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Pusha T – My God (prod. Hit-Boy) [NoTags]

blame it on Shake February 12, 2011

Man, Fear of God is gonna be absolutely disgusting! UPDATE: Look ma, no tags. And it looks like Consequence isn’t too pleased with this.

DOWNLOAD: Pusha T – My God (prod. Hit-Boy) | Mediafire
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  • D Rico


  • gptp20

    them haters prayin i never go solo…

  • updated w/ no flex bombs.

  • K


  • Maga D

    MY GOD!!! This deserves all caps, but I’m not about to do that… Mixtape, gonna make Pusha T a favorite mc for a lotta people. Track is godly.

  • dev

    i dont think Pusha T is a god MC or anything like that but this shit is straight

  • EGHCK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


    I can’t be bothered with paying homage to forefathers
    see the future like the car show floor models
    both feet in the snow so that my core follows
    we don’t mourn for the dead, nigga, we pour bottles
    drown sours, ocean blue murcielagos
    started with similac powder in a baby bottle
    the formula is warning ya
    crack kills offerings to the coroner
    kill my eldest brother? nigga, I’ll be damned
    gator at my momma’s house, welcome to zombie land
    a hustler’s paradise, a lucky pair of dice
    down 40 but the street will have you square by night
    didn’t batter, I at it, kept the poker face
    cause the better I had it had the coke at base
    when you get to heaven’s door they won’t hold a space
    if you numb like the flesh on a smoker’s face
    there’s no feeling like your bitch chin chilling right
    you in Italian leather and you full willing right
    you know you’re up when you count a quarter million right
    and if you down you can slang it like a pillow fight
    I’m a wizard at it, nigga, here’s the magic
    make a small town feel like I throw a blizzard at it
    get the green from the scale like a lizard had it
    bare with me as I unveil this instant classic

    yes! my god! my god! my god!
    yes! my god! my god! my god!

    the second coming is in the second verse
    the furs coming still here so I’ll need a hearst
    I got a voodoo doll every time I pen a verse
    not only do they say the feel it but say it hurts
    no pain, no gain, nigga
    they say I’m heating up – welcome to the flame, nigga
    no matter the success, still the same nigga
    I only change when the new body came, nigga
    aerodynamic, roof panoramic
    my credit score let the dealer take full advantage
    paid over sticker price, cash under handed
    the 012 a year early, I’m a time bandit
    got a time manage when you heaving snow
    able to drop it all at 30 and be free to go
    only deal with divas on a need to know
    and what you need to know is when you need to go
    they’ll be no waiting, I have no patience
    this is the end for all my unrecognized greatness
    I’m here now, nigga, pardon my lateness
    you can hear in every bar and every cadence
    it’s the new god flow, ain’t it
    the last supper for you niggas now repainted
    take position on the chess board and rearrange it
    face to face with the truth, get reacquainted

    yes! my god! my god! my god!
    yes! my god! my god! my god!

  • Tiniak

    I thought he was shit, My god he is amazing.

  • marty mcfly


  • TUFFFF!!!!

  • pusha just hit me and asked to not put out the tagless as it’s not the mastered version, so flex bombs for now. he’s hitting me with the final version in a few. i’ll update once it comes.

  • zbMrOG

    damn 2dope

  • sik

    my god!!! fitting title he anihilated this shit! wats the date??????



  • ballonem

    fuckin date for the the tape got pushed….

  • w.b. mason

    wow….this was dope

  • Such a dope track. I think that Pusha is gonna have a classic with that mixtape/or solo debut

  • BigWill

    “I got a vodoo doll every time I pin the verse not only do they say they feel it but they say it hurts” My God!! Clipse always know how too make an intro

  • Filthy…

  • ethos

    anticipation for his next project just went up

  • el negro

    If Griselda Blanco and Raekwon were to fuck and have a child his name would be Pusha

  • Sage

    Yes Pusha, teach the masses to #FEARGOD … mixtape’s showin promise of dopeness. I cosign.

  • ahhh…yes the mastered one is so much better. than one currently posted. they should have it posted soon, but i’ll enjoy since i already have it. #smug

  • Coolin

    Nice, but I hate waiting for a bass line that never comes.

  • Hustle101

    Dude’s flow is always crazy

  • Yeah I said it

    Wack beat

  • Taylors get jacked-Steroids

    @Adrien lemme get that paco. Post a link.

  • cynical

    Damn so much dope shit is coming out.

  • Ok, I’m posting the CDQ on my site. go to Songs Of The Day. Sorry 2DBZ

  • who dat

    i love it how after kanye started fuckin with him, everyone hopped on his dick quick

  • considering you don’t have the mastered version, do whatever you like. anything for hits right? haha… the tagless that hit-boy put on their website isn’t the “final version” according to pusha himself. *shrugs..

  • ^ziiiiiiiiiiingg

  • as usual..pusha puts it all on the table..i still feel like he cud get even better tho

    10/10. if the tape is consistent its gonna b nothing short of greatness.

    p.s applaud the man for his flow.

  • D


  • kyleb

    Could use a better chorus, but i still like it

  • Yes sir, Pusha T delievers the with GOODs

  • jojoba

    WOW! THis is fire!! Fire! Pusha’s mixtape stuff > 99% of any one’s studio albums

  • rizzle

    that was a shitty beat, a wasted verse imo

  • TheOtherGuy…

    I Almost Cried When I Heard This. The Day I Check For New Music, My Favorite Artist Brings Me Somthing. I Feel Like This Was My Message…

  • SIX


  • Starks

    woooo. cant wait for Malice solo shit.

  • yugang

    dope shit, looking forward to fear of god

  • tylerg

    MY GOD!!!

    love Clipse, love Pusha T even more

  • actually i wasn’t doing it for hits dude. some asked and i posted. simple

  • dunk

    shit’s ill. tagless should come soon.

  • jimbo

    So ill

  • Ace

    Damn, Cons sounded pissed in those tweets. I thought they were labelmates though, or did Cons leave G.O.O.D Music? That sucks though, either way

  • Blackaristocrat

    @Ace Why is Cons mad? I didn’t hear a diss towards him…


  • Blackaristocrat

    @Paco Yeah I checked out his tweets. It’s seems to ME he’s insinuating that Pusha stole his lines.

  • Hes mad im guessing push raps like him now

  • KidCassette


  • banana’s, coo coo

  • Ace

    @PACO and @Blackaristocrat—-I think Pusha might have stolen the whole idea and and song from Cons though, at least that’s the way I took it. But like I said, either way, it sucks….Two great artists in Cons and Pusha and a seeming beef on the horizon? smh No hate, just get money and fuck bitches, my dudes.

  • Jordan

    what line is he saying Pusha stole?

  • Ace

    @Jordan—Not a line but the concept of “My God” as a whole.

  • hruihguier

    where did all these pusha dickriders come from? pusha been dope for awhile when u were sleepin on him clowns, #knowurhiphop

  • Mikee_

    Mastered is WAYYY better .
    Sounds so much cleaner

  • Rio$

    sounds ok but let’s not overrate everything based by an artist

  • pusha and cons need to do songs together !!!!!! that is all.

  • HoesOnMyDickCuzILookLikeKenMasters

    Pusha Ton> Consequence AKA Mushmouth

  • cam

    Consequence ain’t even that nice… I don’t know why he acts like he’s the shit… Obviously Kanye knew he wasn’t shit that’s why he ain’t on Good Music… Con’s is weak… He ain’t inspired nobody… Oh &By the way, Movies On Demand 2 wasn’t even that great…

  • mtrx

    toughhh eeeuukkk

  • ahwh


  • E.T.Beatz

    the cons is mad cuz supposablly pusha stole his line well i think that cons is sick but pusha delivers a more harder flow but they shouldnt start beef cuz arent they from G.O.O.D. music

  • truthbetold

    whoever the 28 niggas who disliked this song’s post are absolutely fucking retarded. my nigga pusha went in on this track. how can they not see that.

  • Who’s is Consequence again???? I forgot…

  • Shawn

    Cons needs to shut the fuck up. Pusha would body him quick-like.

  • snowman

    Pusha is good, but he wouldn’t straight up body cons. He’s a pretty established artist in his own right. It’d be a pretty even match.

  • Dorian

    Consequence always got something to say… BOUT HIS FUCKING LABEL MATES,I don’t really fuck wit that nigga

  • To the pusha T stans
    When was the last time he had a good album?


    And would yall even care about him if he
    Wasn’t signed to good music?

    Thank You. Your Mad!

  • marty mcfly

    Pusha T = more raw energy but limited subject matter

    Consequence = more versatility but lacks intensity

    Both are good artists though

  • Intelligence

    @Timothy Last good album? Til the Casket Drops. And if you don’t think that was good and you think anything Cons has made is better, I have nothing further to say to you

  • brad

    God Cons just sounds salty about everything lately. He needs to shut the fuck up

  • Digitek

    ‘the ‘012 a year early I’m a time bandit’ …’WELCOME TO THE FLAME NIGGA!’ ..this track is amazing man damn

  • if you weren’t anticipating it then you definitely are now :P


  • RoshaneRonan

    Cons > Pusha

  • I swear every nigga who says Pusha subject matter is limited must sit there waiting for the one coke reference Pusha drops…

    Him and his bro Malice are much more deeper than that….

    Check the archives lovers…

  • marty mcfly

    1st off im a Clipse fan but when I say Pushas subject matter is limited , I know what im talking about. I also like this song but as an example , tell me what is this song about ? and what is he really saying in it ? Not hatin jus sayin…

  • marty mcfly

    The Clipse message is that selling coke comes with its pros and cons and I get that but they also repeat that same point over and over on every album. Pusha is dope as fuck but I hope he goes in a different direction musically. Cars from 2012 , popping bottles and having enough coke to make it blizzard on a small city is thinkin too small. Take the first two lines of this song , he says he doesnt pay homage to the people that came before him cause he would rather focus on a new car. When if he did learn from the successful people that came before him then he would know that he could buy 5 other dope muscle cars for the price of that one ocean blue murcielago that he admits he paid over sticker price for because the dealer had full advantage.

  • DwapDwapPow

    Man Hit-Boy Bit SoulCrate Music on this beat(Learn From It) and turned a dope beat into a shitty one, way to ruin the song smh.. oh and

  • [email protected] people arguing cons is wack or pusha is wack like its a WAR. both of them are DOPE.

    Intelligence <erm…*sigh* how about A Tribe Called Quests album beats rhymes and life???. so…

    the fact people are arguing "p wud body cons" …cmon im a big pusha t fan but pusha t wud have problems going against cons..just enjoy their music that both of them put out rather than taking sides i can tell alot of the commenters dont listen to much of either artists work.

    p.s if u think cons is wack listen to "man purses" if u actually get it..then come bk…and admit hes dope.

  • NancyKerrigan

    This is a rip of Soulcrate Musics beat, producers producers….