Dirty Money – Ass On the Floor (rmx)

blame it on Shake February 12, 2011

Photo: Indoplace.

The-Dream & Tricky Stewart flip Dirty Money’s club-friendly single into an R&B jam. I’m not mad at this one.

DOWNLOAD: Dirty Money – Ass On the Floor (rmx) | Mediafire

  • milly


  • Ervy

    i couldnt ccare less about the song. whos the girl??

  • CX

    I’m not mad at this white girl with them thick ass legs

  • coolguy

    Damn who is that chick!….Oh yeah remix is hot too

  • dammm wtf those r some man legs lol

  • Taylors get jacked-Steroids


  • JahMonsta

    Thumbs Up for that asssss

  • Gene Siskels Ghost

    @Taylors LMAO. Real shit son. She definitely got some cankles. But her ass and thighs are mad nice kid.

  • Gene Siskels Ghost

    She ain’t bad in the face either. I’d smash them potatoes.

  • Boi

    I was feelin’ this girl and I keep looking down and then I see the dreaded… CANKLESS!!!

  • It’s Carol Seleme Daniel y’all.

  • cankles



  • red

    They need photoshop below the knees ASAP! Too bad otherwise she’d be pretty hot.
    Don’t get me wrong I’d still hit it, but I expect perfection from models.

  • who cares

    fuck the song
    who is that?

  • James Blacksmith

    Holy shit, Shake posted a picture of a white girl with thickness…
    what has just happened?

  • Justanothercrow123

    girl is Carol Seleme Daniel.

    shake follows fuckyeahsexychicks on tumblr… haha

  • The remix is ill. Its way better than the original. And she got some legs.

  • butterlegs

    lmfaooo yo!!! i aint even see them cankles at first and i done saw this pic like 5-6 times checkin up on whats new being posted.. cant lie, i didnt make it past the knees with my eyes haha shit.. those kinda throw everything else off.. aw man.. why i had to see the cankles post let alone the actual cankles!!

  • T-Luv

    Yeah also did not see them ankles and how the legs seem to be disproportionately larger then the rest of the body. But shit id still beat though!

  • mmkayy

    damn those ankles fck up everything

  • so what if she got Akuma feet, she still bad; this remix is stoOoOopid! Aside from leaving Xtina Millian, the Dream can do no wrong.

  • this aint on no jodeci shit… its cool though

  • zos

    Lmao. damn, she got some beasty lookin feet and calves. ruins everything. once u see it, it cant be unseen.

  • gavin

    this site gets some serious fags. talkin bout cankles and feet and shit? fuckin kidding me?

  • carter

    Agrees with Gavin…..100%

  • jwiii

    when you in the club
    get your ass on the floor

    all i can hear is

    look at these youngsters
    with their pants on the ground

  • SavannahChitlinPimp

    Niggas in here is gay. Talkin bout “cankles” She still bad as hell.

  • gucci lame

    this cracka ass bitch be triflin’

  • brian pumper

    Man i would fuck the shit outta that woman if i ever had a chance to do so. Fuck y’all talkin bout cankles?!? Man it ain’t even a big deal. She ain’t even got huge ass feet like some of y’all saying. Like y’all pulling bitches anyway. SMH y’all niggas makin love to your hand and saying it was a party of five SMH

  • Yea this remix ain’t bad *joker clap*

    That chick is nice too

  • loloasdf

    I’d hit it….

    With a baseball bat.


  • o-boi

    bitch got CANKLES…

  • they gotta take swizzy yelling out of there. then its perfect

  • vast

    This has gotta be photoshop!!

  • Musashi

    Chun Li? Is that you?

  • Buc

    She’s not even white, she’s Brazilian. You niggas are so fucking uncultured its a joke.

  • Chris

    All of ya’ll cats would be droolin all over your shirt if she walked up and hit on u lol.

  • red

    @ Chris
    It’s winter time, so yea I wouldn’t see her cankles haha.

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  • Lotlan

    lmao those lags are crazy, but yo this song is touuugh. Smooth as fuck man.