• http://www.crvdmag.com Jim Breadbone

    the internet is good for stuff? no way!

  • Freez

    damm shit shud be in LA

  • EvO Lou Shunned

    To Keep it 100 wit everybody Mick Boogie does nothing for the hip hop Cleveland scene, its so much talent in the local scene, artist get put on traveling to different states, Chip the Ripper and Al Fats was getting major play in places like Atl, D.C., etc before Mick Boogie ever put them on the mixtape, & they blew up big locally first!!! the justice League crew only fuk wit cats that have deals or had deals, Have you ever seen a Cleveland artist mixtape, compilation or anything of sort from these cats ? NO! He reps the city but dont shed light on the scene at all.