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Raven Sorvino (of Language Artz) – Loose Raps f. Picaso, A.T & Thr33zy McFly (prod. J Hyphen)

blame it on Meka February 9, 2011

The femme fatale of the Language Artz crew is gearing up to drop Inspired, her Aaliyah-influenced project, on February 14th. Here is the latest offering from it.

DOWNLOAD: Raven Sorvino (of Language Artz) – Loose Raps f. Picaso, A.T & Thr33zy McFly | Mediafire
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  • Lazy Louwie

    Haha this is a funny ass song. The beat knocks too I like the sample.

  • get it FNF/

    MDMA ft. Lupe Fiasco – Cupcakin

  • The Bread Maker

    good shit they all came off on the track. Cute lil broad too I’d give her a loose rap alright.

  • well its ok the music

    prefer her to be in brown bunnies website instead tbh.

  • Da One

    Language Artz is going in this year And I like her she is pretty and can rap. Wifey

  • Burglary Dash

    Wait a minute. Is this a Pac Div diss?

  • Flamerz

    Thr33zy was on that pop a bottle rmx with Like so I doubt it’s a diss unless it’s something I don’t know. Dope track though

  • Mark

    I’ll take her down

  • Dirty Deeedz

    I’m with Dash. This sounds like a Pac Div diss to me. Maybe it aint but now I already got my mind made up that it is. Somebody needs to get the scoop on this. This is bangin tho!

  • Flyy Keysha

    Keep doin your thang Raven. Hiphop chicks like myself support you and what you are doin 1000%!

  • G note

    What line in this song is indicating that their dissing Pac Div? I’m lost on that. Good song tho

  • Burglary Dash

    What line in this song is indicating that their dissing Pac Div? I’m lost on that. Good song tho

    G note said this on February 9th, 2011 at 4:28 pm
    WHAT!? The whole damn hook. A Pac of rappers lookin real bitchy. Other little lines in there too if u listen.

  • christolph

    good shit Raven tite u still doin ur thing

  • cloud9

    so why would they be dissing Pac Div?

  • ChrEYEst Allah

    Ralphie Penny Loafers. Splendid.

  • Tone4rmHome

    Keep on makin them tracks L.A, Im liking this one equally as much as everything I heard since day one.

  • The Wiz


  • ChargedUp

    Dope. Would give it a thumbs up but the website is too damn slow.

  • stan lee

    she got swag.. and can i have an order of the MCs on the track please anyone ?

  • bluedawn

    so is this supposed to be an album with all Aaliyah samples?

  • Aaron Rodgers SBMVP

    “Aaron, you and the Green Bay Packers have just won Super Bowl XLV. What are you going to do?”

    Aaron: “I’m about to bump this Raven Sorvino joint, Loose Raps featuring Picaso, A.T & Thr33zy McFly.”

  • Jerry Jones

    My sincerest apologies to the 400 fans who did not receive proper seating at the Super Bowl. As a result, I would like to offer each of the fans a free download of “Loose Raps”, by Raven Sorvino featuring Picaso, A.T & Thr33zy McFly.

  • gross

    I’m a fan now.

  • President Barack Obama

    Good evening, America. This is your President, Barack Obama. As many of you may know, over the years, I have smoked some of the finest strains of Marijuana, from all over the world. Hawaii to Afghanistan. With that said, I would like to declare that if anyone were to roll up and then smoke the song “Loose Raps”, by Raven Sorvino featuring Picaso, A.T & Thr33zy McFly, I guarantee you that you will get higher than you ever have.

  • cool song

  • Ringu

    This is mos definitely a pac d diss. Especially verse two. But do anybody know why they beefin?

  • Reza

    Language Artz vs. Pac Div? Might be a nice battle. But is this rap beef bullshit or what? Does Pac Div even care about these niggas?

  • Lesa J.

    smh, ya’ll really think they dissing Pac Div off of “A Pac of rappers lookin real bitchy.” lmfao! Just let a dope song be a dope song & stop trying to build some BS out of nothing.

  • It’s a hit!

  • Rebellious

    the song is ehhh…if they’re dissing pac div they need to come harder than this….beat and hook are corny….raps are average

  • NY

    Rebellious you sound like your either in the group PAC Div or their manager or just a dick ridding fagot. Either way it doesn’t sound like a diss song it just sounds like you want one of them to cum in your ass. Let the song just be what it is.

  • Everest

    all females that rap are gay or ?

  • bold

    I want to fuck her