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Atmosphere – The Family Sign (Artwork x Tracklist)

blame it on Shake February 11, 2011

On April 12th, Slug and Ant are releasing what is easily my most anticipated album of 2011.

Atmosphere returns with their 7th official studio album and the newest addition to their unparalleled body of work. The Family Sign comes from a place well refined and firmly planted, from a universal perspective. It’s about being okay with losing friends and strengthening your bonds with others, celebrating the person who’s been the most positive in your life, your kids, your homies, leaving the people you need to behind, and bringing the ones you love with you. It’s about your family, your time and the time you have with them. It’s about living and dying. It’s the truth about family, that it comes from loyalty as much as biology. It’s about breaking down your perceptions of family and really appreciating the people who’ve made you who you are and continue doing so.

The Family Sign is Atmosphere’s most personal and intimate album yet; it involves and engages the listener like never before. Slug’s signature voice weaves in and out of Ant’s ASR-born production, Nate Collis’ bluesy guitar riffs and the sound of Erick Anderson’s unmistakable keys giving The Family Sign a fresh, unique edge without sacrificing Atmosphere’s signature sound.

01 My Key
02 The Last to Say
03 Became
04 Just For Show
05 She’s Enough
06 Bad Bad Daddy
07 Millenium Dodo
08 Who I’ll Never Be
09 I Don’t Need Brighter Days
10 Ain’t Nobody
11. Your Name Here
12. If You Can Save Me Now
13. Something So
14. My Notes

Also, Atmosphere has also joined Twitter.

  • rust

    yo Shake this is really random but i would appreciate it a lot if you posted a download for The Intermission by Jazz Addixx from 2008. plus it would be a dope ‘bring it back’ and attract some new fans to them

  • Worm


  • David

    This is on my list of albums to pick up. For a while, it was all about LASERS. But after the press release, I have a feeling that this will be quite a revolutionary album. Atmosphere never disappoints. Once again, another good year for hip hop. Cheers, and peace.

  • Rezo

    Most anticipated album of 2011? According to who? White people and blog nerds? Most anticipated would mean a LARGE mass of people would be drooling for it right? I would bet you if I put 1,000 music fans in a room maybe 5 of them would care. #justsaying

  • marty mcfly

    Will everybody get off Lupes dick for not being on this site. Lasers is on everyones radar and is sure to do well this time around. The Show goes on single is climbing the charts , he got pop records on his shit and hes been on like a radio interview tour all over the world so just chill. Also Atmosphere is the shit.

  • marty mcfly

    @ Rezo , Atmosphere has a Large mass of people who follow him , his fanbase is one of the biggest in independent music. WAKE UP

  • GhostofJesus

    hey rezo you elementary school drop out. Get some hooked on phonics and learn how to read. He said his most anticipated album retard. Not that I’m defending Shake’s gay ass. #justsaying

  • airbourneaquarium

    @rezo he said its his most anticipated not everyones you dumbass, go listen to wacka flocka and leave real hip hop to the people who appreciate it

  • @Rezo

    “easily MY most anticipated album of 2011”

    go read a book.

  • GhostofJesus

    Just ninja-ed you slow mo fos

  • learn2read

    he said most anticipated by him you fucking moron

  • RwMcQuarters

    I was gonna blast Rezo, but looks like you guys beat me to it.

    Anyways…….Gonna be a sick album.

  • @Rezo, don’t listen to these fools.
    i got your back, atmosphere is gross.

  • Shy

    Ahaha rezo you moron.

  • go

    mn hip hop dominates world wide

  • jamie

    He definitely says MY. Read.

  • vito

    the fact not many people care about this is fucking ridiculous. this, saigon’s album, and muscle car chronicles are all that matter to me in hip-hop right now.

  • Yeah I said it

    Dumb ass

    @marty mcfly
    You just referred to Atmosphere as “him” when its a group comprised of Slug and Ant. Your lack of knowledge shows greatly.

  • Yeah I said it

    More importantly, this has the potential to be the best album of the year, just like their last two albums which were classics.

  • marty mcfly

    @ Yeah I said it , GTFOH wit that…

  • Yeah I said it

    @marty mcfly
    GTFOH with your ignorant ass

  • marty mcfly

    @ Yeah I said it ( the homo ) , you prolly just found out Atmosphere is a group. Since you want my attention , your lack of MY knowledge shows greatly now stop slap boxin with your light jabs and go play troll.

  • rofl

    LOL @ marty mcfly… this nigga on EVERY post trying to drop knowledge then he repeatedly refers to Atmosphere as “him” and then tries to act like he knows it’s a group. roffffflll. go get some exercise nigga, you’re like the new Jonnie H in this bitch.

  • holdupni66asholduphos

    @marty mcfly dude youre on 2dope way too much homie… get out ya parents basement and get some sun. and dont act like you didnt just think atmosphere was one dude… You’re just light on knowledge

  • damus

    marty.. you’re the reason why I hate atmosphere fans. I’m just gonna go out there and say that I have seen Atmosphere more than you. Slug more than you. Dynospectrum more than you. I’ve even seen Deep Puddle Dyanmics, shit that you probably haven’t even heard of. Shut the fuck up when you’re sitting on the blogs trying to act like Slug’s stan and speaking in Atmosphere first person.

  • marty mcfly

    ^^^ What , yall gonna have to do better then that you sound silly…

  • King Tyrone

    Most anticipated? Nah.

  • RezoPleaseKillYourself

    Rezo is such a fag. I hope that faggot drinks bleach.

  • D

    It is one of the most anticipated albums. And by the way, Atmosphere has very big fan base. They are legends. Just because you don’t hear them on the radio and don’t have oversaturated hype doesn’t mean they are not anticipated.

    Slug is one of the best to do it. Fact: He is consistent since 1997. Most emcees today can’t be compared to Slug because he is that better.

  • who cares

    I wouldn’t say most anticipated, but I look forward to some new Slug

  • InsertNameHere


  • 3H

    this album will be dope as fuck. prolly better than lupe’s, tho no one will ever admit that. (not that lupe’s won’t be dope, but he’s prolly gonna be more poppy) Atmosphere is one of the dopest hip hop groups out there, Ant is one of the sickest producers and Slugs lyricism is unreal.

  • marty mcfly

    Ant is the Dj/ producer and Slug is the Mc so even diehard fans of Atmosphere ( which im not but been knowing about the group since 2002 , then went back for Overcast ) sometimes refer to the group as one person because you only hear one voice on the majority of their albums. It aint that serious folks , your welcome to be bigger fans then I am but I got their albums too even the Eps and singles people dont talk about ok. ONE

  • Oh Hell Yes! April 12th is now the most anticipated day this year for me in music besides Bonnaroo!

  • b.

    i miss the “overcast,” “headshots,” atmosphere. stopped listening to them many moons ago. (pre 2000)

  • Hustle101

    marty mcfly, no one refers to them as one person, that’s just you and other people who don’t know anything about them. kill yourself.

  • Hustle101

    Btw you clearly have no life, I see you commenting on every post trying to sound like you know everything about every artist. Find something better to do.

  • LUPE. FTW.

    ^hhahah tell him hustle101

  • marty mcfly

    I comment in every section and your there reading my comments in every section. Good job

  • houstonz

    He said “easily my most anticipated album of 2011” – not “the most…”

    I’m looking forward to the record and of course seeing them on tour for the record whenever it happens. Me and my girl love seeing Slug and the rest of the crew do their thing live.

  • NYC22

    Detox and The Family Sign in the same month…

  • Neek

    Most anticipated easily.

    If you like their old shit, buy their old albums… I love Overcast and Headshots, but you cant ask dude to make the same music all his life, people change bruh… Overcast was in ’97. Life Gives You Lemons and You Can’t Imagine are some of the best albums OF ALL TIME!

  • gptp20

    I’m sorry but Saigon finally release>>>>> another atmosphere album

  • sotheara

    this albums looks so promising.

  • sotheara

    LOL @ Sean Daly’s comment to Rezo hahahahahaha is that really slug posting on 2dbz.. probably not but still funny nonetheless lol

  • @sotheara

    he’s done it before in the past, so i wouldn’t put it past him haha.

  • oneMic67

    It’s such a shame to see one of my favorite artists who I believe is a tight lyricist worthy arguably the best story teller only get 1 real supportive comment. Sad day in hip hop

  • Deee

    “Also, Atmosphere has also joined Twitter.”

    I thought after the first initial “also”, another “also” wasn’t needed?

  • Russda59


  • funky

    the family sign > lasers

  • bstew

    atmosphere is the real deal

  • marty mcfly

    Stop comparing Atmospheres album to Lasers. Its too hard to compare the two , they got two different approaches. They both have equal skills on the mic , if you think Slug is better then Lupe its prolly cause Slugs verses are 24+ bars a verse and Lupes is not. Slug can be deeper then Lupe at times also BUT lupes albums are more cohesive and have more replay value because of dope song structure. So I say both albums will be good.

  • dopekicksnflychicks

    Detox wont save the west and Lil Wayne is still on your playlist @Rezo js
    Lupe’s Lasers:Good
    Atmosphere’s The Family Sign:Good
    SLAUGHTER HOUSE (look for it):Good

    and none of these EMc care what you say or think about them…js

  • Tadd

    The best album of the year is gonna be Tyler The Creator’s Goblin. Deal with it.

  • anon

    Cant wait

  • anon

    oh and todd sucks

  • The first Track, Just For Show