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DJ Khaled – Welcome To My Hood f. Rick Ross, Plies, Lil Wayne & T-Pain (Video)

blame it on Shake February 10, 2011

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  • red

    That wasn’t even very well done.

  • SpeakersBlown

    I’m glad I ain’t from the hood, ain’t shit goo happen in the hood. Ex. Plies.

  • nathanjones

    u can count on dj khaled to do the same shit over & over again

  • George Clooney

    Ignorance FTW!

  • marty mcfly

    The beginning of the video wit Ross welcoming the police to the hood is comedy. Its been a minute since Ross clocked in for work at a prison. Now hes on the look out from his old friends who moved up from C.Os to C.O.Ps

  • obiwansan

    Wale cameo @ 4:50

  • solking10


  • realtalk

    this was an absolute horrible music video and songs like these give hip-hop a bad image…

  • bigswoosh


  • Dfrye

    This shit is god awful. That red car with the spinners at 1:50 was the most retarded thing I’ve ever seen.

  • peacexpiece

    coonery and all especially on plies behalf. waynes verse was pretty good “I dont see nobody, headshot”

  • Bitch!.. Im Livin Lavish.

    Wale think he a thug now lmaoo and why you puttin up Im so hood video again?.. On wait.

  • Well done Plies. We may be looking at the best to ever pick up a mic……Ross keeping it fresh with material he’s never spit about. And Khaled, damn homie where you get all those crazy original beats from. If only Nelly and Gucci Mane and Waka Floka Flame and Flo-rida showed up.

  • Kuzzi

    I could make better music with a monkey beating a drum…and no to all you internet dumbfux, i’m not racist, i’m african and i was speaking the honest truth.

  • Shake seems to like it which finally proves that this fool doesn’t know a thing or two about hip-hop. And I don’t wanna hear no shit about the guest that come to this site do because a lot of people like Lupe Fiasco, yet he doesn’t see the light of day on here because of an altercation that happened between you two.

  • Ayyoo

    Plies looks like a retarded pirate.

  • panoble

    I swear T-Pain is the prime example coonery at its finest, Rick Ross looks like he’s lost weight (doubt it though), Plies’ entire verse (from what I can understand) is promoting our race staying STUCK, and it continues to amaze me that someone who is the so-called best rapper alive is surrounded by a crew of flunkies, word to Prince. I’m embarrassed for Birdman every time I see him.

    that’s all i pretty much took from this video, plus the general consensus that this song sounds like 3/4 of DJ Khaled songs.

  • M E T H O D Man

    Plies MVP

  • marty mcfly

    At the end of the day you gotta remember if your mature and have some knowledge about yourself that this song and video aint for you. This is for high school kids and below because that crowd doesnt care about dope lyrics or music thats sayin somethin. IF a artist has chains on and hoes in the video and a gangsta persona , thats all they need to see and they gon buy the album. Which in turn keeps the money flowing in hip hop cause most of the real hip hop heads dont buy much music anymore. Plus alot fans of dope hip hop only buy into an artist after they find out that their affiliated with another artist they like. People aint just goin off talent anymore , if that was the case Skyzoo and Saigon would be huge right now.

  • Maize

    This aint nothing but a bad 2011 Round Here

  • ***************************

    “Starks” slap yourself for your ignorance

  • they all went in on this, but the subject matter is garbage

  • Mcnyce

    whats funny is in plies verse he talks about people getting eviction notices and paying child support but then then he says they at the strip club makin it rain. 0_o no wonder u gettin an eviction notice. if u live in the hood yo ass shouldnt be makin ya welfare check rain. smh 100% pure coonery. how ever it is entertaining.

  • mkyp27

    can never get enough of plies. much better than all this waka and gucci garbage

  • LupeFiasco

    all the worlds ills, sittin’ on chrome 24 inch wheels
    like that.

  • mazoomy

    Minus the Plies verse (wow hes fucking garbage) this shit isn’t even that bad. Sure it lacks subject matter, and there’s no way I would bump this shit in my ipod for my day to day activities, but if it came on the radio I wouldn’t turn it off. There is definitely way worse rap out there.

  • neufdeux

    ROHFF!!! french og rapper on the clip yes!

  • Cno

    lmao at Plies yellin’.

  • mark

    looks like its time to take this off the blog lol the people have spoken

  • green&yellowx2

    these niggas not Rappers.. why is this even up. go fuck with Jedi nemesis and torae for new real shit nigga from the south, these fool got no excuse

  • WNTD3

    shouts out to all my hood niggas fuck the haters, stay in front of your computer screen type niggas

  • ^^arent u in front of a screen too?

  • 1. blacks scattering like roaches in the opening shot. check.
    2. blacks mean mugging for no reason. check.
    3. rich exec pretending to b ghetto.check.
    4. police slamming blacks onto police cars. check.
    5. plies screamin n mumbling. check.

    10/10 connery level. check.

  • thom

    this song goes hard, but its stupid/cliche as fuck. hmmmmk

  • Ace

    Coonery FTW

  • Kantwon

    Just another reminder on why I expanded to other genres to listen to while keeping hip-hop underground or at least nothing like this video. *SMFH*

  • i swear ive seen this video before

  • dörk

    It’s not 2007 anymore…

  • red

    Plies made the greatest argument about why I’m proud to not be a hood nigga.
    Yeah, you might have child support checks, eviction notices, and nights of spending your entire welfare paycheck in strip clubs but I’ve got new chrome kitchen appliances, I’m almost done with my degree, and rather than spending my paychecks on hoodrats I’ve got a real girl.

  • fuck you mutha fuckas

  • fuck you niggaz thats hatin you punk ass bitches niggaz come see me in the circe(race circle) dont forget to come see our concert tmrw pumin in the club!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Musashi

    And here we have the modern day black faces.

  • Emu

    i agree with musashi how do you glorify a situation that our people should be rising out of amazing how these rappers running around talking about how great it is to be in the hood but none of them are living in the hood now

  • yoo

    @billy clint – lol

  • DW

    WOW, Rick Ross, Plies, Lil Wayne & T-Pain, IN ONE DJ KHALED VIDEO? Didn’t see that shit comin.

  • wow so basically im so hood, we takin over, and every other dj khaled song.. who gives a fuck.. and why does rick ross even fuck with t-pain, plies and especially wayne hes 10 times better than all of them lyrically. and yeah this song sucks

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  • truexile


  • emseed

    at first i didn’t even wanna watch just seeing the title and the ratings, but now i did its truly awful and even then i couldn’t even sit through the whole thing it just sounds like someone taking a shit and recording it as a song.

    i thought it was pretty funny how these guys are talking about “welcome to my hood” LOL please mother fuckers we saw MTV Cribs we know you don’t live there assholes so who are you trying to fool with this fakeness

  • NiggaPLZ

    If i told niggas 20 yrs ago that some arab terrorist lookin mofucka would endorse and glorify the hood with other niggas yall niggas woulda slapped me for speaking such craziness. This is the world we live in today

  • 2 many haters on this fuk ass site man

  • listentorealhiphopfuckers

    lil wayne fuckin suuuuuuuuuuuuucks

  • $$$$

    like lil wayne knos so much about the fuckin hood, this nigga been rich since he was like 12 years old. fake ass mutherfucker learn to rap