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Ab-Soul – Hell Yeah f. Schoolboy Q

blame it on Shake February 10, 2011

Great news, Ab-Soul is currently working on Longterm: Mentality.

DOWNLOAD: Ab-Soul – Hell Yeah f. Schoolboy Q (prod. Sounwave)
PREVIOUS: Schoolboy Q – Setbacks (Free Album)

  • RuanHoll

    set backs best album of the year easily

  • 32424

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  • Jonnie H

    This track is ridiculous, wish Kendrick was on it too..only heard all 3 on the same track once on that song El Campo 2..and Ab and Kendrick by far had the best verses on that but Schoolboy’s improved a grip since then

  • ridickulous

    AB IS outSTANDing.

  • kali kush

    TDE putting on for the LA area all dayyyyyy.

  • blackhippy

    i swear schoolboy is the best rapper

  • Rece

    K.Lamar O.D Classic ILLY! ScHoolBoy Q SetBacks Dopeshit! Ab-Soul Longterm: Mentality will be just as dope. Black hippy crew deep af

  • markgeez

    no need to try and come after j cole your partner is doing a hole mixtape with him and hes not fake like that young money wiz type shit. Souls voice is mad annoying, my least favorite of the black hippies. I fuxs with Q though.

  • Boy2Dope

    Ouch! straight fire TDE

  • westvill

    this shit is 100% pure FIRE! cant wait for that LTM!

  • thehooch

    TDE is too raw! and soundwave is a beast on these beats. im still banging that Vanity slaves pt2 and now i got another banger to blast on my way to school! TDE>

  • assasin9

    this the shit i need right now…. instant repeat.

  • TDE

    AB-SOULOOOOO! Mentality is gonna be fire!!

  • gsdg

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  • LupeFaco

    first came up on the whole crew
    with the “whats the word” track
    video was crazy orginal , they all have unique sounds
    crazy lyrics that put any trap rapper to shame
    2011 these dudes and TDE will blow big believe me
    slaughterhouse got competion , 2011

  • Ryan

    never knew this type of flow he had
    very diff then there usual ! fast flow
    beat is top notch

  • LOL

    this should stay at the top all week
    ab soul spit his soul

    my only 2 wants in life – a marble stair case and a hot air balloon

  • Dorian

    That shit was hard as fuck!!!

  • promo

    This song is beyond trill…this sounds like some early rocafella/, i’m coming for the whole game shit…TDE taking it all in 2011

  • obviouslygood

    AB sooooul.. long-term 2>>>>>>> “oh Yah I rap, didn’t take it that serious, even tho I flow like an ocean amongst my peers(piers)”

  • bigswoosh

    SoCal underground running this $h1t…Im bumpin #BETIGOTSUMWEED as I type this…

  • Shy

    fuck, this shit goes HARD

  • orbit


  • BAP

    Dope. And did i hear Kendrick in the middle of the song? Effin dope

  • bh1

    Q is my favorite rapper hands down black hippy is theee shit!!!!!!!!!

  • I swear these niggas are mutants they level up their skills with every track! Man, from the sounds of things Longterm Mentality is gonna be crazy!

  • lilkandy

    Damn Schoolbay Killed THIS!!!!!!!

  • Schoolboy Q keeps gettin better… i almost like him as much as the rest of TDE/Black Hippy at this point…

    again: im dyin for a black hippy album/mixtape… they a dope ass group

  • 32424


  • teflon john

    i listened to this 10 times just to hear schoolboy verse and hear ab goin at niggas at the end..and i fuck wit wiz too but the end was too raw..JET$

  • DayO

    i cant wait till TDE go on tour. SWAG.

  • red

    Black Hippy blows my mind. These guys are so good. I hope they can get a big enough underground following to make it to the East Coast sometime soon.

  • yugang

    this joint goes hard as fuck!! nice joint to start off the long term mentality project

  • nathanjones

    Love this joint especially the end verse by ab-soul, i can respect niggas that dont kiss ass and have that competitive spirit to clash with others to be the ab-soulute best

  • killmac

    the consistency and material that these dudes put out are fucking ridiculous. Ab-soul is probably my most favorite of the black hippy

  • Joshua

    that BITCH nicki.. lol.. this track is thee shit, yea, thee shit! fitna have it on repeat rightttt now..

  • Joshua

    @markgeez hop off.. he said he been watching the throne, PLOTTING on those rappers. meaning he’s going to the top because right now thats where they are at..

  • im-new-here

    A great listen after seeing dj khaled’s new music video of his song talking about “the hood” with t-pain, rick ross, plies and lil wayne…..*sighs* unlike khaled, the artists over at tde understands the meaning of the word progression

  • KoopstaMC


  • Umm. . . Unknown

    Did Soul Just Just Diss My Dude J. Cole? Just Ain’t Right. Cole’s Got Nothinn’, But Love For The TDE Camp. He Said, “That Bitch Niggie, J. Cole.” SMH.

  • killamic

    Did Soul Just Just Diss My Dude J. Cole? Just Ain’t Right. Cole’s Got Nothinn’, But Love For The TDE Camp. He Said, “That Bitch Niggie, J. Cole.” SMH.

    Umm. . . Unknown said this on February 10th, 2011 at 11:02 pm

    ^^^smh @ your comment he said “that bitch Nicki (as in minaj), j.cole” clean the wax out your ears nigga and re-listen to what he said

  • yugang

    @Umm. . . Unknown he didnt say that bitch niggie j. cole he said that bitch nicki, then he named j. cole righ after. Listen to the 3rd verse over again and then you’ll get it

  • Umm. . . Unknown

    OH! My Bad Y’all. My Bad. Changes Everything. Hahaha.

  • Axe

    Schoolboy just snapped on that

  • nathanjones

    Damn i slept on that no sleep til nyc mixtape by jay rock & kendrick when he was known by k. dot with a few appearances by ab-soul, crazy ass verses k. dot and especially ab-soul layed down on that tape. Go google that shit and download it if you dont have it already.

  • youkj

    this shit undeniable, 45 comments deep on 2dopeboyz and noyone been able to say nuthin negative bout this. Undeniable.

  • Steph

    Fuckin nuts!!! You can’t deny these guys. They are comin for your ears!!

  • mofo

    HELL YEAHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!

  • SSM31


  • Oprah Can Get It

    That Bitch Nicki! Lmao, SOUL!

  • @scottlonlejour

    This Shit is Great! I Hate the fact that they will never play shit like this on Radio. Cause Black Hippy needs this exposure!