lights – [prod. by Bink!]
6. Tonight feat. Sean Rose & Selina Carrera – (prod. by Raak & Forte’)
7. Karma feat. Droop-E & Raak – [prod. by Raak & Forte’]
8. Lights On feat. I-20 – [prod. by Bengie]
9. Die For You – [prod. by Lex Luger]
10. Unbreakable feat. Selina Carrera – [co-prod. by Ben Pramuk with Raak & Forte’]
11. What They Talkin’ Bout feat. Peedi. & Raak – [prod. by Raak & Forte’]
12. We Do This feat. Don Trip – [prod. by Bengie]
13. Time Life feat. Reese – [prod. by Boi-1da]
14. Ballot Or The Bullet feat. G*Lee – [prod. Raak & Forte’]
15. Three Words feat. Selina Carrera – [co-prod. by Joshua Long with Raak & Forte’]
16. Archangel – [co-prod. Don Cannon with Raak & Forte’] *BONUS TRACK*

DOWNLOAD: Gilbere Forte’ – Eyes Of Veriats (Mixtape)

  • dswag

    could be good ill give it a listen. don cannon ruins everything he gets close to tho

  • dswag

    also typo in title

  • J.O

    did I see a Murda Mook sighting? #RR

  • yep

    No DJ tags!!! solid. Great tape in my opinion this guy forte kills it..

  • Stalley, now this?! I appreciate this…good look. Making my day better.

  • DK


  • DG

    Honestly the mixtape is okay at best but I expected better

  • DG

    not as good as i thought it would be



  • AJ

    Look @ some of that production..boi-1da, bink!, lex luger .. ? how does he afford these beats? did he get a record deal or something?

  • ck24

    Is it tagged?

  • correcter

    fucked up the title name lawl

  • DMND

    die for you is cool for a lex beat, very different from his usual shit

  • red

    Lex Luger production!?!?!?! INSTANT DOWNLOAD OMG DIZ GON’ SLAP FOO!!!!!!

    I’m going to delete that track now before it ruins my experience later on.

  • Azrael

    I really hope the guest spots/outside production doesn’t ruin the project. ’87 Dreams was nothing short of excellence. Let’s see.

  • I’m gonna raincheck this for a tagless version

  • quis

    the site is not sending the mixtape to my email…..fml

  • quis

    the site is not sending the mixtape to my email…..fml.

  • RSX


    The Lex Luger track doesn’t sound like his usual bombastic style at all. It fits, and is my favorite track from the tape right now.

    A lot of above average tracks, but nothing really stands out to me like HOLY SHIT THIS IS AMAZING.

  • efalk

    this tape is fucking amazing, idk wtf the people that are saying its ok are listening to. and theres barely any tags so anyone waiting for the no dj is missing out

  • yugang

    not bad, its a cool tape but im not a fan yet.

  • Zak

    really on the same level as 87 dreams. MOST of the tracks are above average but no real heaters for people who look for just singles. this is a tape you listen to front to back.

    and no hardly any tags and yes the production is nice as fuck. thumbsup

  • jdub

    sick tape, not everything is good. Im glad cannon rarely spoke but when he did, totally ruined the song, thx. Someone please tell cannon stop ruining everyones mixtapes. Keep doing your think Forte

  • AnonyMouse

    Put my email in and the site didn’t send it. Anybody got a mediafire link?

  • high_s0ciety

    i got mine in tha JUNK MAIL folder…
    look there

  • high_s0ciety

    i got mine in tha JUNK MAIL folder…
    look there

  • Aloo

    suprising lex luger beat