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DJ Khaled – Welcome To My Hood f. Rick Ross, Plies, Lil Wayne & T-Pain (Preview)

blame it on Meka February 9, 2011

Directed by Gil Green

Also known as the remake of the last song DJ Khaled had with a bunch of rappity-rappin’ ass rappers. Props to Yardie.

  • These kind of niggers is the reason I joined KKK

  • D Rico

    he shot a video with ace hood and t pain in the exact same place already. not surprising that the song and video sound and look like everything else he does.

  • aHometownHero

    wow this muthafucker blatantly is coping everything he has done before. he already did in a place that look exactly the same. somebody kill this fuck boy for insulting the consumer’s intelligence.

  • Y

    What the fuck does Khaled do besides get his boyfriends on every song and yell all over it like it’s a mixtape

  • bucknasty

    isn’t DJ Khaled’s hood Palestine or some shit?

  • Brother man

    Incredible. I was like “I know I seen this video before”

  • smiffl

    I didn’t ever realize after seeing the pic that this was of the new video. I thought it was just a pic from his old shit. Khaled really doesn’t give a shit anymore (if he ever did.) Dude should just start rotating in his old songs to see if anyone even notices.

  • I bring that streets feeling I make that classic shit I represent the hood I make hits I make classics weezy blessed me with a classic verse It’s the movie

  • snowman

    wait a little after watching the video…

    “Tila Tequila and friends”


  • VL

    I still don’t understand why he still go as “DJ” Khaled, but all he does is scream on the tracks.

  • SirFlare

    Ace Hood – Cash Flow part 2….smh

  • SirFlare

    Ace Hood “Cash Flow” Part 2…real original Khaled….smh

  • NikkasOnMyDickBecauseILookLikeGucciMane

    Khaled is the worst hype man ever

  • 100 thumbsup..10 down..lol worst I’ve seen

  • 89er

    that apartment complex is in so many khaled videos. somebody needs a new location scout

  • BobbyWhite

    that “project” they were in was most likely a set. hahaahah

  • Throw me somethning for NO reason. lol.

  • sayWORD

    So many dislikes

  • I thought the term ‘rappity rap’ referred to rappers the total opposite of those normally found on DJ Khaled records? You know: the overly-earnest, backpack, ‘true school’ purist, MC’s who rap nerds consider the only ‘real lyricists’ in hip-hop?

  • marty mcfly

    @Stellaskid , MCs tend to rap about things that people like Dj Khaled cant put in a lil box a sell easily to the streets and his corporate connects for a quick fix. You know Mcs actually rap about things that matter and help to effect change. Rappers give us the same shit over and over again with the same beats , same old T pain on the hook talkin about the hood. While rappers who dont give a fuck about creativity talk about money , cars , hoes , guns and drugs they never really flipped in every video and try to look as hard as they can so kids take them serious.

  • marty mcfly

    Mcs >>>>>>>>>> rappers

  • HoesOnMyDickCuzILookLikeKenMasters

    The Hood >>>>>>>>>>>>>>> The Boondocks

  • KuruptedMind

    The sixteen likes is from dj khaled himself

  • Iris

    Fuck previews annoy me,what happened to Purp & Yellow?

  • LordMort


  • RuanHoll

    __ I make fun of mainstream artists bc it makes me feel better to talk abt artists no one knows abt

  • Ryan

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  • ter

    khaled is a bitch, try helping your own people

  • ATL

    damn thought it was the other video

  • david

    i swear every dj khaled song is called ‘welcome to my hood’ or something to do with the hood, how the fuck can you say you’re ‘hood’ then go on to say you’re rich and got cars, jewelerry etc, if he tries to look hard as marty mcfly said then it failed coz he wouldnt last 5 seconds in a pit

  • neufdeux

    French Rapper RohFF is here????

  • Simple like ABC, 123

    Next single: Enter to my Hood / Back to my Hood / _____ to my Hood

    Hype Man: ________ > Dj Khaled

  • LB

    bruce willis??

  • How do you get sick of playing hopscotch..

  • dont worry, there will be another one next year lol

  • Kevin

    450 thumbs down, 30 up. That is horrible/hilarious.

  • yugang

    this nigga songs has the same concept with the same rappers spittin on his beat that sounds the same as the other “hood” songs with (as some of u pointed out) videos shot in areas that look like his other hood videos. Obviously he has no original ideas nor does he know how to progress. Sad thing is the 106 & park audience will vote for his video despite the fact that its the same repetitive shit smfh

  • killamic

    @dj khaled nigga can you do anything different?? switch it up, get different topics for songs and different rappers on yo shit, is that too much to ask for???

  • solo